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Plan B Is Still a Good Plan!

Last summer, I wrote a post about how I was thinking of running another marathon. And then…I kind of left everyone hanging and never mentioned it again! 1,107 more words


Progress update 22/04/2018

  • What has been done?
  1. Received the modified “Thus my Head” singing line from Jodie Smith for ‘To marry or not to marry?’  (Track 2). The Recording stage is officially done as the last person to be recorded.
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Progress: 500 MILES!!

In honor of making it 500 miles I am starting a fundraising campaign for the rest of the month of April! Click the donate button below: 93 more words


This is not the greatest thought process in the world, this is just a tribute.

Tonight I feel alive.

For the first time in such a very long time

I walk through this City’s streets with my head held high… 280 more words


Rainy Monday Weigh Day

It’s Monday!!! Most people wouldn’t be so excited, and honestly outside of it being the day I chose to weigh Im not excited either.

When I get my weight, I use a freight scale at work because the one at home only goes up to 320 (another reason to lose some). 81 more words

We Goin’ Clubbin’

So I put together a small book club with a couple of my friends probably about a month ago. But we’re only calling it a book club because we only discuss my book and my book only. 273 more words


(NP9) ||Chapter 9||

The world is coming to an end, but only to be reborn with the unwanted help from Governor Thomas. Just what is he planning to do to the world and everyone in it? 1,334 more words