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  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • or .NET Framework 4.5

A sampling of work training programs

The information in this post comes to you courtesy of Jackie Martin of Vocational Steps. She’s always on the lookout for ways to provide atypical young people with job training and opportunities, and had sent me a list of several programs already in place around the US. 1,765 more words

Learning Disabilities

floralia in gorsium

next weekend (7-8 May) spend a day with the heroes of roman times limes: visit gorsium, the freshly renovated excavation sites, welcome the spring with the soldiers of septimus severus, enjoy the theater, cuisine, martial shows. 25 more words

Once Upon A Time

Conversion from binary to decimal

<br />//(Yacc File : Save as .y)

//to compile and Run
//:-> yacc -d FileName.y
//:-> lex FileName.l
//:-> gcc lex.yy.c y.tab.c -ll
//:-> ./a.output
//:-> enter input as - 101
//:-> output:-> 5

void yyerror(char *s);
%token ZERO ONE
N: L {printf("\n%d",$$);}
L: L B {$$=$1*2+$2;}
| B {$$=$1;}
B:ZERO {$$=$1;}
|ONE {$$=$1;};
int main()
yyerror(char *s)

// (Lex File : save as .l)

extern int yylval;
0 {yylval=0;return ZERO;}
1 {yylval=1;return ONE;}

[ \t] {;}
\n return 0;
. return yytext[0];

Output :-


Free Counselling by Telephone?

The newsletter of the Sooke Parent Education Advisory Council (SPEAC), School District 62, provided me with information that I had not been aware of before.  The BC government pays for counselling delivered by telephone.  397 more words


Painting with a Professor

I hope everyone had fun with professor moninski teaching how to still paint! All of the painting turned out great! Thank you to everyone who came! 17 more words


Celebrating Volunteers and Scholarship Winners

Volunteers are vital to the Historical Society fulfilling its mission of preserving and presenting Warrenville history. The work of docents, cemetery walk volunteers and the Museum Guild is invaluable and each year we take time to say THANK YOU during Volunteer Appreciation Month. 87 more words