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Environmental Education

Ferry Beach Ecology School
Environmental Education
Saco, Maine

***All children’s names have been changed to protect their privacy.

“Still I think H.G. Wells had it right when he said that we are in a race between education and a catastrophe.”  – David Orr. 10,651 more words

Alternative Education

Expeditionary Schools

PLEASE NOTE: This chapter is unfinished and stops directly in the middle.

Polaris Expeditionary Learning School
Expeditionary School
Fort Collins, Colorado

“I regard it as the foremost task of education to insure the survival of these qualities: an enterprising curiosity, an undefeatable spirit, tenacity in pursuit, readiness for sensible self denial, and above all, compassion.”– Kurt Hahn (1) 5,793 more words

Alternative Education

The Tortuous Triumph of Progressive Education

It’s hard to know whether to cheer or cry. For people like me who want progressive schools and progressive politics, it hurts to see progressive classrooms converted into tools of the rich. 472 more words

Tradition In The Classroom


Charter School
Desert Marigold Charter
Phoenix, AZ

“Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.” – Rudolf Steiner… 9,833 more words

Alternative Education

Radical Unschooling

***All children’s names have been changed to protect privacy except for Brycen who at 17 and with his mother’s consent asked that his name not be changed. 12,168 more words

Alternative Education

Meet the Teacher: Megan Dematteo Joins TNCS Lower Elementary!

Now in its 10th year, The New Century School continues to grow up, with a new grade added each year and an expanding student body. With greater numbers of students comes the need for additional teachers, especially in the elementary division. 1,029 more words

The New Century School

The Ontario Hall-Dennis Report, Fifty Years On: Why Did the 1968 Report Create Waves?

Fifty years ago, in June of 1968, an Ontario government report, entitled, Living and Learning, captured the experimental flavour of the late 1960s and rocked the Ontario educational world.  1,488 more words

Educational Change