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Third Reich Redux

The New American
by Kurt Hyde

The coronavirus emergency set the stage for many decrees by officials — many unconstitutional — telling citizens what to do. 3,096 more words

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The Passing Progressive Parade (5)

If I see around 100 million more tweets at this level I’ll seriously consider setting up a Twitter account!


Progressives Judge Past American Actions and Ignore Today's Foreign Culture

Progressives in America have taken a liking to toppling statues of famous people who do not measure up to their views of purity. Statues of presidents like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are viewed as insulting to Black people because they owned slaves 250 years ago. 938 more words


We Are Being Gaslit (1)


One might have thought that almost 700 posts in I would have been able to cover the full scope of Progressive wickedness.  I have not, and so must discuss another important dimension.   540 more words


Sometimes in Politics, Timing Is Everything

In one of my daily roundups, I noted that, in D.C.’s local elections, anti-policing sentiment might have pushed one candidate over the top. Well, here’s the full story– 404 more words


WHY The Progressive Assault on Israel

On February 10, 2019, New York Times opinion writer Bret Stephens posted an article about the dangers of the Democratic Party moving sharply to the left and adopting anti-Israel positions. 1,825 more words