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Current progress - 10 days to go! (IIFYM Cut)

This is a progress picture of what I currently look like at the end of about 8 weeks of a moderate cut for my holiday. I certainly pictured myself with a lot less body fat by this point, especially around my mid section. 323 more words


1% better every day

To me, this blog is a means to journal my progress. 📖 What I’m eating, how I’m training, what supplements I think are working, my mental and physical strength. 91 more words


A fresh start

I’m glad I took the whole of last week to rest mentally and physically! I felt it was much needed and now that my mind’s uncluttered, my body’s ready for them weights! 91 more words


Before & After Pictures

Progress Pictures are not always a bad thing. They show that you’re working, they show you the physical difference that you’ve made. All of the hard work that you’ve put into your journey. 356 more words


Why I compete...

I get asked all the time why I compete. Everyone has their own reasons and motivating factors for competing. Here’s mine.

Bodybuilding can seem like such a superficial sport. 581 more words

Progress Pictures

The Before Pictures

When Ivan and I decided that we were going to transform our property using permaculture, step by step, we decided that the first thing we needed to do was take our “before” pictures. 624 more words


Check In Time

The end of this 10 week chunk has come, I feel safe saying that spring is here. It feels good to be through this and now into spring, a time when I tend to be more productive. 527 more words