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When Your Haters Are Your Best Evangelists

Church Shopping on Yelp

“It is great to meet you, Steve! So before you leave, can I ask how it is you found out about Sojourn?” 1,330 more words


The Approaching Storm II an Addendum and Apology

I wrote yesterday of what I see as an approaching storm in our United Methodist Church. A friend and colleague responded which prompted a 3:00am wakening with a thought and a need for an addendum to yesterday’s writing. 678 more words

Are Pastors like Salesmen or Therapists? Or Both?

I may be wrong about this (about ALL of this), but I’m going to take a stab at it anyway. If for no other reason than to try and organize my thoughts. 997 more words


Dear Progressive Church,

*This was originally written in August 2016*

Dear Progressive Church, My Friends,

I can look you square in the face and tell you all of the reasons why we shouldn’t drive faster than the speed limit. 836 more words

Real Life

Yes, People Still Care (About the Bible and Homosexuality)

Earlier this year, after sharing about my upcoming book with another author (a well known and oft published one, at that) they said to me, “yeah, … 683 more words

Why, In Spite of it All, I am Still Proud to be a...

In spite of it all…


What is “it?”

You know… or maybe you don’t?

It = racist people who don’t think they’re racist, but do think they’re Christian. 453 more words