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Will you change?

Babies become toddlers. Toddlers become walkers. Walkers become talkers. It’s exciting to watch a child go through the changes of life so quickly. They don’t resist the change they embrace it. 245 more words


Serenading the Soul - Sound Healing with my Violin

“The public is in need of experiences that are not just voyeuristic. Our society is in a mess of losing its spiritual centre. The function of the artist in a disturbed society is to give awareness of the universe, to ask the right questions, and to elevate the mind.” 2,126 more words

Progressive Change

Start your own CREDO-style campaign

One year ago, CREDO decided to try something different. In January 2013, they beta launched CREDOMobilize.com — a digital campaign platform designed to put the power of grassroots organizing directly into the hands of folks like you. 335 more words


Beauty and Transformation from Vulnerability

I believe the most important thing a human can do in this increasingly complicated world, is to be unafraid to reveal their selves and their truth. 773 more words

Progressive Change

Something Bigger - Endeavour Inspires Inglewood.

In October of 2012 a phenomenon occurred in Los Angeles, CA.

A Space Shuttle hit the streets of Inglewood.

I don’t want to tell you about the details of this magnificent parade, nor do I want to explain how utterly amazing and intense it was to witness such an event. 1,933 more words

Progressive Change

Burning Man LA - BeQuinox and the Human Spirit

I’ve been converted to Burnism.

Words that will be repeated often during this post: Magical, amazing, beautiful, overwhelmed.

I have my thesaurus tab open so I’ll see if I can come up with more adjectives to describe this. 2,656 more words

Progressive Change

Teenage Feminism and Hope for the Future

I have under-estimated the next generation. I guess I have become one of those adults who look at teenagers today and mutter while shaking my head and sighing: “Kids these days.” 680 more words

Progressive Change