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Development Thursdays | Low Level Vs. High Level Programming

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New programming languages are introduced every year. These languages are built in hopes of creating an easier environment to accomplish specific tasks. For example, C++ is a multi-paradigm language, making it accessible to do almost anything you can imagine. 579 more words

Audio Development


Hello, My name is Callum Scales and welcome to my Blog about VFX, 3d Modelling,  Animation, Game Designing and my overall experience with NextGen.

Scaling, When and How

Never forget that GCS programming is designed to test some of the best athletes on the planet and to do that in 60mins or less.  Its not easy.   240 more words


Development Thursdays | Just Starting Out

I went through it too. When you begin learning about computer science and development, you want to jump right in and create a program. Obviously, it isn’t that easy. 615 more words

Sound Engineer

Max/MSP vs. Pure Data | Which One Is Better?

When I began working in sound, I thought recording, mixing, and mastering were the only avenues of work available to me. I was wrong. Obviously, there are many different paths an audio engineer can take. 688 more words

Sound Engineer

Development Thursdays | A Guide to Digital Signal Processing

The world of audio is forever in debt to the principle of digital signal processing, more commonly known as DSP. This concept is responsible for taking real-world signals like sound pressure, audio, voice, temperature, or position and converting the information to a digital medium. 686 more words


How To Become An Audio Developer

As I began my career in sound, I was always intrigued by the innumerable amount of plugins at my disposal. Like many early engineers, I loved reverb. 716 more words