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The Oriental Salad War: Why the youth are abandoning the left

Beware of talking in facts on Facebook, it could get you banned.

A close friend of mine was excommunicated from a vegan Facebook group for defending oriental salad.

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Mispauperism, Right and Left

Update: I haven’t been keeping up with my blog.  I haven’t posted since I got out of the last long hospital admission I had in October, 2016.   1,982 more words

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Pondering the Alt-Left

Yesterday an FB friend reported being yelled at by the alt-left for not being progressive enough. Her experience got me thinking.

Back in the 80’s I published an article in a little magazine that presented an argument for pornography. 216 more words

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Intolerance by Liberals in America!

By: Richard H. Frank

If the “Constitution of The United States” doesn’t suit the ideology of liberals in this country they will attempt to use the judiciary to rewrite the Constitution. 577 more words


Failing Upward: Corporate Lobbyists Run the Democratic Party

Donald Trump managed to contrast himself with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party with his campaign promise to “drain the swamp.” Clearly, voters agreed that government is overrun with special interests, lobbyists and Super PACs. 872 more words

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Decoding Progressivism (9)

When your standard of morality is who hates democratic, liberal civilization the most then you are compelled to depraved extremism if you desire to rise on the Progressive Pyramid of Moral Authority.