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My Thoughts On Bernie Sanders: Income And Wealth Inequality

Bernie Sanders is the Independent (let’s be real, Democrat) Senator from Vermont. Many of his loyal supporters have nothing but praise for him, treating him like an all-mighty god, though in reality, he needs to be brought back down to Earth. 6,084 more words

Economic Freedoms


To prophesy is extremely difficult–especially with respect to the future.” — Old Chinese Proverb

Obama Prophesies Climate Nightmare: Famine, Floods, Fire, Fumes and Fighting

President Obama – who graduated Columbia University with a degree in political science – …

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"Decoding Ben Carson": A 'Wingnut With A Calm Bedside Manner'

Now that Ben Carson is all the rage in the GOP presidential nominating contest, sharing the spotlight with Donald Trump without a trace of the negative vibes The Donald brings to the table, I figure… 603 more words


George Orwell, "The people will believe what the media tells them to believe"...

What George Orwell once said is true and his statement is true even to this day. People do naivety believe everything they see in the mainstream news which s pretty sad, in my opinion. 293 more words


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To days Media is nothing but the propaganda arm or the American want-a-be ruling class.