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Progressives, Greens, & Berniecrats: Unify or the Movement Will Break

“In solidarity.” Since April, I’ve used that phrase to sign off on each of the 99 articles I’ve written about the 2016 elections. Now, as I write my  1,374 more words


Will Progressives Crap On Clinton?

Since Hil has won the nomination she has had a full court press to get progressives, real progressive not some sad shade of one, to support her in her bid for the presidency. 362 more words


Atheism, YouTube, progressivism and anti-sjws 

A year ago I found a religious pamphlet in a classroom building. After reading it I felt compelled to rebut it. Finding fallacies was easy and tearing it apart simply by that would have been simple. 414 more words


Before the Election: Revisit the TPP

Before elections (State and Fed) please know about the TPP. Not because one choice is better, but because no matter who is in office this needs to be realized. 648 more words

Trade Studies

The Memes are all Wrong: Millennial Monkeys

Here’s a classic progressive fairytale:

Reality isn’t progressive however, so let’s add a little addendum to the story.

Eventually one of the five monkeys (we’ll call him Progressive) who had never received a cold shower convinced the others that their old fashioned horror of the ladder was a ridiculous hangup and they should all be free to pursue personal autonomy to the utmost. 259 more words