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Development Thursdays | A Guide to Digital Signal Processing

The world of audio is forever in debt to the principle of digital signal processing, more commonly known as DSP. This concept is responsible for taking real-world signals like sound pressure, audio, voice, temperature, or position and converting the information to a digital medium. 686 more words


How To Become An Audio Developer

As I began my career in sound, I was always intrigued by the innumerable amount of plugins at my disposal. Like many early engineers, I loved reverb. 716 more words


Firebase - An introduction

Boring intro

Us programmers have a lot of great app ideas on our minds, but now all of us knows how to create a full-stack app from a server to app endpoint.   570 more words


AngularJs - 2-way data binding

What is 2-way data binding?

One of AngularJs’ most powerful feature is the 2-way data binding, this may sound intimidating at first, but once you learn how it works you’ll love it. 277 more words


AngularJs - Getting Started

*drinks the coffee and started typing…


1. Using Bower

One of the my favorite way of installing AngularJs is by using Bower. Bower is a very powerful package manager for the web. 383 more words


AngularJs - An introduction

What is AngularJs?

“jQuery, HTML, CSS, PSD. Long ago the four web ingredients worked together in harmony. Then, everything changed when AngularJs attacked.”  LOL.

Seriously though, during my early years of web development jQuery has always been there for me, everything is easy and harmonious until the fire nation… I mean until… 467 more words


Django DEBUG settings

set DEBUG=False gave me lots of 404.
here is solution.

import socket

if socket.gethostbyname(socket.gethostname()) == “IP address”:
DEBUG = True
DEBUG = False
ALLOWED_HOSTS = [“*”,] 19 more words