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U.S. Election Response In Australia – Trump as Hitler? Just What Is This Australian University Teaching?

By Andrew Bolt ~

Is there a rule that journalism professors must be of the far Left? But even among the comrades, Queensland University of Technology’s Brian McNair surely stands out for… 142 more words

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How To Avoid Liberal Articles Instructing You How To Talk To Your Family At Thanksgiving

By Matt Philbin ~

Thanksgiving is upon us, and so are the seemingly endless articles about the dread of meeting politically incompatible relatives across the dinner table and actually conversing with them. 676 more words

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By LTC Allen West (U.S. Army Ret) ~

I’m speaking on the campuses of several colleges and universities this month of October. Y’all have been kept abreast of… 779 more words

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Living With The Dialectic

By Herbert London ~

For devotees of Marxist-Leninist dialectical materialism the world is in motion and “progress” occurs through struggles. It follows the Hegelian principle that an evolving thesis morphs into anti-thesis resulting in synthesis. 702 more words

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We would like to take this opportunity to extend our condolences to the Victims of the Orlando shooting.


Over the past week, I have been reading and watching the circus being created over the tragedy over the shooting in Orlando.

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When Veterans Need Not Apply

By Colonel Kenneth Allard (U.S. Army, Ret) ~

Northwestern profs decide a distinguished soldier isn’t good enough

If you wonder what has become of us since the Greatest Generation began leaving the stage, consider this elegant 19th century warning from Victorian statesman and author, Sir William Francis Butler:

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