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Great explanation of Bayes Theorem

When I first learned Bayes Theorem from a text book for some reason I had a hard time with it. What ended up making it stick for me was sitting down and writing several little programs implementing Bayes. 26 more words



Beatrice “Tris” Prior had made her decision to join her new family but with every choice leads to a consequence. Tris along with everyone else will find themselves stuck in a war where everyone is against each other.

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Chart Dari om Cahya DSN

Pengen buat struktur keanggotaan organisasi ? ini ada script yang di buat oleh mas chaya DSN dan bisa di implementasikan secara bersama...
FILENAME  : orgchart.php
CREATE BY  : cahya dsn
PURPOSE   : display organization chart report
CREATE DATE : 2012-12-28
#table creation

USE `test`;

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `tbl_personel`;
 `id` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'primary key untuk table tbl_personel',
 `nama` varchar(30) NOT NULL COMMENT 'nama personel',
 `id_parent` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
) ENGINE=MyISAM COMMENT='tabel untuk menyimpan data personel';

INSERT INTO `tbl_personel`(`id`,`nama`,`id_parent`) VALUES
(NULL,'Granny Smith',9),
//database configuration
//database connection
$db=new mysqli($dbhost,$dbuser,$dbpass,$dbname);
//query to get organization datas from database
$sql="SELECT * FROM tbl_personel ORDER BY id_parent,id ASC";
//variables initialization
//generate organization datas from database
// 1. 282 more words

How Difficult Is It To Do Nothing and Why! The Importance of Relaxation and Siesta

Relax! It’s  Saturday morning, it’s cold and surprise: IT’S SNOWING…

To mind, comes a Facebook share: ‘Who is praying for snow, please stop!’

One would think, on a day like this, and on the weekend, it would be easy to just… do nothing! 556 more words


Simple WebChat Menggunakan php

Simple WebChat menggunakan Websocket Programing


Pada kesempatan kali ini kita akan membuat program webchat untuk lan dengan menggunakan php dan untuk mengetesnya kita menggunakan localhost. Untuk lebih jelas nya langsung saja kita bahas. 1,379 more words


Firmar una aplicación para publicarla en Google Play

(How To Sign Your Android Application With Your Private Key)

Para distribuir aplicaciones en lugares como Google Play primero hay que “firmarlas” o certificarlas con los pasos que se muestran a continuación. 6 more words