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100 Days of Milo: Day 39 Quoth the Runner

A collection of posts of thoughtful or inspiring running quotes, often with pictures, can be found here. 

100 Days of Milo: Day 38 -- Prospect Park Legends

Here’s a page collecting the posts I write on well known or inspiring atheletes who frequent my local park, Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY.

100 Days of Milo: Day 37 -- Running Heroes

On occasion, I write short profiles of Running heroes, legends of the sport who inspire the rest of us to get out on the roads and trails and explore. 8 more words

Programming Notes

100 Days of Milo: Days 30 & 31 Mens and Womens BQ(Q) Pages

As the Boston Qualifier Questionnaire continues to grow, I’m trying to find ways to make the database more useful. With that in mind, I’ve broken out individual pages for the… 35 more words

ASFA-CW Seniors Interview Poet Lauren Goodwin Slaughter

In a new feature on the ASFA-CW “News + Notes” blog, the editorial staff of Cadence, our award-winning school literary magazine, will conduct interviews of various writerly luminaries — including (but not necessarily limited to) all our visiting writers. 898 more words


100 Days of Milo: Day 29 -- Run Streaks

I’ve had a number of short run streaks throughout my running career, but none of them have really stuck. Still, I’m fascinated by those runners able to stick it out, getting in a mile year after year. 13 more words

100 Days of Milo: Day 26 -- Interesting Gers

As regular readers of this site might know, I’m what they call a “jew by choice” or, in the parlance, a Ger. It’s a bit of a strange place to be and I’m fascinated by the stories of other people who’ve also decided to convert to Judaism. 19 more words