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From Strategy to Implementation, and Why it Matters

Last week I discussed how supply chain strategy can be the ‘killer’ strategy for a business.  The examples of Amazon and iTunes disrupting entire industries show particularly how a strategic vision can be translated into results.  739 more words


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Great strategy is one thing - but if it can't be translated into great implementation, it doesn't take you very far. Good thoughts here on that topic, plus a helpful guide as to where Strategy Implementation and Project Management converge and diverge.

Program management situations: Why people don’t participate ?

Doing the exercise of thinking about possible scenarios and solutions help me to keep my analysis skills sharp. I find this exercise helpful and easy to do on the go. 649 more words


Developing a five-part SAP ERM strategy

Organizations have faced an increasing number of challenges with internal processes and external supply chains in recent years, leading to a growing realization among companies that enterprise risk management (ERM) is a necessary business process in its own right. 228 more words


Why Is Fixed Cost Bad For Software Owners?

Interesting article on fixed costs. Not a great article, but worth a read. One thing that seems certain is that in a complex environment / project, fixed costs can be unrealistic. 17 more words


Program Management Structure – Horizontal and Vertical - Three steps to map a plan and manage work effectively


Program management is a hot topic these days. There are new-ish certification programs, a variety of approaches, all of them interesting and some of them effective. 1,642 more words

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[INFOGRAPH] Mobile Computing: Plan vs Accident

Newport Consulting Group (@Newport_Consult) recently published the attached Infograph. The summary: while there is a huge explosion in mobile app use, creating many program opportunities for companies, few of those companies have a mobile strategy. 42 more words


Program Management High level Overview Spread sheet (Dashboard)

I have recently started working on multiple projects at the same time. To help me do this I have been developing a high level overview of the different projects I am working on and it also provides a clear overview of the projects to other stakeholders. 67 more words

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