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Where to begin in programming

I frequently get asked or even see people asking other people or just hear about people wanting to get into programming. They usually ask “How do I learn” or “Where do I learn” or “What do I learn” etc. 230 more words


Penguine bites on Chrome

I bought my first 64 bit computer a year ago. A raspberry which is based on ARM and for practical reasons like to less memory just use a 32 bit OS. 490 more words

GOAP Extensions

We use GOAP for our AI in Academia. It’s working well for us so far. New behaviour can be easily added and AI glitches can be easily fixed. 387 more words


JS Code-Count Pizza-order!!

The following code is to count the total cost of pizzas ordered. Just a slight bit of logic and assumed costs and taxes.

var orderCount=0;

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JS Code- Make a game!!

The following code is just a starter tip only to know what the basic kowledge of javascript can provide. So if you are a begginer, don’t worry and go through the following code and see how much you can understand this program. 203 more words



As I am continuing my job search to land my first career as a developer, I sort of started spreading myself out too thin. I want to learn everything and with so many interesting technologies being used, I find that I am not learning enough. 179 more words

Web Development

FIVE life lessons I have learned from Programming.

Everything you need to know about living a life of simplicity, you can get it from a computer program. Don’t believe me? Read on it might help you too… 1,007 more words