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Grasshopper application from Google to learn the basics of free programming

Google Chrome’s Area 120 team has announced the new Grasshopper application, which enables Android and iOS users to learn the basics of programming in a fun, simple, and most free and complete way. 166 more words


RDKit 2018.03.01 release! #rdkit

Dear RDKitter,
It’s good news that new version of rdkit is released!
You can find details in original repository.
There are many improvement and bug fixes in the release. 257 more words


Install Sublime Text 3 + Package Control [Ubuntu 16.04 LTS]

Sublime Text is a proprietary cross-platform source code editor with a Python application programming interface (API). It natively supports many programming languages and markup languages, and functions can be added by users with plugins, through Package Control. 392 more words


Finding the peaks - week fourteen as a PhD student

This week I was running experiments for four out of five days, as a consequence, I feel as if I have been quite busy. The results I have been seeing are not as good as I had been expecting; I did find some compounds that were not in any of our libraries, which is an interesting peak in an otherwise flat-line graph. 501 more words


My Internship Experience

So this term, our school offered us the chance to attend internships. As our school is part of an organization, our internships were hugely based on departments within the organization. 234 more words


The Cavalry Commeth

Emma Bulbous Diary, Day 111, April 21 2776, Twilight Force

Pretyman, Ichnida and Cresp are gone. Now Doctor Nopoin is getting around to me. But something’s been occupying that calculator. 251 more words

Science Fiction

Modify Annotations Programmatically Using TestNG IAnnotationTransformer2

Among the sevral listeners provided by TestNG, I find IAnnotationTransformer2 listener as one of the coolest ones. Th reason being, it allows to modify or change the annotations through code by changing the annotations parameters, instead of declarative approach through XML. 203 more words