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Holy Crap! Life Is Hard!

Hey hey, we didn’t forget about all this!  Dan and I just had a whole lot of life occur this week.  He’s moving into a new home, and I had a ton of career engagements; these conspired to steal all of our free time. 95 more words

ASFA-CW Opens National Poetry Month with a Three-for-Thursday Poetry Extravaganza!

Hot off the heels of the stupendously successful inauguration of Ashley Jones‘s Magic City Poetry Festival, ASFA-CW’s Ron Casey Visiting Writers Series looks to keep up the momentum by spotlighting three talented poets who all hang their hats in Alabama: … 605 more words


Young Poets Unite: Poetry Out Loud in Alabama!

All schools are their own little galaxies — with their own sets of stressors and opportunities, triumphs and challenges, values and traditions — and, as such, they can sometimes feel like self-contained centers of the universe. 224 more words


ASFA-CW Is Large, We Contain Multitudes: Student Readings, Visiting Writers, Statewide Contests!

Hello to the ASFA-CW Extended Support Network – Happy 2018! If it’s January, we must be plugging some events: student readings, visiting authors, and statewide contests, o my! 234 more words


Java Script Notes: Part2. 条件语句


  • 逻辑表达式

    if (条件) {
    } else {

  • 半个“if…else”——if语句


  • 多个“if…else”——else if语句


    if (条件1) {
    } else if (条件2) {

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