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Challenging Perceptions

It is quite hard to believe that Mum’s diagnosis came nine months ago this week. It feels like a world apart, that day we received the devastating news. 1,283 more words


Beware the Speed Demon

Do you remember Boro Pat? It was a mildly offensive video on YouTube that was popular a few years ago. It featured footage of Postman Pat dubbed with very colourful language. 984 more words


A Special Invitation

Hello all,

I’m sorry; I know it has been a while since I last updated this blog. In reality, there isn’t much to mention. Mum’s MND seems to have plateaued for a while. 579 more words


What is Motor Neurone Disease?

Motor Neurone Disease is a heart-breaking condition that affects an entire family and for which at the time of writing this blog there is no known cure, when one is first diagnosed with this dreadful illness it is as if a bolt of lightning has suddenly emerged from what were clear blue skies to strike at the very core of one’s heart with all the force of a nuclear warhead. 748 more words


Here Comes the Bride

Bless her – you couldn’t miss her as she walked down the aisle on Saturday morning.

Weddings are emotional days at the best of times. But, as the Yorkshire Evening Post put it, this was going to be ‘one of the most emotional weddings the city has ever seen.’ And it was. 826 more words


Cover Star

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have seen the amazing news coverage Mum has been receiving over the past few days.

Last Saturday, exactly four months after being diagnosed with MND, my sister and I walked into a corner shop to be confronted with a rather familiar face beaming at us from the cover of the Yorkshire Evening Post. 638 more words


What Were You Doing Last Easter?

Tomorrow, it will be four months since we received the diagnosis.

Four months. A third of a year. In a blink of an eye, it has passed us by. 689 more words