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Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT) at … (Cocos2dx 3.x on Android with C++) + Eclipse

While it makes sense to use if statements its also blimin’ messy once you have so many conditions and editing the code later becomes messy, which eventually leads to bugs and hours of headaches. 288 more words


Deal with creating custom Annotation and using them.

In this blog I will show you guys how to create a custom annotation and use them by a simple example. This example about removing non-alphanumeric character in fields which was marked with… 364 more words


Git house cleaning

I use *Git* for several years and there are tons of articles out there about how to create new branch, pull, fetch, merge, conflict resolve, etc… 319 more words


Hackathon–Uppingham Community College–27th June

In order to see how students in Rutland are doing with their computing knowledge, I have started hosting a number of computing sessions at Uppingham Community College. 478 more words



This was my first time visit to Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur (BESU) or IIEST  for the mozilla ProgramIIEST event. It was a two days event, happened on 28th  to 29th march, 2014.   455 more words


equals() and hashCode()

When you override equals() , you must always override hashCode() to guarantee that equal objects have equal hash codes. Failing to do this can cause subtle bugs in your programs. 208 more words