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Asynchrony, you're killing me

Oh Asynchrony, you’re going to be the death of me! Whenever I get frustrated throughout the day, you’re almost always behind it. Every time I ask myself “WHY?!” there you are, whispering in my ear in your stupid sing-song voice. 941 more words


What a week! The week before Christmas is always insane, but add being told there is nothing the school system can do for your child on top of all the regular holiday stress and OMG guys, I am mess! 796 more words

Dad, Supernova

At my dad’s funeral, a friend from his youth told me that my dad was a genius.

Perhaps wanting to ensure that I grasped his sincerity, he elaborated: “If your dad had been born at the right time, he would have been Isaac Newton.” 2,992 more words


The aftermath

We all have those moments in parenting where we think we’re absolutely, out of our minds, crazy. The first time we sing our screaming baby a totally inappropriate song because it’s 3 am and they won’t stop crying and we’ve run out of nursery rhymes. 1,072 more words

Shaming the gifted child

When I am talking to friends, family, and strangers I don’t ever want people to feel that I am gloating in any way when I talk about my kids. 1,215 more words

Gifted Education

The Catch-22 of Gifted Underachievement

by Emily VR

Imagine you’re a school counselor, and you have parents sitting in your office.  They say their child isn’t being challenged in school.   They ask you to arrange higher level differentiation, enrichment, or subject acceleration. 1,934 more words

Parent Perspectives