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Shades of the Future of Colors?

The whimsical names which paint companies give various designer shades and hues are a big part (well…at least a part) of the fun of painting. It has always made me happy to go into a Home Depot and peruse the rainbow arrays of eye-popping paint chips and look at the weird names. 232 more words

Agile: User Story

  • Recommended template “As a (role) I want to (goal) so that (reason)“. 
  • Detailed discussion about requirements.
  • Include any technical considerations in the estimate for each story.
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In Place Operators

*Quick Post

An in place operator is basically a method of shortening some operators. For example rather than writing out the operation for “x = x + 3” you can just write the operator “x += 3” – both are the same and both will produce the same result. 71 more words


As a Veteran Coder

On October the first 2009, I became a professional programmer. That was the very beginning of my coding career. Util now, 2016, seven years has gone. 428 more words

A Towel Day quotation creation

May 25th is International Towel Day, in honour of Douglas Adams. The following contains 42 –ation rhymes, 41 of which are found in Adams’ book ‘ 545 more words


Snakes on a Computer

I’ve started to teach myself Python as it looks like a good fit for the Business Intelligence world. Even more as Microsoft will now be supporting Python in the future releases of SQL server. 226 more words

More CL libs on Github

Recently I made available some GP code I had in Common Lisp (see previous post). Today I also put on my github account the library I did for Ant Colony Optimzation ( 49 more words