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Shaming the gifted child

When I am talking to friends, family, and strangers I don’t ever want people to feel that I am gloating in any way when I talk about my kids. 1,215 more words

Gifted Education

The Catch-22 of Gifted Underachievement

by Emily VR

Imagine you’re a school counselor, and you have parents sitting in your office.  They say their child isn’t being challenged in school.   They ask you to arrange higher level differentiation, enrichment, or subject acceleration. 1,934 more words

Parent Perspectives

Ode to a Rush-Free Childhood

by Pia K. Ruda

As parents, we are constantly playing catch up in several fields at once, trying to keep up with the others. Almost two months before the new school year started, I was already too late to sign up for library duty at my son’s school.   1,084 more words

Parent Perspectives