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The Antidote to the Negative Programing Bombarding Our Brains | Mike Adams [video] ~ July 22, 2018

Starship Earth brings us a very good video teaching us how and why to “turn off” the NLP, hypnosis, and other types of programming on TV use to control the way we think! 170 more words

Using a QuadTree for 2D Physics

The Premise:

With collision detection for games, the simple solution has two major steps to the pipeline:

  1. Test if your physics objects are colliding.
  2. Resolve what happens to those two objects if they are.
  3. 3,330 more words

Programming to Block Healing

Trigger warning: this article contains graphic information regarding programming and trauma and could be triggering to cult/mind control survivors

When a survivor of mind control enters therapy, their trainers will be notified (often by the survivor themselves, since they frequently “report in”), and specific programming to block therapy with their current therapist will begin to be put into place. 2,997 more words

Part 2 of FFMPEG and ROAV Dash Cam C1 Pro

While writing my software to concatenate and speed up the video files from my ROAV Dashcam I ran into an interesting issue with FFMPEG.

The -filter_complex option seems to stop parsing it’s parameters somewhere above 960 characters on the command line. 610 more words


Always-Valid C++ Types

Types don’t always contain what their name implies

Many C++ user-defined types may at time carry information that does not correspond to what their names say. 476 more words


E01- What is Source File, Method, Class ?

In this blog we will go through all the details related to java programming with examples. So, be ready, prepare yourself and let us learn together. 357 more words