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The Professor: Obama's Real Legacy

“Welcome, class. Today it is my turn to pick an opening subject,” the Professor said to his honors political science class, smiling. “Two of them. The first is about the art and science of polling, and the second is my version of the ‘Obama legacy’ now that he’s no longer in office. 461 more words

Intelligence & Politics

Progressive vs. Conservative: The Thought Process

Democrat vs. Republican
Liberal vs. Conservative
Progress vs. Liberty

The ongoing battle between 2 sides that have consistently grown increasingly polarized over the last 8 years under former President Barack Obama rages on, and is likely to continue to get worse under Donald Trump’s watch. 1,014 more words

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Media Moonbats meltdown

Preparations for watching the Inauguration shouldn’t have been much of a chore except we at Loon Watch were going to watch the proceedings on the Moonbat channels: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC. 673 more words


The Millennials

There are an untold number of kids now wandering the streets, looking for the person who is responsible for giving them their morning trophy.  How many of them  had real trouble finding their way out of Mom’s basement. 71 more words


I Can Laugh

I’m looking out a small frosted window pain while deep in thought, i can tell it is daytime outside but cannot determine much else, like the weather for instance.   139 more words

Leftist bullying campaign & attack against Richard Spencer

Liberals in Alexandria, Virginia are organizing a campaign to bully, insult and make Altright leader Richard Spencer feel unwelcome in town, according to The Washington Post… 305 more words