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Bullets, UI, and Enemy Triggers

It’s the end of the third week of development.

This week I had a pretty bad cold so unfortunately I was stuck taking care of it. 322 more words


Dealing With Customers

I receive many emails from customers. I’m happy that more than 90% of these emails are about feature requests and not bugs. A small part of the emails is “how to” questions and an even smaller part is about reporting bugs. 698 more words


React Simplicity

WordPress completely mangled the code on this, and I was unable to get WP to correctly display. I’ll have a link here to a properly formatted version a.s.a.p… 1,007 more words


Editorial of "Problem A - Mehdi and the Box" in CodeIT 2017

I proposed a problem called “Problem A – Mehdi and the Box” which was on Scorify platform, and I would like to share its simple solution in this post.  241 more words

Computer Science

The Inner Product as a Decision Rule

The standard inner product of two vectors has some nice geometric properties. Given two vectors , where by I mean the -th coordinate of , the standard inner product (which I will interchangeably call the dot product) is defined by the formula… 1,221 more words


Enosi - Coletter Login

Since the Facebook-Login doesn’t work on all platforms, I decided to go for a simple Login made by me :D

You can see the result in the header :P… 13 more words


Variable Names

When it comes to writing names for variables, there are certain conditions that are suitable. This means that only certain characters are allowed for the name of variables, these characters being letters, numbers, and underscores. 310 more words