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Project 10: The String Quartet

Project 10: The String Quartet

A string quartet is a composition for an ensemble of four string instruments comprising two violins, viola and ‘cello, and is one of the most important forms of chamber music. 546 more words

Project 10

Rise again, stand again, march again!!!

The year was 1760, a conspiracy was being hatched far far away in Kabul to loot Delhi.

After the death of Emperor Aurangzeb in March 1707, the Mughal Empire never saw a formidable ruler at its helms. 1,650 more words

I like where this is headed...

For my personal website, I wanted to design a weird, simplistic artists website that still felt like me. I wanted to keep it almost too casual. 31 more words

Project 10.2 {Reflection}

Link: http://udel.edu/~nhett/art205/project10/wireframes/


  • Make a wireframe portfolio site
  • Four pages (Portfolio, About, Resume, Contact)
  • Consistency
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Project Successes:

  • My layout is consistent with color of type, type, and overall aesthetic…
  • 51 more words

Long Time, No Post

Here is my brain written down and tastefully arranged:

The cards are split up in four informal columns. They ended up representing certain sides of myself which I felt was the best way for me to think about my website. 286 more words

Toastmaster Manish delivered his personal best speech to date last Saturday for his project 10.  He was generous to share his script with me, and here it is (unedited): 990 more words

Public Speaking