TNCS School Lunch Program Gets a Refresh!

You may have noticed that The New Century School has been cooking up some fun changes for the 2017–2018 school year. One such change is happening in the the kitchen, where two new faces have appeared. 1,123 more words

The New Century School

TNCS Hosts Education Training Program for Chinese Interns!

Last week, The New Century School held a very special closing ceremony for a group of interns visiting from China. TNCS Co-Executive Director and Co-Founder Roberta Faux said, “We partnered with a group in China and University of MD to bring over nine college sophomore and juniors who are majoring in teaching for a hands-on training program. 851 more words

The New Century School

Take the Terrible Schools Challenge

This week, I’m asking graduate students to consider a tough question: Are America’s public schools terrible? For our seminar, I asked them to read arguments from a bunch of smart people who say that it is, for different reasons. 405 more words

What Is School?

American Music System Summer Camp at TNCS!

This year, The New Century School had the very special honor of hosting Baltimore’s first-ever American Music System (AMS) camp from August 14th through 18th. Directed by TNCS’s acclaimed strings instructor… 2,399 more words

The New Century School

Post 01 - First Week Pre-Algebra, Robotics, and Advisory Activities

Well as part of my goals this year, I’d like to continue to blog every week as a reflective practice in my middle school math & robotics classes.   1,004 more words

Inquiry-based Learning

What does 'progressive' mean?

I heard a news story that Cal State Sacramento decided to drop their Intermediate Algebra requirement for non-math/science majors.  Having to add remedial Intermediate Algebra to one’s course load has hurt the institute’s graduation statistics. 452 more words


Reflections on 'Teach, Breathe, Learn'

Happy start of the new year folks.  Had a fantastic summer that concluded with an awesome trip to China.  I plan on putting some summer reflections / videos up here soon. 1,846 more words

Progressive Education