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Progressive Policy Defined


The components of a Progressive policy is unclear. How is it different from Liberal policy, or is it just an alternative name? It is both. 500 more words


PA Budget-A Novel Approach

Novel in several ways.

PA Governor Wolf wants to balance the state budget. Reduce spending here, increase spending there. Same for taxes. It will be interesting when we see what is finally underneath all the sliding shells. 181 more words

The refugee

Just who is it that the Left wished to let into this country?
With open borders, we get the traveler that decides to cross whatever their intentions may be.


Progressives and 'those' hot topics

I like Pope Francis because he models a Christianity rooted in social justice, compassion, and human dignity.

I disagree with him on certain matters related to gender, sexuality, women, marriage, and families. 295 more words



In our ongoing campaign against Islamophobic conservatives, self-styled civic patriots and those whose primary goal is protecting the interests of the Zionist entity, Nationalists are frequently accused of being “soft” on Islam. 1,564 more words


By The Numbers, Part 2: Who's Our Champion Now?

(This is the second of three posts regarding Democratic attitudes and performance, both in the election and at present. Part 1 showed how the Democratic Party  has rapidly shrunk, even after the election, and showed the public attitudes toward its leaders and their GOP counterparts.  862 more words


The Unhinged President

Yesterday afternoon Donald Trump held one of his first press conference as President of the United States, and in case you were wondering, it was a complete disaster. 950 more words

Donald Trump