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In It To Win It

For the first time in my life, the California primary is sort of relevant, and I’m sort of annoyed. It turns out that I really dislike all those political rallies and news conferences and fundraisers and whatever else Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are doing over here. 432 more words

Laissez le bon temps rouler

This is meant only as a guide so that you are not taken unawares while “doing your business.”


Encountering Sheer Loopiness

Not being a mental health professional, I have never actually listened to a conversation with a genuine loon, much less tried to hold one. But going by what I’ve read, I heard the next closest thing this afternoon on my car radio. 277 more words


"Keeping The Jackasses Out Of Power": Trump’s Unique Ability To Help Clinton Unite Democrats

One of the most common questions in Democratic politics is obvious, though it’s not easy to answer: Once the primaries are over, how will Hillary Clinton unify progressive voters ahead of the general election? 594 more words


New Bathroom sign

With Obama trying to write a law from the White House (usurping Congressional authority) states are going crazy attempting to keep up with the changes. 20 more words