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So much bullshit, so little time.

Recently, a conservative-leaning friend posted a political cartoon mocking how progressives act when it comes to choice. The gist was, the only choice progressives care about is if we can freely murder babies (I’m paraphrasing), but they want to outlaw anyone else’s choices. 469 more words

Keep Vermont Green: Bring Money

Vermont can’t win for losing. Every choice they make adds to a reason not to visit the state.

Read the whore article HERE from:

Vermont Senate Finance Committee approves $2 overnight occupancy fee…

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When the Left tips over, the impact with reality is measured on the Richter Scale.

Here is a list of defective thinking. Don’t bother trying to find anything rational in the organizing of thoughts. 1,882 more words


Hidden Costs - You Are Already Paying for It

Today, Donald Trump and the GOP failed to achieve the single most visible part of their agenda, namely the repeal / replacement of the ACA. This means that, at least for the foreseeable future the ACA remains in place. 1,484 more words

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Weaker in review 3-24-2017

Random Oddservations™ Well, I have neglected my desire to keep individuals informed of things that you may not normally be aware of.  I have been involved in several lengthy discussions on Facebook (the transcripts will be posted soon (after I have sanitized them- remove last names, links, etc.)  Some very good discussions, but as usual nobody had a change of heart let alone a change of mind.  627 more words


'Liberals prefer illegal aliens over your kids'

An article in “Townhall” reads, in part:

A few weeks ago in this space I asked a simple question: How many victims of illegal alien crime will be enough to make Democrats and the media care about illegal alien crime?

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