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Album Review: Grave Miasma - "Endless Pilgrimage"

Grave Miasma‘s new mini-album, Endless Pilgrimage, much like the rest of their discography, sounds as if it’s been conjured from the deepest, darkest recesses of the extreme metal realm.  457 more words


Album Review: dälek - "Asphalt for Eden"

Okay, let’s get a few things out of the way here from the get-go. First off: hip-hop cred. As a white boy from the South, I have none. 575 more words


Album Review: Geryon - "The Wound and the Bow"

Jazz influenced metal is not a combination that is likely to knock your socks off in amazement. Shining exist as an example of free jazz inspired metal. 513 more words


Album Review: Cobalt - "Slow Forever"

Cobalt is a name that carries significant weight in the world of underground and extreme metal. Releasing arguably one of the best extreme metal works of the last decade with a pinnacle of moody and genre-blending black metal with 2009’s… 937 more words


Cobalt- Slow Forever

If we’re going to talk Colorado metal in 2016 then we’re going to talk about Cobalt, the split with vocalist and guitarist Phil McSorely and Cobalt’s new album, … 409 more words


PICK OF THE WEEK: Cobalt's back from the ashes, devastate like never before on 'Slow Forever'

There are bands that really need no introduction and whose reputations precede them. Whether that’s for good or bad. Cobalt is kind of a mix of the two. 1,216 more words

Hip-Hop pioneers Dälek return with first song of upcoming full-length

With their first release since 2009 due out later this year, Hip-hop trio Dälek have come back darker, creeper and still pushing the boundaries.

Born from the DIY scene in New Jersey in the late 90’s, Dälek were known as pioneers over the last fifteen years for their intriguing sound which fuses a blend of progressive hip-hop artistry supported by a rhythmic backdrop consisting of sonic experimentation through noise music and dark ambience. 167 more words