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The Future is Here. And we’re furious.

The Generation of Change

Millenials are expected to outnumber baby boomers by 2019. And Gen Z will soon overtake us. By 2020, the Parkland teenagers and their counterparts, all 400,000 of them, will soon be eligible to vote, using their platforms to raise awareness even further and promote change. 362 more words

Stay Woke

Remembrances & Lessons: In Search of 1968 @ 68, and where do we go from here?

We don’t notice it  at the time, but time passes…quickly.  The above photos from college days and retirement days reflect the essence of each man and the nature of life:  We age.  1,007 more words

Universal Basic Income 9: Scotland

Jonathon Porritt tweeted a link to Libby Brooks’ article in the Guardian about four Scottish councils who will be undertaking the first universal basic income pilot schemes in the UK, supported by a grant announced last month by the Scottish government. 409 more words

Basic Income