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Remote Debugging Using PyCharm

I had hard time to setup remote debugging using PyCharm. One of the reason is lack of documentation about exact steps to setup the remote debugging. 273 more words


Cow-calf Management with Limited Pasture

In a joint effort, Kansas and Nebraska Extension are hosting a 3-meeting series to address some possible options to help maintain cattle inventory with limited perennial pastures. 280 more words


Functional Data Structures and Concurrency in C++

In my previous blog posts I described C++ implementations of two basic functional data structures: a persistent list and a persistent red-black tree. I made an argument that persistent data structures are good for concurrency because of their immutability. 2,324 more words


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Weekly Progress: 17 November 2017

I’m writing this post a bit ahead of time, but I’m hoping that by the time you’re reading this, everything I’m saying in here will be true! 542 more words


Week 2: Jazzing It Up!

What really makes a webpage work? Well a lot of things, but mostly it’s about how it looks.

That was the focus of Week 2 was on the layout of a webpage and how to style it. 303 more words


How swift is the progress

In my last blog I talked about switching our development completely to Swift. So how does it go.

To be honest, better than I thought. A good book and documentation helps of course, but it’s easier and more transparent than I thought. 312 more words


ZFS from a MySQL perspective

Since the purpose of a database system is to store data, there is close relationship with the filesystem. As MySQL consultants, we always look at the filesystems for performance tuning opportunities. 341 more words