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Old Lisp programs

I found an old chess program that Mark Watson (somehow I can’t find the original link anymore, my Gist mirroring it is here). I was wondering what it would take to get it to run again, and I was  117 more words


Why F# programmers should learn C#

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier post,  I have decided to stop focusing only on C++ and go back to F#. As I’ve said, I remembered that F# programming was fun, and felt more safe – programs were less bug prone, and often did exactly what I’ve wanted after first time I’ve compiled them. 571 more words


In the information technology industry, learning a new programming language can have its benefits.  If you were to google “Programming Jobs” you will find a wide variety of programming languages between ads. 

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The Best IDE For Newbies To Coding

For those of you who don’t know, IDE stands for Integrated development environment. It is a software application which allows you to write and edit you source code, debug your applications, compile your code, etc. 1,095 more words


Processing and Android

When working with Arduinos, I typically program the graphical user interfaces (GUI) in either Python or Processing (https://processing.org/).  Normally it is Python as I already had more experience and it has a wider range of functions. 189 more words



During my college days, I got to know about many technology related things from many of my friends. One day me and my friend were discussing about some algorithms which was related to computer graphics. 762 more words


[Update] Recreating a Matlab simulation with Numpy, reviewing other projects

I am developing an interactive demonstration of a constructive algorithm. This is currently a process of re-writing the Matlab code using Numpy (a Python package for performing numerical operations on arrays). 365 more words