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[share] Templating di Codeignter Dengan Mudah


Kali ini gw mau share berdasarkan trick dari link ini:


Nah, trick templating ini lumayan simple dan ringkas dibanding kita harus mengakes view, misalkan:

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[trick] Mengambil Data Detail SEP Bridging BPJS Dengan Http Class


ada banyak class class php yang bisa buat ngehandle cURL php secara native…. kenapa gw ngehindarin native, karena gw males ngulang fungsi yang sama untuk ouput yang sama…. 282 more words


Pokemon GO and your library

So, the poke-ocalypse is upon us. People everywhere are playing pokemon go. It has united and divided people, it gets people moving and it is more additive the some illegal street drugs. 281 more words


C# Decorator Design Pattern

Link to Source code

In this article You will learn how to implement decorator pattern in C#. Decorator pattern allows to modify an object dynamically it simplifies the code by adding new functionality at runtime. 341 more words


C# Prototype Design Pattern

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This is the last creational pattern in this series. And it’s used to create clones of objects without using references. C# is giving us helpful method MemberwiseClone() that is doing all cloning in the background. 488 more words


C# Abstract Factory Pattern

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In previous post i introduced you to the concept of Factory Method. Abstract factory is very similar, but this time we will encapsulate all classes, by cremating interfaces for  Product and Factory.  455 more words