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Done: today I ran a marathon

Back in June 2015, sitting by a pool in Greece, I decided to run a marathon before I was 60. And in doing so, to put right a failed attempt to do one 25 years ago. 258 more words


The Great Old (Red) Duke of York

Our second harvest of 2019 was ourĀ Red Duke of York potatoes that we planted on 26 January. The plants haven’t done too badly, but with some of the weather we’ve had, they’ve taken a bit of a battering. 172 more words

V&A Curatorial Fellowship in Photography

For future careers I am possibly interested in curatorial role as I have explored in a previous post, I have been fortunate to see how these positions work as my mother works in museum curation. 654 more words



I am learning that if someone is ever to lead (or be a leader) in any capacity they must be able to and actually continually make progress! 219 more words

You Are Your Portfolio

The aim for a personal portfolio is to display a curated document that is always up to date. They need to be memorable, unique and display yourself through your work. 614 more words


ideation pt. 1


So it’s my second blog post because well, I need to write something here, right?

My drawing module had an assignment issued to us quite recently. 264 more words


Representing Myself

Marketing and branding is needed when promoting a professional persona and presents who you are allowing potential clients to understand you. It also ties work together, for example, how you design your colour, font, email and invoice to make it as your brand. 470 more words