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PQ boycotts lieutenant-governor's swearing-in ceremony

QUEBEC — In the end, it was a rather small affair.

The Queen’s 29th representative to Quebec, J. Michel Doyon, was discreetly sworn into office Thursday afternoon. 317 more words


Alberta Progressive Conservatives spent big, lost big in provincial election

Edmonton’s Progressive Conservative candidates vastly outspent their political rivals in last spring’s provincial election while getting swept out of the Alberta capital by the NDP, new documents show. 557 more words

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'Honeymoon may be over for Premier Notley;' poll shows NDP approval dropping

EDMONTON – Love for the NDP may be slipping in Alberta, according to a new poll.

The Mainstreet/Postmedia poll released on Thursday found the Wildrose party’s approval rating has jumped ahead of the NDP. 218 more words


Notley issues fiery stance on pipeline position in first NDP question period

Lashing back at critics who call the NDP job-killers, Premier Rachel Notley hotly defended her party’s position on pipelines during the bumpy question period that kicked off the new legislature session. 601 more words

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The Yankees are playing the Mariners in Seattle. That’s a tough one. My default is Seattle but the Yankees, hard to resist.

I digress. This is about politics, specifically an ad I just saw between the 4th and the 5th innings for the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. 158 more words

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Value of integrity--and some (reverse) lessons from politics

Integrity is being trumped by pragmatism, both in business and in politics. Yet, being rationally principled—having integrity—is a crucial requirement of human success, and pragmatism—discarding principles for expediency—leads to failure in the long term. 711 more words


The Times They Are A Change'n: Goodbye Conservative Blue, Hello Socialist Orange

In 1971, Peter Lougheed shook the Alberta political landscape by defeating the sitting Social Credit government that had been in power since 1935. A breath of fresh air and a change from the old to the new, Lougheed’s PC government went on to win the next eleven elections with majority governments.  452 more words