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mauri of me #49 ~ recapping #1

It occurred to Me the other day, theres only like, a few more weeks of my “mauri of me” section, if I’ve actually added shizz up correctly … I have been known to miscount shit … many many times … numbers are not my strong point ;) 888 more words


reconciling the hormones #17

The feels today!

#facebook photograph of Redman and Method Man; with Meth flipping that bird with a cheeky ‘fuck you’ kind of look on his face ;)


There is a reason why Santa is not skinny!

What is it with this time of year and sugar-laden treats??? It’s a tradition to leave Santa cookies, it’s a tradition to have a cookie-exchange, and it’s tradition to attend several holiday parties and they all have high-calorie treats. 447 more words


Sunday. December 17. Progress Day

Made it to 5.30K in 37:25 minutes-no walk breaks. Not going to break any race records….but I’m still pretty darn happy with that 👍😃 distance.. … 26 more words


Book Review: The Nature of the Future by Marina Gorbis

Hello everyone,

How are we all?

“There’s no better futurist to learn from today than Marina Gorbis, who taps her vast social network of innovators and researchers for the biggest, most disruptive ideas that are changing how we work, solve problems, and create value today.

951 more words

Reacting vs. Responding

I realize it’s ironic that I’m posting this now, considering I had a meltdown last week, but since I’d written it a while back, here it is. 512 more words


Giants of progress march solemnly on,
Pulled forward by thinking, bleakly lit dawn,
Glorious limbs yet are blackened with soot,
Titans of splendour crush trees underfoot. 82 more words