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Only in La-La Land does this make any sense but that is where the Loony Left resides.

Feminist Blames ‘Hateful White People’…For Not Electing a White Guy…

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4 Things to Remind Liberals Of As They Whitewash History

It seems as though the latest fad in the progressive movement is for city leaders across the country to prove how “progressive” they are by campaigning to remove any “offensive” statue, renaming any building that may have ties to slavery, and essentially eliminating any reference to American history that may be uncomfortable. 1,021 more words

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Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders & George Armstrong Custer

People need heroes. If a person does a simple act to help others in danger, we make that person into a hero. We do that even if the risk involved is low. 396 more words

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The Left Must Rise Again and Save America

Yesterday offered additional proof that I have been right for years. I have been angry with Democrats for their inability to fight for the American people. 763 more words

Stilton's Place

Stilton’s Place

Deep Sea Jiving

As you’ve already surmised, we’re taking a “Bah, humbug!” approach to the day’s news. Seriously, the guy in the diving helmet might have the right idea when it comes to blocking out the media crapfest. 


GA-06 Special Election and why centrism isn't going to beat republicans.

They’re calling it “the most expensive house race in U.S. history.” a special election to fill the house seat that was once held by former house speaker Newt Gingrich. 341 more words


Evergreen State College: A National Embarrassment

For years conservatives have been deriding the increased liberalization of America’s college campuses; mocking recent trends like “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” has recently led to some of those same groups purposefully trying to “trigger” their liberal counterparts.   927 more words