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Analysis and Synthesis in Software Production

I’ve been thinking about some unproductive discussions I’ve had recently about software production methodologies, discussions where we’ve seemed to be talking across each other, rather than settling on a clear statement of our differences. 1,647 more words


Why Video Game AI does not Use Machine Learning

I used to be an AI programmer working on video games, and I’m currently trying to learn machine learning to hopefully get a job in that field. 2,953 more words



The use of inhertance in programming allows us to define a class in terms of another class. This makes it easier to maintain our code and application. 24 more words

Extending the Smalltalk Syntax 4

by Leandro Caniglia
President of FAST (Fundación Argentina de Smalltalk)

Story 4: Hybrid Compilation

Have you ever heard of the idea the creators of Smalltalk had for allowing any class to choose its compiler? 1,365 more words


PYTHON: An Ultimate Resource To Learn Python Programming Easy Way In 2020

For anyone serious about pursuing and growing in a career in IT, a basic question that roils the mind is this: which is the best programming language to learn? 590 more words

Background of the Respiration Frequency Counter

Background – why I made it, and why it is important

So, at my first job as a nurse, I quickly found that the way respiration frequency (RF) is counted is flawed. 456 more words