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With the help of a growing network of church leaders, I put together a new website at openmindedchurch.org.

Because the church I pastor, One Church… 151 more words


Just Toss the Bouquet Already

I attended A LOT of weddings in my 20s. These events often served as mini college reunions and were great for catching up with friends I no longer saw every day. 601 more words

Church Leadership


                                                                    Change has to happen

                     Imagine you have a painted fence post, and you want it to stay looking good. In that case, the one thing you cannot do is leave it alone. 266 more words


What Progressive Christians Believe

I post this for anyone trying to figure out if they fit in with Progressive Christian ideals. I have bolded the points that for me I find most important. 335 more words


Painting The Stars - Religion and Evolving Faith

I just finished a weekly class at church called Painting The Stars. It dealt with the controversial topic of evolution. Specifically, evolutionary Christian spirituality. For me it was incredibly fulfilling. 581 more words

Scot McKnight: Kingdom Conspiracy


Dr. Scot McKnight returns to the show to discuss the difference between Kingdom work and good work, the Kingdom’s relationship to the Church, being “America’s Theologian” and his new book “Kingdom Conspiracy.

Newsworthy With Norsworthy Podcast

Family Ministry: Not Just for ‘Traditional’ Families Anymore (Does such a thing even exist?)

This blog series, Family Ministry: Not Just for the Christian Right Anymore, explores how family-based faith formation ministry will help progressive Christian values take root first in homes and then throughout our communities and the world in order to spread justice and peace. 640 more words