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When moving forward means letting go.

Many times good people are held back from accomplishing what they would like to accomplish not because they are somehow less than or that they lack self control, but often because they can’t seem to emotionally let go of something that has happened in the past. 576 more words


Day 1000

I tend not to count the days.  I check occasionally to see where I’m at because milestones are fun, but it is important not to focus on the number alone.   968 more words

Searching for splits, and spinning into Scorpio

First off, sorry for the lame title. My brain has gone into overdrive this week with a million different things going wrong (most recent being a routine trip to the garage with my  car, resulting in said car being written off, and now having to buy a new car completely unexpectedly. 380 more words

Pole Dance


Genesis of human on this planet of ours is one of the conundrums but with its origin the fate of this planet doomed. Human, the smartest species known to ever walk on Earth is one of the reasons for its destruction. 168 more words

The Struggle

This week has been a HUGE Struggle

I have not been eating very healthy, which has lead to me not feeling well. I have been pretty anxious and not too productive but these weeks happen I suppose. 321 more words

Healthy Living

Water Quality Protection Projects for Towns in St. Albans Bay Area

As part of its St. Albans Bay watershed initiative to improve the water quality of streams entering the Bay, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, DEC… 174 more words


I have been afraid to post this

Because somehow I always seem to jinx my progress. If you believe in that sort of stuff.


I have eaten too much on occasion, and my meals are in no way healthy. 90 more words

Binge Eating Disorder