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Everything’s a Widget

Google is coming up with new OS called “Fuchsia”. The UI is written with Flutter SDK. Then I checked the Flutter SDK site. It’s based on concept called Widget I remember a decade back when we use to use this term extensively even the android phones that time comes with widgets but in the process we forgot or bypassed the terminology to make a way for new things. 19 more words

[trick] Menambahkan Library ESC/POS di Codeigniter


Kebetulah dikantor lagi dapet maenan baru, printer epson series tm-u220d kayak gini:

Terus, karena ngoding langsung pake RAW-TEXT dari printer ribet, contoh RAW-TEXT dari Vendor Zebra kayak gini neh: 159 more words


WSQ 10

The function should receive a number and return floating point number. Obviously you should test your function, so create a main program that asks the user a value, calculates the square root and displays that. 189 more words

python – Ruby – start

Ok, let’s get started with our python to Ruby / Ruby to python start page, first, lets start with strings, integers, floats, etc.


WSQ 13 "SciLab"

Scilab es un paquete de computación numérico de código abierto y multiplataforma y un lenguaje de programación orientado numéricamente de alto nivel. Puede usarse para el procesamiento de señales, análisis estadístico, mejora de imágenes, simulaciones de dinámica de fluidos, optimización numérica y modelado, simulación de sistemas dinámicos explícitos e implícitos y manipulaciones simbólicas (si la caja de herramientas correspondiente está instalada). 99 more words

First blog post

Welcome to my digital portfolio. This is my Blog detailing current skills and software tools I am learning. I currently attend the University of California, San Diego where I am learning HCI (Human Centered Interaction). 66 more words

WSQ 12 "NÚmer de Euler"

wat to do:

In this assignment you will estimate the mathematical constant e. You should create a function called calculuate_e which receives one parameter called precision that should specify the number of decimal points of accuracy. 81 more words