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But More Wonderful than the Lore of Old Men and the Lore of Books Is the Secret Lore of Ocean: Profound Lore in 2015

In the last few years, it’s safe to say that Canada’s Profound Lore Records has become one of the most important and relevant record labels in heavy music. 844 more words


Album Review: Pyramids - "A Northern Meadow"

A Northern Meadow is a cold and calculating mix of post-punk, post-rock, black metal, and ambient from the Texas band Pyramids. It’s the band’s first solo ( 510 more words

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Album Review: Leviathan - "Scar Sighted"

If you’re interested in judging Jef Whitehead for his checkered past, this is not your forum. As I like to separate the art from the artist—and also am in no way qualified to discuss the negatives that have plagued his life—I’m going to use this space to focus on his latest work as his black metal alter-ego, Wrest, for the one-man project, … 621 more words

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Retrospective: Evoken's "Atra Mors"

Perfection. It’s elusive. It can take a lifetime. Fortunately for us, the guys in Evoken have been refining their craft for over 20 years now (first as Funerus then as Asmodeus and, since 1994, under their current moniker). 883 more words

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Daily 'Bang: Check out the new Leviathan song, "All Tongues Toward"

Like all other good metalheads, I needed to drop what I was doing (sorry, boss!) and share the new Leviathan song, “All Tongues Toward”—their first in nearly four years. 148 more words

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In Rotation: Castevet - Obsidan (2013)

A casual glimpse through Castevet’s online reviews makes it abundantly obvious that no one quite knows how to pigeon-hole this band. So rather than label them ‘Ambient Post Blackened Prog Core Math Metal’ let’s just call the ‘FUCKING AWESOME’. 106 more words


Best of 2014 - Dan's List, Part Seven

Friday at last! It’s time for the final installment of the un-ordered section of my Best-of-’14 list. As we’ve made (hopefully) painfully clear over the past few days, our Final Fours (otherwise known as the yes-ordered section of my Best-of-’14 list) will be out later this afternoon in Episode 33 of the podcast. 535 more words

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