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Thursday Thoughts (and catching up!)

Somehow, time keeps on slipping away from me.

Last time we spoke, I was mentioning going to our 12 week ultrasound appointment (whoops, that was 7 weeks ago by now), visiting the Renaissance Festival with our friends (we did, had a lovely time, bought a tiny sewn dragon for our little nugget), and that my brother’s wedding was coming up (it did, everything went great, they are so in love). 767 more words


A lazy girls journey to fitness - part 4

After my wobble last month, I actually missed writing a post between the last update and this one, where I ended up putting back on 2kgs, feeling rotten about myself and wanting just to give up and bathe in a vat of Camembert. 291 more words

Health & Wellbeing

Entry #15

I went grocery shopping yesterday. I ended up buying a cute clock for my room and an amazing desk organiser I’ve always wanted.

About a week ago, I bought decorative lights for my room. 50 more words


ENJOY and KEEP working hard!

Do not let someone else’s success get in the way of your progress. Always celebrate other people ’s success as well as continuing to work on your own craft.

41 more words

Making the U Turn

When the trip wire

gets touched

and partially healed places

wound again,

take a breath.

Your usual patterns

of blame and retaliation

will not serve you. 80 more words


Superpowers: Race vs Geography

I know this may be a little hard to digest
We’d like to think our own people are special
But the truths of history do seem to suggest… 208 more words

Short Stories And Poetry

Refusing Fear, Guilt, and Shame (Even From Yourself)

I’ve been quiet on here, even though I have had plenty of ideas for posts during those wee hours of the morning where I safely vent my feelings out loud. 1,307 more words