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Mid-March Assessment

I was hoping that I could retain a good portion of my mass even if I worked out differently than I always have.  It isn’t going well.   139 more words

Today's Catch


Making some progress on the painting tonight.  If life doesn’t throw me a curve ball tomorrow ,I hope to spend the entire day in the studio painting and finishing up on Today’s Catch. 13 more words


Progress is slow ,but progress none the less

I haven’t had much time in the studio the last 4 days ,so progress on this piece has been slow,but progress none the least.

I tried to paint today and ended up taking my daughter to the store, then spent the better part of the afternoon fighting with my fridge. 149 more words


Week 1 down.. 10 more to go

Excuse the upcoming progress photos… They can be sorta.. Suggestive and possibly unsafe for work lol.

I’m up a pound… But I’m lifting heavier weights than I could last week. Silver Lining much?


Back on the run

Today was my first run since June.  Now that the weather is starting to cool off (unfortunately), I’ve decided to get back out there. This was also my first time running with more yoga experience.   274 more words


Two Months of Yoga!

Two months ago I ended my running streak and decided to start practicing yoga.  At the time I thought I’d continue running, which remained somewhat true for the first few weeks.   431 more words