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Notes from Clojure/Conj 2017

It was a good Conj. Saw several friends and former co-workers of mine, heard some great talks about machine learning, and got some good ideas to take back to my current gig. 3,966 more words


Manipulating R formula

When you’ve created some kind of analysis model in R you will have specified the variables in some kind of formula. R “recognises” formula objects, which have their own class… 539 more words


Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy flows where attention goes. This is a saying that all Pagans know to be true. Where we focus our attention is where our intention goes – this is how spells (and prayers, call it what you will, it’s the same thing) work. 1,734 more words

iOS Developer Training Course In Delhi

Even though there are more Android users on the market, and offers more than 2.2 billion apps via Google Play, there is little dispute when it comes to a sort of popularity contest: iOS seems to win out every time. 483 more words


The Case of a Delphi Application hanging in ExitProcess

A colleague came to me with a Delphi application that would not shut down, but just hang. The application in question had been refactored such that one module was extracted into a DLL to be reused in another application. 429 more words


Wk 1; Forming the Team

So begins our journey to making a fully autonomous sumo-fighting robot, a mean for anyone least not we newcomers to the field of electronics and robotics. 266 more words


What is Deep Mind?

I’ve been hearing alot about Artificial Intelligence lately, in Tech News and in movies and have learned of a company called Deep Mind, recently acquired by Google.  406 more words

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