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What does 'progressive' mean?

I heard a news story that Cal State Sacramento decided to drop their Intermediate Algebra requirement for non-math/science majors.  Having to add remedial Intermediate Algebra to one’s course load has hurt the institute’s graduation statistics. 452 more words


Reflections on 'Teach, Breathe, Learn'

Happy start of the new year folks.  Had a fantastic summer that concluded with an awesome trip to China.  I plan on putting some summer reflections / videos up here soon. 1,846 more words

Progressive Education

Progressive Education and Why We Choose It

Progressive education is still somewhat of an alternative choice. Understandably so, being that progressive schools usually have a smaller population than the bigger traditional schools, and the concept of progressive education is still hard to grasp for a lot of people. 687 more words

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We Have Failed You

Nostra culpa. I don’t know if I’ll ever really understand how it happened, but every once in a while we see new evidence of a depressing truth: We have failed you and failed America in two huge ways. 913 more words

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China: Socialist Education in the Classroom (2014)

On the morning of China’s National Day (1.10.2014) – just before the raising of the Red Flag – around two thousand staff and pupil’s of Shijiazhuang city’s Red Star Primary School (situated in Hebei province), gathered to recite the ‘Twenty Four  Core Socialist Values’ which include ‘Prosperity’, Democracy, Bright Culture, Harmony, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Rule of Law, Patriotism, Dedication, Integrity, and Friendliness, etc. 322 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

Herbert Kohl, Teaching the “Unteachable.”

I knew of Herbert Kohl from his 1995 book Should We Burn Babar? I’d bought it in the mid-90s, solely because the title provoked me. I am loyal to Jean de Brunhoff and his elephant king, not least because I read the whole series to my daughter when she was young, developing accents, voices, and verbal tics for each character. 879 more words


TNCS Head of School Attends NAIS Conference!

This year, Baltimore City had the good fortune to host the 2017 NAIS conference—and The New Century School didn’t pass up the convenient opportunity to attend! 660 more words

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