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My blueprint to building self-esteem (Taking Control Series, part III)

Self-esteem is an internal sense of worth. It is how you see yourself. How you see yourself is a big factor in the actions you take and the thoughts you think. 783 more words


Culinary exploration

Today was a day of chores and errands, but I did get a chance to try two new recipes I had found- one for keto friendly bread and one for low carb, gluten free tortilla chips. 203 more words



You can make excuses or you can make progress but you can't make both. pic.twitter.com/Pi6xORym2X

— Craig Groeschel (@craiggroeschel) May 19, 2018


T25: Day 6, Week 1

Shaun T. refers to Saturday as STATurday. This is where you weigh in and write down your “stats.” Your stats are your measurements. Unfortunately, I had a late start this morning so I will not be doing my measurements. 437 more words


Drifting Along, No Followers In Sight

I really don’t understand how this website works. I sign up, optimistic but grounded about my chances of becoming very famous, and start writing.

After a few days, I pick up my first follower. 240 more words


Welcome to Your Daily Admonition




1. reprimand someone firmly

2. advise or urge someone earnestly

3. warn someone of something to be avoided

At first, I was planning on naming this blog “Your Daily Encouragement”.   268 more words


Jim's Hill Hell continues

It was raining so hard this morning that as soon as I stepped out of the house, I wanted to crawl back into bed. I knew it was raining but I didn’t know it was raining that hard. 220 more words