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New Coding is Coming

Microsoft is currently working on a new programing language for quantum computers. Don’t know what is quantum computing is? Check the video down below.

Why is Microsoft doing all this? 75 more words

Rust: A kata on Codewars


Esolang Intepreter #1




Migrating to async/await (Node.js / AWS Lambda / Serverless Framework)

As I mentioned (https://adrianhesketh.com/2017/07/27/serverless-web-apps-without-client-side-javascript/) I’m using the Serverless Framework (serverless.com) to build a new product using Node.js.

I’m fairly new to node, but there was a feature I was really missing, and that’s async/await which I think makes Node.js much less cluttered with boilerplate syntax than using callbacks or promises. 718 more words

The journey from .NET to Java: Everything starts with Hello World (Part 2)

Let’s start with the basic Hello World console application. How hard can it be? First things first, I need a compiler and apparently a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). 273 more words


Stuck on matrices

  1. Right now I have been working on this neural network problem (which should be relatively simple) for over two hours…. I posted a question on the discussion board and am waiting for an answer but it takes too long!
  2. 680 more words

The Journey Continues - Life Changes & Challenges

You’ve probably heard it, time and again, we’re spiritual beings having a physical experience. Well, it is true, but I don’t think many of us stop to think about that when we’re in the middle of one of Life’s many changes or challenges. 1,053 more words