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The End Game

It’s here! The voting is Greece will set that Country on a course that also has an impact on the EU. Drachma or euro as the currency will be known and we’ll see what our markets do in response. 298 more words

The Liberal Plantation

Ruminations of Eeyore ...

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My daughter tells me I am in “Eeyore” mode.  I suppose there is some truth in that but I just don’t see a lot of cause for cheery optimism in the panoply of saints and leaders currently in favour. 112 more words

The Inner Struggle

Hope n' Change

A Fourth to be Reckoned With

Hopefully no readers of Hope n’ Change will be wrestling with Lefty Lucy’s dilemma this holiday weekend (or her tendency to be distracted by shiny objects).

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'Dumbest thing you'll see’: ThinkProgress editor suggests 21 replacements for 'old white Founding Fathers'

ThinkProgress has an #IndependenceDay hot take, so you might have an idea about what to expect.

Click-bait from one not worthy to be called an American==> (won't click on her link…the tweet is appalling enough) …

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US Politics


President Obama rides Air Force One across the country to personally enjoy each water sucking golf course in the drought ridden west.  First Lady Michelle jaunts around the globe with her entourage in as many as 5 carbon spewing jets.  107 more words


Where’s Bernie Going?

Bernie Sanders is raising a lot of money and attracting large crowds in his pursuit of the Democrat Presidential nomination. Against overwhelming odds (Hillary Clinton), Sanders is gaining traction, as they say. 396 more words