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WAP in C How to Convert Lowercase to Uppercase Character?

void main()
int lower, upper;
printf(“Enter a Lower Character to Convert Uppercase : “);
lower = getchar();
upper = toupper(lower);

Output :-


I'm Fond(ue) of You

This was  program that fulfilled my requirement for diversity/ inclusivity. My apologies for the (very) low quality picture of my flyer.

To make the fondue, I used my crockpot and doubled the recipe that I found online. 242 more words


Training with a program based on science and hard work.

It has always been my experience that hard work, blood and tears, is the only way forward. Well that’s all changed in the past few years with all the media and science out there. 307 more words


Ebony Weekend - day 2

Hey all!

So the next day, Saturday night, two more speakers came! We had Eljeer Hawkins and Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu speak to us and they were both just as inspiring as the first. 110 more words


Ebony Weekend - day 1

Hey all!

Friday night there was a speaker named Dr. Sherri Williams. She talked about the social media and its bias toward showing stereotypes. On a lot of reality television shows, us viewers will only see things like the “Angry Black Woman” or “Sassy Latina.” The people on these shows are in fact very normal and respectable pushed toward their limit and blow up and that is all we get to see on tv. 18 more words


The Shameful Republican Assault on Medicaid

(Source: www.newyorker.com)

In terms of political theatre, Donald Trump’s press conference on Thursday was the event of the week, or maybe the year. Strictly in policy terms, though, it was less important than… 1,167 more words