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Smartly Stupid

By Daniel Greenfield ~

The infrastructure of manufactured intelligence has become a truly impressive thing. Today as never before there is an industry dedicated, not to educating people, but to making them feel smart. 878 more words

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Progressive Burn

Without much time to blog these days, I’m finding myself having to rely on the “picture is worth a thousand words” concept. With that being said, let’s get started:

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Economic Literacy 101

Do millennials really want the Big Government socialist policies Bernie and Hillary advocate?

By Paul Driessen ~

America’s 18- to 34-year-old “millennials” have been tutored in group-think schools that extol socialism. 1,303 more words

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Liberal Professors Outnumber Conservative Faculty 5 To 1. Academics Explain Why This Matters

By Natalie Johnson ~

Professors in higher education have become notably more liberal during the past 25 years, according to a recent study, and academics predict that the trend isn’t likely to slow any time soon. 884 more words

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Thank Liberals For Today's Chaotic And Dangerous World

By Star Parker ~

We’re in a world today increasingly defined by chaos. At home it’s on our college campuses. Abroad it’s spreading across the Middle East and spilling over into Europe. 675 more words

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Hillary - What Is A Progressive Democrat?

How is it that we have come to the point in our evolution whereby lying is an accepted value?

Hillary Clinton embraces lying like it is a newborn child that she cherishes and nurtures. 789 more words


Generation “I” – For Idiot

By Edward Cline ~

A little past midway through the second season of House of Cards, Episode 1, Chapter 14, Frank Underwood, ambitious politician and murderer, throws Zoe Barnes, the sluttish, amoral reporter who helped him move closer to the Vice Presidency and finally the Presidency with her stories calculated to smear or destroy his rivals, not so much under the bus, as under an incoming DC Metro train. 1,997 more words

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