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The First Post

Today I begin.

I am currently classed as obese according to the BMI calculator. Though I think that’s a bit extreme as I am a size 12. 182 more words


Progress Report

I’m just completing week five of Jim Stoppani’s 12 week plan.  So far, so good.  I have a few thoughts regarding my experience so far. 538 more words


I’ve completed week 1 of my new plan by Jim Stoppani.  I’m feeling happy and energized.  At the end of the week, I was quite sore.   126 more words

Happy August!

Oh my!  it’s August, which means that summer for the kids is just about over.  Both of them start school this month.  My oldest will be heading off to college (he already got a head start by taking a couple courses at a junior college this summer) and my “baby” will be moving into middle school (7th grade).   227 more words

Welcome to my fitness journey ❤️

I’ve been suffering with back pain, patella tendonitis, gut issues, low mood and general health problems for a long time now. My anxiety is manageable but still very present, and I’m carrying too much weight for my frame hence the back and knee issues. 42 more words

The ulterior motive behind the 'progress photo'

Every year when eating disorders awareness week rolls round, social media is flooded with ‘transformation’ pictures. Rake thin girls with tubes up their noses, collarbones, rib bones, spine bones, the infamous ‘thigh gap’. 1,107 more words

Mental Health

"Fall in love with progress"

The tickets have been booked for my trip to Europe in August so I’ve been kicking it into high gear!

Fasted cardio in the AM before work and HIIT training 4-5x a week at the Camp!