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You, a Slave: The Socialist Dreams of Politicians

By Steve Orcutt

There’s a concerted effort to change America into a socialist nation by those in power.  They are doing this to concentrate the power for themselves.  901 more words


The Threat of National Debt

Dear Dinesh:

I have a lot of sympathy for your concern that rapidly growing Federal debt may be a precursor of national decline. Thomas Jefferson was right that it’s immoral for one generation to pass along to its children the costs of Federal services that it has entirely consumed and from which they cannot benefit. 414 more words

Who Really is Bankrupting America?

Dear Dinesh:

In contrast with your concerns about relative economic and military decline, your concern with Federal debt is about America’s absolute status. I’d like to address this in two parts. 1,188 more words

Ups and Downs of Conventional Hegemony

The Horrors of Relative Decline – Part V

Dear Dinesh:

You say America is losing its military hegemony, relegating us to the limp status of Canada. 617 more words

The Ups and Downs of Nuclear Hegemony

The Horrors of Relative Decline – Part IV

Dear Dinesh:

Your evidence that America is becoming “a feeble giant, a second Canada” (God forbid!) is based in part on the observation that we’ve agreed to reduce our nuclear arsenal to 1,550 warheads and that President Obama has mused about the desirability of complete nuclear disarmament. 493 more words

"Who Hates Obamacare?": Progressives Should Not Be Trash-Talking Progress And Impugning Motives Of People On Their Side

Ted Cruz had a teachable moment in Iowa, although he himself will learn nothing from it. A voter told Mr. Cruz the story of his brother-in-law, a barber who had never been able to afford health insurance. 784 more words