The Democratic Experience in Schools

I have become fascinated by the power of storytelling as a form of personal and professional development; and as a form of interpersonal development.  Why tell stories? 713 more words

Learning Agenda

World Core Curriculum

Robert Muller Center for Living Ethics
World Core Curriculum

“We must grow a global brain, a global heart and a global soul. That is our most-pressing evolutionary task.” – Robert Muller (1) 9,294 more words

Alternative Education

TNCS March Madness 2018!

A lot happens at The New Century School in the month of March—no brackets needed.

Here is your rundown of all the exciting academic events that TNCS students have been participating in! 938 more words

The New Century School

Choosing Which School (Part 1)

Zach is now 5 years old! He turned five last March 17th and I am beginning my school hunting to find the “best” school for him to start his Kindergarten. 528 more words


We Need Education Not Indoctrination

After more than twenty years as a Pastor/House Painter I returned to school in my forties to become a History professor.  I saw that the lack of a historical perspective was an important part of the foundation of a dumbed down herd of sheeple being systematically programmed by the Progressive Educational Complex. 636 more words

Dr. Robert Owens

Guest blogger at Childreach

I am honoured that Childreach gave me the opportunity to write a guest blog post for them. My topic of choice was role play. 6 more words

Reggio Emilia

This is an unfinished chapter when it comes to the research portion. But, as promised, I am just posting as is to get these out of my head, heart and hands. 7,723 more words

Alternative Education