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Calgary Lougheed byelection: Jason Kenney seeks seat in Alberta legislature

Former federal Conservative cabinet minister Jason Kenney will be seeking a seat in the Alberta legislature on Thursday.

The seat in the southwest riding of… 160 more words


ANALYSIS: Ontario's upside-down world

Forgive us poor Upper Canadians, we’re a bit disoriented these days.

The political compass that for 30 years helped us figure left from right has suddenly melted like a watch in a Dali painting. 286 more words


ANALYSIS: Patrick Brown's Oprah moment

What does Patrick Brown stand for?

With an election approaching in Ontario, that has become less of a question and more of cudgel used to attack the Progressive Conservative leader.    453 more words


Politics: PC Leader Blaine Higgs responds to Auditor General Report.

Today the Auditor General released the 2017 New Brunswick report which included the property tax scandal.

Higgs released a communications email to his members starting it off by saying “Brian Gallant was caught.” 293 more words

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Ross Wetmore to table Progressive Conservative motion calling for a nine-month halt to spraying in N.B.

Progressive Conservative MLA Ross Wetmore announced on October 25th, 2017 that he plans to table a Conservative Party motion which would call for a nine-month halt to any spraying of glyphosate on crown land. 178 more words

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Politics: James Aylward is the new Leader of Progressive Conservative Party of P.E.I.

James Aylward is officially the Leader of the Conservative Party of PEI the vote was reviled on October 20th 2017, and he received 1685 votes out of a total 2799. 48 more words

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Ontario law to create abortion clinic safe zones to be fast-tracked

TORONTO – Ontario is fast tracking legislation to create safe zones around abortion clinics with all-party support, after the bill’s introduction led to accusations of political posturing on various sides. 607 more words