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my "before" pictures

Nothing makes me cringe more than taking progress pictures, particularly at the beginning of a journey. However, pictures are absolutely necessary. Weight can fluctuate on a scale day to day, but nothing shows progress quite like side-by-side comparison photos. 22 more words


Progress Pictures Sunday

It has been a week since my last progress pictures. Once again, the lighting is terrible, but it’s the same lighting as last week.

I can see a difference, even if it’s minor. 124 more words


Competition: The Driving Force of the Lazy

Tomorrow, June 8th, is the beginning of the 8 week beach day competition. Basically, every year my gym has a beach day gathering for all the members where they pull out all the stops: DJ, food, prizes, great company, etc. 195 more words


Picture. Weight progress 

I’m not sure there’s huge visible evidence of weight loss yet.

The first picture is four days after Jace was born. The second is a few months (ok one month according to the date)The third is a few more. 13 more words

Guess whattttt.......???

I placed 4th in mhy first show!!!;-) More details and pictures/videos to come!

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Progress Pictures

Transformation Tuesday

I shared this on my Facebook and Instagram pages because my team was called to action by another inspiring coach on the team! This week we wanted to share a transformation that wasn’t just physical. 526 more words

21 Day Fix

V-Diet - A Conclusion

So I completed 28 Days of a rather extreme diet.  Lets start with some progress pictures shall we:

The left image in each picture is the before (104.7kg), and the right is the after (95.1kg).   706 more words