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The past.

When did hide and seek,

Turn to diamonds and steel?

Melted and forged,

Into wedding bands.

For hands,

Small as our own.
I thought we were advanced, 89 more words

Take All The Time You Need

“Success is a feeling, not an elevator pitch. It’s not something that is conveyed with a status update or some pretty photos.” —Brianna Wiest

Everybody’s competing with everybody because everybody wants to get to the top (or garner at least 500 ‘Likes’ on their Facebook status). 367 more words


The Best Laid Plans

As regular readers of this blog might remember, since leaving the demented bureaucracy for the genteel life of a writer at large, I’ve been alternating periods in front of the keyboard with work on our more than forty-year-old house. 316 more words


Update! January Intentions

My first month of setting intentions went pretty well! My first intention was to drink more water, and I have really been striving to do just that. 246 more words

Dealing with things while the world is going a bit crazy

We’ve all had those days, your working hard at your dreams because I know you that is what we both do as much as possible.  We are running, life is moving forward, and progress is being made, but at the same time the world is also moving forward, and of course, there are many things that we are unable to control. 248 more words

Life And Motivation

Update 18: 140 Days to go!

I hate to admit it, but I have a few drafts sitting in my account that never got finished. I’ve gotten into the strange habit of starting to write, but then allowing myself to get distracted (usually by wedding items), and the next thing I know, it’s hours later and I still haven’t finished the post. 1,174 more words