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Live Your Dreams

Too many people limit their potential because they don’t want to spend the time it requires to get to where they want to be. They focus too much on the limitations of what they have which holds them back from the possibilities of what could be. 285 more words


Fitness Friday: I need advice !!

hey you,

This week I wanted to ask a question to those who know a lot about sport and fitness. Last week I said I was going to do a challenge. 164 more words


10 weeks out!! 🙊

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d do a quick update on where I’m at. It’s 10 weeks until the competition.. Yes, it sounds like foreverrrr but it will absolutely fly in! 157 more words

(Steph's) Friday Weigh in

3lb loss!!!!!!!!

That’s 12lb so far, not that My Fitness Pal reflects that – oh no it’s decided to steal my thunder and isn’t tracking correctly it’s saying only 9lb total loss, BUT I know what I’ve lost! 15 more words

Weight Loss

Journal Entry #1

This will be the first entry of a semi-regular journal where I can write about recent events and talk about some of the progress (and non-progress) I’ve made. 989 more words

Job Hunt

This Year I'll Be Pretty

I grew up being a chubby child. Luckily, I decided to dance and around age 9, lost all of my baby fat. Still, I grew up in a house where my brother was constantly calling me fat and my mom telling me to watch what I eat. 470 more words

Breathing // Blooming

Bettering Myself

Changes are being made.  I am metamorphosing, and it is beautiful.  The ashes are scattering, and I, ever the phoenix, am being born again.  I am resolute, focused on changing for the better.  150 more words