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Recently, I had the opportunity to be part of QWCC (Qualcomm Women Collegiate Conference) – a two day event, to serve as a mentor and also a Judge for an Hackathon. 764 more words


Sharing a Bike (part 2)

The last post described a problem in which two friends share a bicycle to go from one friend’s house to the other’s. In this post, I’ll describe my analysis of the problem. 865 more words



I have taken and completed my first introductory computer science course officially in school, as part of my Health Informatics Option in September 2016. I enjoyed the course content a lot – I loved the problem solving aspect of the course. 222 more words

More variaty in environment and lag fixing.

This week I set a task to fix the lag problems we had with the game, most of it was code-based so I went ahead and edited the most source tacking parts, we now have an increase of 20 fps! 28 more words


More hoodwork

This week was another slow week, despite what I said last week about full throttle. Due to the Ludum Dare gamejam, I missed the weekend to focus on this project. 46 more words



A. Snatch, 2×2@60%, 2×2@70%, 4×2@75%, 4×2@80%
B. Front Squat, 4×2@75%, 6×1@80%
C. Behind the Neck Jerk, 10x2x@70%

This is a back off week from the previous three weeks of this cycle. 48 more words

Olympic Weightlifting