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Do the crime, pay the time

Everyone loves a quiet night to veg out, right? Last night I let Sugar in around midnight. She was late coming in, but I hadn’t heard the coyotes so I guess she was taking advantage of the night out. 538 more words

Progression Of "Debris"

Where is the love?

The waiting is making me squirrely. In July, I sent a query and the first four chapters to an agent who requested them. They said they would get back to me end of August. 459 more words

What's Up?

Watch me go...

A few of you have been asking if I am meeting my deadlines, and if my goal of completion by May 1st is still looking good. 45 more words

Progression Of "Debris"

As it stands...

Well…this is my accountability section. I can’t really leave this category stagnant can I?  A dream without a goal is just a wish, after all. 47 more words

Progression Of "Debris"