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Dash and Dot

Sounds like Morse code, right?  These two robots are waaaaay beyond that (in the photo, Dash is hogging the camera and Dot is waiting for a turn).   326 more words

Technology Cools

Using Scratch with Minecraft & Scriptcraft - step by step instructions

As described in my previous posts, I found  Scriptcraft, the Minecraft plugin created by Walter Higgins, to be a very powerful tool for Minecraft modding and also for learning Javascript. 2,314 more words


Using Scratch & Scriptcraft (& more) to teach kids programming in Minecraft - updated configuration


The first solution that I found to make Scratch work together with Minecraft & Scriptcraft, described here, used Node RED to transform http commands sent by Scratch into mqtt packets, brokered by a mosquitto server and finally received by Scriptcraft MQTT extension. 450 more words



 What is Buildbox?

With Buildbox, creating games does not require any programming or scripting skills.  Simply import images, assign them properties and move them around your game scene.   75 more words

CODEit Workshops


What is Robotics?

In these workshops, children will work with technology to design, build, and operate robots. Children will work with robots like Softbank Robotics NAO and LEGO Mindstorms to program robots to interact with humans while having a lot of fun. 79 more words

CODEit Workshops

Using Scratch & Scriptcraft (& more) to teach kids programming in Minecraft

Scriptcraft is a fantastic tool for learning JavaScript using Minecraft and also for creating mods. It is very easy to use yet very powerful, giving access to all the functions of the API of your Minecraft server – CanaryMod or Spigot (CraftBukkit). 539 more words