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WSQ06 "Factorial Calculator"

What to do:

Create a program that asks the user for a non-negative integer (let’s call that number n) and display for them the value of n! 237 more words

Mengenal Intent Android

Assalamu‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Pada postingan sebelumnya kita sudah bisa mebuat sebuah aplikasi sederhana dengan menggunakan 1 activity yang belum liat bisa lihat disini…

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Android Developer

900mm Camera Slider Remixed from Adafuit's 500 mm one.

I remixed Adafruit’s models to use a 900 mm rail instead of dinky short 500 mm one.

I plan on using this camera slider to recode videos of my 3d printed models. 109 more words

3D Models

WSQ05 – On To Functions!!!!!

What to Do:

You will go back and do WSQ01 – Fun with Numbers again.

But this time, write a function for each calculation. Each function should define two parameters (in this example of type int) and return the correct value as an integer as well. 307 more words

shopping list

i’m going to have a list of things to get done to feel better and i categorize this under shoppin…

4-r some strange reason. but i’m not getting these weird mens food and womens food items. 30 more words


Cout << "List" << endl; // WSQ07


En esta tarea hice un programa que le pidiera al usuario 10 números y realizara las siguientes funciones

Este programa tiene 3 funciones:

1- La “ 172 more words

cout<<"Fibonacci number <<endl;

“Quiz Week 08”

En el Quiz de la semana numero 8, Trabajamos con la sucesión de Fibonacci e hicimos un programa que nos mostrara la seria de Fiboncci hasta un numero determinado que el usuario ingrese. 81 more words