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A Programming Note

Hi – Whitlock half of ‘Whitlock & Pope’ here. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, so here’s a little ditty about how life got in the way and how I’m trying to get back into the action. 698 more words


Welcome back to school, ASFA-CW!

It’s time to commence the 2017-18 version of ASFA-CW! For incoming students and parents, here’s a PDF link to this year’s calendar of events. There are still a few important dates to nail down, but this is a good overview of what’s on tap for 2017-18. 9 more words

Programming Notes

Mastering CSS Notes

These are some notes I took when going through the Mastering CSS Course on Udemy. It’s an excellent course for anyone looking to learn the details of how CSS works, just make sure to wait to buy it until Udemy launches one of its flash sales (those sales happen frequently).  2,123 more words


Programming Note: Weekly Schedule

Our Weekly Rotation:


“Gardening with Gabe” This will be a weekly article on a subject relating to ‘organic’ gardening, through the eyes of a relatively new gardener. 135 more words

Programming Notes

A broken record

I have spent most of the last month feeling downright foggy as I ran the gamut of teaching, revision, and paperwork in the final weeks of my graduate career. 335 more words


Programming update, March 2017

Life has a way of piling up, and my tableau has been particularly full these past few weeks. In addition to teaching responsibilities, work, basic maintenance, and the mountain of grading I’ve been ignoring, I spent several days in Omaha, Nebraska at the Missouri Valley History Conference, which was equal parts exhausting and inspiring, and, more importantly, spent every spare moment making final edits to my dissertation. 210 more words


A Programming Note

So I didn’t get around to posting this Tuesday, and last Tuesday, I didn’t get a full video up. This isn’t a planned trend as much as an impromptu reshuffling of my life and schedule; it’s hard to get one’s footing upon starting a big project with big goals and lots of snark. 188 more words