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Our beliefs direct our lives and how we think.  The initial part of this post comes from an American Scientist (4 April 2015, 28-33) article by Graham Lawton. 746 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Demo Time

Thursday morning, after our last showers ever in the gross old shower/tub, it was time to kick off the upstairs bathroom reno. The plumber was coming by at 8, but Ty couldn’t resist getting started on demo while waiting for him to arrive. 188 more words


Problem, Reaction, Solution: Why an understandable effort to encourage high voter turnout misses the point

While it is commendable that so many prominent figures are urging people to register to vote and encouraging them to use their vote at the 2015 election, it is incredibly frustrating for anyone who understands how the current electoral system actually works that the false idea that we can vote our way into a better paradigm is being peddled alongside this. 884 more words

Wow, it’s been an interesting week in the life of my team.

We started the week with some good news – we smashed our performance targets for the last financial year – and some not so good news – a possible new employee that would have added much needed personality traits to the team pulled out of her started job. 163 more words


Honest differences are healthy signs of progress.



Run #48 - a new best

Before I set off tonight I had a feeling it was going to be a decent run. No aches and pains, I wasn’t dragged out of sleep until 6:50 and apart from a trip to the playground it was a fairly sedate day. 132 more words


As Sleep Eludes Me

In my world, there is no sense of normalcy when it comes to sleep.  I can go from sleeping for eight hours without moving, to sleeping for just a few hours completely restlessly in a matter of days (usually, it’s the latter).  679 more words