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October 2015 Review Round Up

Boar Worship – Boar Worship
(Sludge metal – United States of America)
Self-released – 2015/07/08

I love a release that has strong narative flow. I’m not talking about a concept; I’m talking about how well-crafted music draws the listener in, builds tension, and closes in appropriately climactic fashion. 320 more words


Album Review: Cruciamentum - "Charnel Passages"

Despite their links to other bands, Cruciamentum are a band completely of their own making. They are, brutally and without apology, a bludgeoning death metal act. 483 more words


Pissgrave - Suicide Euphoria (2015)

Band: Pissgrave

Album: Suicide Euphoria

Label: Profound Lore

Reviewer: Goldensundown

This is album is filthy in every way; from that band name, album title and production to… 456 more words


Vanum - Realm of Sacrifice (2015)

Band: Vanum

Album: Realm of Sacrifice

Label: Profound Lore

Reviewer: Arvind

Realm of Sacrifice is the product of a collaboration between two stalwarts of the USBM scene: M.R. 508 more words


The Spread of Ashes

In my mind there have always been two distinct flavors of USBM. On the one side you have the crust-influenced madness of Woe, Ludicra, and Nachtmystium. 565 more words

Rumors And Ramblings

Leviathan - Scar Sighted (2015)

Artist: Leviathan

Album: Scar Sighted

Label: Profound Lore Records

Reviewer: Jan Jakobsen


Jef Whitehead, also known as Wrest, has since the early 2000’s been releasing quality black metal albums. 547 more words


Abyssal - Antikatastaseis (2015)

Artist: Abyssal

Album: Antikatastaseis

Label: Profound Lore

Reviewer: Goldensundown

Abyssal are a UK based band that seek to create extremely cavernous and immensely oppressive metal that reeks of decay by throwing together elements of black metal and death metal and blending it with the sheer weighty atmosphere of doom metal. 571 more words