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New Hampshire Straw Poll - Candidate Donald Trump 39%, Ben Carson 19%...

The Rockingham County Republican Committee conducted a straw poll of 585 visitors to their booth at the Deerfield Fair this past weekend:

Despite multiple polling results reflecting a similar outcome the GOPe continue to advance a more favorable narrative toward Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina.  325 more words

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If you would listen to the news: cable, TV, social media or radio you would get the impression that Trump is almost done and will be dropping out soon. Yet we see results like these with Trump way in the lead. I have listened to several of his speeches and he does a good job of connecting with the people; way beyond what any other candidate can or is capable of. We need him so I hope his numbers stay high. Here is an idea for him. He should start having his base ball caps made in quantities and he should start giving them away at his rallies or any other place he goes. Just think what the media would do if all they saw across the entire country were Thump caps with "Make America Great Again" on it. White, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, every color all over the country!

Sanders, Obama, Socialism & Audacity

When I was growing up, my mom would often refer to “the audacity” of my siblings and I for any number of our misdeeds. 1,332 more words

Efficacy In Messaging

My Thoughts On Bernie Sanders: Racial Justice - Economic Violence

I’m sharing my thoughts on Bernie Sanders, and his platform is something I have a found a lot I can agree with. Today, I’m going through his Economic Violence plank in his Racial Justice platform. 1,339 more words


Jeb Bush and His "Pedigree" - "Thanks Matt"....

HatTip iOTW – Here’s a brief snippet from a Jeb Bush interview.  Watch at the :04 second mark for what makes Jeb! smile, perk up and say “Thanks Matt”: 93 more words

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There is no way the citizens will vote for Jeb Bush --- get is everything we dislike in politics and then some. The Hummingbird strategy will not work and the RNC will never understand why. If the RNC doesn't make what they try doing to Trump to obvious then Trump will be the candidate. If they find a way to block him then the Republican party will split and then all bets are off.

Moms against everything

Your mother told you many times no to do things in public that you don’t want people talking about later. Of course Frank Marshall Davis never told Hussein Obama to avoid such things. 28 more words