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Using the scare tactic that if DHS was not fully funded, Sec. Jeh Johnson said he would have to furlough thousands of employees. America would be at the mercy of terrorists. 290 more words


So you think your...

…money is safe in the bank. What do you know? Really? Do you know the new financial terms?


Cyprus was a useful beta-test and model.

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Obama's FCC Internet Takeover Will Radically Change America

“Net Neutrality” is the first major step of federal control over the Internet.

With the FCC’s decision Thursday to give the federal government massive control over the regulation of the Internet, this has now happened. 586 more words


Parallels in history

It has been quite a while since studying Western Civilization is a course requirement in either high school or in college. That lack of historical knowledge is coming back to haunt young voters who have no concept of what the near future holds for them. 537 more words

The Liberal Plantation

Hope n' Change

Missing Inaction

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu went before a joint session of Congress to share his concerns about current U.S. negotiations with Iran which would (to paraphrase ever so slightly) allow that whackjob terrorist nation to become the Middle East’s ubiquitous Starbucks of nuclear weapons in the near future.

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Finally —Honesty from the Left

Conservatives have been saying this for quite some time, and the progressives have been in denial of it for that same amount of time. We’ve been saying, “The left are communists who seek to destroy America and all it stands for.” We have offered limitless proof that our claims are true. 413 more words

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