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java 8 using jboss5

If you need to run your app on jboss5 and using jdk8  you will get error

3:53:10,693 ERROR  Error installing to Instantiated: name=AttachmentStore state=Described
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Wrong arguments. 100 more words

XML, JSON, and YAML... Oh my!

I”m a network engineer who codes. Maybe even a network coder. Probably not a a network programmer. Definitely not a programer who knows networking.  I’m in that weird zone where I’m enough of two things that don’t normally go together that it makes conversations I”m having with some of my peers awkward. 1,328 more words

IT Musings

Don't Just Leet Code To Crack Programing Interviews

Preparing for interviews is a never ending process for developers. Leet Code, Geeks for Geeks, Career cup are some of the  great websites to start with, but that’s not all you should just do. 364 more words


Top X IntelliJ Shortcuts You Need To Know (MAC)

I started using IntelliJ after I found issues with Eclipse, and one of my coworkers told me that IntelliJ is pretty cool. Here are some of the shortcuts I intend to use for faster code completion and navigation. 150 more words


Coding Your Story

When we think of “coding” we tend to limit its abilities to name = raw_input ( ‘An Image Of Complex Characters\n’ ) when in reality its something more profound, something that relates more to how our students learn. 310 more words


fahamilah non teknis dari programing kamu.. untuk menghindari pekerjaan yang berulang.