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10 Laws of Healthy Life for Programmers

They say that sitting is the new smoking. Unfortunately, many people spend their working days behind the desk and don’t even have time to stand up and walk for a few minutes. 1,007 more words


Tips to learn a new programming language faster

If you’ve just started to learn a new programming language, you’ll realise that it is a daunting task. Or so, it may seem. But remember, as it is with anything, there are certain skills and techniques that can help you learn the language faster and more efficiently. 580 more words


Top 10 programming languages you must learn this year

Developers need to constantly stay updated with the new programming languages. You need sometimes stay away from legacy languages and move towards those created by tech giants. 364 more words


SVG Charts and Angular 2

I needed to use charts in my angular dashboard app.

First thing that came to mind is responsiveness.

So I went looking online and ended choosing… 312 more words


Object Oriented Programming

object-oriented programming

Writing software that supports a model wherein the data and their associated processing (called “methods”) are defined as self-contained entities called “objects.” Object-oriented programming (OOP) languages, such as C++ and Java, provide a formal set of rules for creating and managing objects. 281 more words


Getting Unity

I’m getting Unity! Unity is a game-making software where you can make all sorts of games. You can make 2D, 3D, even collage or paint-type games on it! 128 more words