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How to make complex requests simple with RxJava in Kotlin

It is a common problem in Android development when your API is not sending you exactly the same data, what you want to show in your views, so you need to implement more complex requests. 165 more words


Analysis of IP / TCP / UDP Packet


  • Read the pcap package, print the detailed icmp / tcp / udp protocol
  • Read the pcap package or the network interface

Print detailed tcp session / udp message data, the current support mysql / pgsql / smtp / ftp / redis / mongodb authentication protocol analysis, http / dns complete protocol resolution. 6 more words


Adding += and friends to Leaf

Yesterday I finished a rather simple Kata from Codewars: the sum of a sequence of numbers. It was straight forward to implement, but I felt like it was missing something. 599 more words


Wanting to Burn More Calories in the Gym While Maintaining Muscle?

Are you wanting to lose weight but still keep your hard earned muscle mass? Throughout the past decades there have been many new workout programs to do just that, but most people will continue to fail at them, because they do not want to stick to their diet or they get burned out on their cookie cutter program that was designed for someone else’s body type. 809 more words


Emoji & Foreign Language Stripping

To remove emoji and foreign language characters from tweet texts so they could be parsed for hashtags and topics of interest I use this function. 20 more words


Remove URLs

In working with the public stream on Twitter I wanted to strip out the URLs contained in tweet text. This function does the trick.

import re

def remove_links(s):
    for i in range(0,s.count('http')):
    idx = s.find('http')
    end_link = s.find(' ', idx)
    s = ' '.join(, s])
    return s

Memento Mori

Part 13 of the Netcromancer by M.J.Miello

<<GOTO Part 1.0

For better or worse, we did have the largest social gathering outside the Fleetfoot that any of us remembered. 1,006 more words