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More unsolicited advice from Canada's 'Prime Life Coach', Justin Trudeau

 The constant refrain we hear from feminists – particularly when they are responding to any form of criticism – is that feminism is simply about equality for women. 242 more words


Bernie Sanders is Being Treated like a Naughty Child

Bernie Sanders won the open primary in Indiana last night by over 30,000 votes. However, an American citizen would never know this fact since mainstream media has completely relegated this news event to the last page of every website or print medium. 428 more words


Opinion: Transition From Right to Left, to Here.

“The president is a muslim, and a traitor.”

“Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

“Environmentalism is the new communism.”

Each day, for years, I would hear these phrases, and others like them.   604 more words

Hope n' Change

Field of Bad Dreams

The voters of Indiana have spoken, in their measured, uninflected Midwestern dialect, and it wasn’t good news for Ted Cruz. By a significant margin, Hoosiers went to the polls to declare that they found The Donald to be outstanding in the field.

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Young Democrats North of the Broad Semi-ANNUAL Membership Drive

A warm welcome to all you Young Democrats of Beaufort County. We are a new group and operate mostly online. As an arm of the North of the Broad Club we help to educate and inform you. 151 more words