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Irreverent Comments-3

I am convinced that most followers (or occasional visitors) to this blog do not go the ‘Musings’ page.
So, I publish occasionally some of the irreverent/poignant comments I have posted there (each comment… 101 more words

Weekly Poems

Navy Officer Who Fired at Chattanooga Shooter to be Charged

Muslim terrorist Mohammod Abdulazeez gunned down 5 service members in Chattanooga, Tenn. on July 16, four Marines and one active-duty Navy reservist.

On that fateful day, …

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2nd Amendment

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This all makes perfect sense if one understands that the progressive movement headed by BHO that want to destroy American society so it can be rebuilt into something different. There will be more and more situations that make to sense occurring until the system breaks down --- and that will happen sooner than you think!

Federal Judge Who Blocked Planned Parenthood Expose' Videos Raised $230,000+ For Obama...

  Via Federalist – A federal judge late Friday granted a temporary restraining order against the release of recordings made at an annual meeting of abortion providers. 327 more words

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So the company that profits from illegal acts gets a corrupt federal judge to stop information about these illegal acts since it hurts their business. Sadly there is probably no way to fix this corrupt stem; there is no much money and power involved.


The founder of Occupy Deceit Democrats is the young man in the below photo, Omar Rivero. His website is filled with the usual propaganda, emotional hooks and character assassinations. 949 more words


Squealing Lefties

This mouthpiece with the rat’s nest hair don’t has trouble stringing words together into coherent sentences much less explaining anything. Watching her attempt to clarify just what happened during the 2014 elections provided much amusement. 278 more words