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The Catch-22 of Gifted Underachievement

by Emily VR

Imagine you’re a school counselor, and you have parents sitting in your office.  They say their child isn’t being challenged in school.   They ask you to arrange higher level differentiation, enrichment, or subject acceleration. 1,934 more words

Parent Perspectives

Ode to a Rush-Free Childhood

by Pia K. Ruda

As parents, we are constantly playing catch up in several fields at once, trying to keep up with the others. Almost two months before the new school year started, I was already too late to sign up for library duty at my son’s school.   1,084 more words

Parent Perspectives

Review: Models for Writers (Short Essays for Composition)

Perhaps the best part of teaching writing to other people’s children is the curriculum I accumulate along the way. Over the past two years, I’ve purchased more writing books than I could have ever justified buying for my two boys alone. 1,307 more words

Homeschooling High School

Changes of State

After four months of not blogging or otherwise writing anything more than website content and emails, I’m feeling a bit wobbly as I figure out how to fit writing into a very busy and quite changed life. 1,068 more words


A reply to a parent on Salon

Salon just published the thoughts of a parent of a profoundly gifted child asking for advice on how to deal with raising a child so far above average. 380 more words

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The gifted bit

Ocelot’s IQ puts her in the ‘profoundly gifted’ category. She has always had a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn new things. We knew she was bright when she started naming letters at 12 months of age, a few months later she had moved onto reading words and by 2.5yrs she was reading basic chapter books like the ‘Rainbow Magic Fairy’ series. 111 more words

Review: One Year Adventure Novel

One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) , a year-long high school level course on how to write a novel, caught my eye when my younger son, then ten, was gleefully working his way through his first… 1,431 more words