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Cocos2dx (C++) - EditBox - How to retrieve multiple text data from EditBox

It’s been a while since I posted any coding stuff here. But today after hours of debugging I have finally figured out how to solve my problem. 508 more words


Qualities of a good algorithm

Before starting , just keep in mind that an algorithm is the way to solve a problem or a real time situation . So it should be the best and optimized way among many possible way. 74 more words


Current Directory => You are here

A wise man once said “wherever you go, there you are”. I think we can be fairly certain this man was not a programer. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to figure out exactly where we are. 137 more words


Bored with Minecraft? Mod it!

Not every computer program lends itself to modification.  Binary programs are intentionally obscure.  Open source is one cure for this, and if you like doing the weirdest thing you can think of with your computer, having the human written code makes your life so much better. 177 more words


Hadoop, the Yellow Elephant!

Finishing up a self learning plan on the basics of MySQL and doing some cool exercises on that, today I started a pretty interesting course from… 85 more words



There is while that I’ve started to teach myself MySQL. You can find some notes of mine during my learning process here. I found it very useful and handy. 103 more words


Who am I and why I am here .. ?

Hi all , I hope all are having a good time out there . Who i am :o ..well I am a tech lover but not nerd , Manchester United FC fanatic , coffee lover and likes to listen songs and I am starting this blog so that I can share , discuss and most importantly learn each and every thing related to data structures and algorithms. 58 more words