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Prepping for some long-lived demo pieces

Ever been asked what item of yours that you’d want to put in a time capsule ?

Its a tricky one. That item will be everything that a 3rd party who sees that time capsule will have upon which to base an opinion of you, your impact and relevance to their lives at some remote point in space and time. 111 more words

Fishing Nets

My extremes. - blog by Amie.

The post you’re about to read is so relatable and so linked to all aspects of health. Have a read of this blog post written by my good friend Amie. 1,137 more words


Progress Report 18/02/2017

Small post for yesterday, got distracted playing an insanely close game of blood bowl last night and forgot to post this at the right time, progress has been steady with the blood bowl humans but I finished Gaston and I’ve basecoated a catcher. 35 more words

Blood Bowl

Work in Progress (part 2)

Are you tired of someone? Or you just can’t deal with so much drama in your life right now?
This video, “Work In Progress” (part 2) is just for you. 51 more words

Analysis of the first week

Monday 19th February

It is hard to measure the emotive impact so far, with the stress of the very imminent house move and the hormonal fluctuations I am forever burdened with however I think there may be an issue presenting itself and it could well be linked to my social media absence. 464 more words

99 Days Of Facebook Freedom

The Fashion Butterfly - JW

Wait, do butterflies have a gender? I am sure they do, well Biology states they do. Maybe the male ones are the sassy colorful guys bracing our streets in very colorful garments, or the male models we see on the runway. 636 more words