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Day 2, Week 7 – 9 week squat cycle


  • (High hang power snatch x 2 + hang snatch) x 4
  • (Power clean w/pause at the knee for 2 sec + full clean) x 4…
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Can't patch, won't patch

As a software developer, I take a keen interest in the platforms I am developing on, as that’s often the one thing I have least control over, given that the customer will ultimately be installing in their environment in most cases. 722 more words


Audio, Visual, and Generative Design

Generative design – audio, visual, or animated output created by algorithms, is something I’m aiming to incorporate into my work sometime in the near future. I believe it can be utilised as a three-way process in which audio can be created by the scanning of parameters in a visual, visuals can be created by the scanning of parameters in audio, and both audio and visuals can be generated from some fairly simple algorithmic rules. 622 more words


why java is so popular? part 5

So far we have seen many features of Java programming language in part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. Let us continue the discussion in this part. 312 more words

Software Engineering

"#!" Shebang (Sha-bang, Hashbang)

I came across this line #!/usr/bin/env and was wondering what is this and for what? I browsed some articles to get some overview about it. Any script beginning with… 132 more words


March 2nd: Torpor

Been having a real hard time with motivation last couple of days, hopefully transitory. I got new versions of the slope animations done today, but that’s about it, and I was definitely hoping to do more. 6 more words

Daily Update

2. The HTML Document structure | The HTML Tag

Hi and Welcome to Debug Nation. In our previous post, we talked about What is HTML and other things about it (Click here to view) 284 more words