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SVG Charts and Angular 2

I needed to use charts in my angular dashboard app.

First thing that came to mind is responsiveness.

So I went looking online and ended choosing… 312 more words


Object Oriented Programming

object-oriented programming

Writing software that supports a model wherein the data and their associated processing (called “methods”) are defined as self-contained entities called “objects.” Object-oriented programming (OOP) languages, such as C++ and Java, provide a formal set of rules for creating and managing objects. 281 more words


Getting Unity

I’m getting Unity! Unity is a game-making software where you can make all sorts of games. You can make 2D, 3D, even collage or paint-type games on it! 128 more words

Week 3 - Version 0.3 Movement Code - Jump

This is version 3 of the movement code. The only modification is that it adds a gizmo to detect if the player is touching the ground or not and allow him to jump. 910 more words


The Programming Continues

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Hi everyone!

We’re really sorry, that nothing has happened here for some time now. >.< Unfortunately, the hardships of our lifes caught up to us. 263 more words