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Programming For Kids – No More A Joke

Times have changed, nothing is like the late 90s. The way students were taught during those days are gone. New methods have been adopted by education institutions and they are now being spread across the world. 467 more words

Preschools in Mumbai

In the last decade, schools have transformed a lot. This transformation wasn’t a very drastic one but one that was influenced by technology. Technology has played a very important role in the development of tech sector across the world. 263 more words

Snap! (BYOB): Lesson 4: Building a Number Comparison Block Using a Reporter and How It Translates to C++

For background information and how to get started with Snap! (formerly known as BYOB), click here for lesson 1. I’m using BYOB version 3.1.1 for my examples, but you can follow along with either version linked below. 749 more words