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CNN Poll Confirms Democrats Out Of Touch On Shutdown

ㅤô¿ô …Unfortunately the Democratic Socialists only care about what big-city populations want. As far as they’re concerned, the rest of us are backwoods deplorables.

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Crossing the Bridge from Victim to Victor . . . and 2:00 MTN Friday at www.1360am.co!

The following was taken from an article by Jason Jones & John Zmirak in The Stream (stream.org). You Might Be a Victimist If …
  • You’re outraged about statues of dead Confederates … but cool with countries “eradicating” Down Syndrome via abortion.
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One must find it quite interesting with all the yowling and screeching emanating from the Jackass side of the Congressional Aisle about the Trump tax law that they would vote for no part of it yet none have said they will use the old tax tables. 96 more words


Laissez le bon temps rouler

But not in Utah, the new law changes the bac level for a DUI conviction from 0.08 to 0.05. That is about two beers for a man of 150 pounds or one beer for a woman of 120 pounds to be legally inebriated. 45 more words



They did it to President Johnson in 1965. They did it to President Reagan in 1986 with approximately 3 million illegal aliens and they apparently just did it again with President Trump. 819 more words


Madison's anti-cop cohort has been routed, 17-2

The indentured servants got an extra dollop of gruel in their pitiful bowls this morning. The Squire of the Stately Manor is feeling generous, flushed with success in helping persuade our recalcitrant Common Council to hire 8 more police officers. 486 more words


California, There They Go...

“…you have to have something before you can lose it and California Governor Jerry Brown’s sanity is nonexistent … If any Republican displayed this level of incoherent thought, there would be calls for resignation.

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