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Progress Tracker #3

Tuesday, 17th January 2017:

Weight: 127.8kg Weekly Change: -1.2kg Total Change: -4.5kg

Wow! 2 good weeks in a row and this one included baked camembert, noodles, pizza and curry! 222 more words


Week 3: Fitness Update & Goals

Hello all,

Just wanted to do a short update about my fitness goals and new goals.

So I’ve just really been doing whatever workouts I want. 254 more words


Why I Enjoy Yoga.

It was my second yoga birthday last week and last year I shared my story on how I got started (which you can find here!) 452 more words


Knockin', Rehearsal #2

Set two more segments of the dance tonight and ironed out half the costuming issue.

I say “set,” but they’re really only half-set, as we didn’t run them with music (we were all too tired to screw around with all that). 227 more words


Stop Complaining

Have you ever noticed that people almost always complain to the wrong person- to someone who can’t do anything about their complaint? They go to work and complain about their spouse; then they come home and complain to their spouse about the people at work. 709 more words


Research Showcase... Almost

It’s almost here. Research showcase is just two days away. Over the past week, I have put the finishing touches on my remote control car. A few weeks ago, I discovered the motors I was originally planning on using to move my car were not strong enough and I have been waiting for the new motors to arrive. 140 more words


Digitise everything? How about a baguette?

As early as 2011, Ernst & Young in a report titled The digitisation of everything: How organisations must adapt to changing consumer behaviour suggested:

“The real imperative in a world where ‘everything’ is digitised is that businesses need to pursue innovation to disrupt their own business model before the competition does.

1,437 more words