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Hope n' Change

Cold Comfort

In his Memorial Day remarks, Barack Obama cited the special significance of the fact that it was the first such day in 14 years that the United States was not engaged in a major ground war.

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Islam Exposed

Once the American public grasps a couple of simple facts about Islam and the Middle East, the Liberal idea of COEXIST will get thrashed, trashed and discredited forever. 645 more words

The Liberal Plantation

What In Tarnation is a Progressive anyways?


We in America all talk of how we have a two-party system. Many persons disappointed in the current state of affairs have expressed a desire for a third-party.   571 more words

Im-Politic: Obama's Dubious "Trust Me" Strategy on Iran and Trade

Two pieces of evidence do not a trend make, but when we’re talking about the Presidency of the United States, whose occupants usually choose their words with the greatest care even when they’re not as eloquent as Barack Obama, chances are something noteworthy is going on. 796 more words


Bernie Sanders is no Eugene Debs

From the Socialist Worker, May 26

by Howie Hawkins

Howie Hawkins is a veteran activist, working Teamster and leader of the Green Party nationally and in his home state of New York. 459 more words