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Not Askin' Why

This is an old poem (Ok, it’s a rap) that I wrote back in 2011. It was penned in the midst of a tough time, directly following our third consecutive miscarriage. 336 more words

Poetry / Lyrical

1689 Confession Study: Practical Errors in Sanctification

Continuing in the 1689 Baptist Confession study, the final lesson in chapter 13 (Sanctification) considers five practical errors regarding sanctification – five doctrinal points which believers may conflate with an unrelated idea.  938 more words


1689 Baptist Confession Study: The Pattern of Sanctification

Continuing in the 1689 Exposition series, comes an interesting lesson on the “Pattern of Sanctification.”  Using the analogy of a pattern, the way in which we learn of an idea as well as how to do it, this lecture considers several wrong ways to approach sanctification, and the correct pattern to follow. 790 more words


“Religion in our time has been captured by the tourist mindset…, a visit to an attractive site to be made when we have adequate leisure. For some it is a weekly jaunt to church; for others, occasional visits to special services.

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We Distinguish...(Part 3) -- Justification/Sanctification

In this series, we are surveying some of the most important Reformed theological distinctions. These are not irrelevant or minor points of theology. Rather, these are distinctions where, if you get them wrong or ignore them, major theological disaster threatens to ensue. 1,550 more words

Dogmatics/Systematic Theology

1689 Confession Study: Motives for Holiness (Progressive Sanctification)

Continuing in the 1689 Confession series, the messages on chapter 13 (Sanctification) include a look at the source of sanctification (this message).  Yes, in an objective and general sense, we can all say that our sanctification comes from the Lord, it is He who works in us and continues the work of grace in our hearts and lives, and preserves and keeps us. 695 more words

Bible Study

Roll Call

Be ready for His call. Listen for His call. And volunteer to follow His call.

Sometimes a passage in Scripture can seem as interesting as watching grass grow or paint dry. 1,589 more words