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Project 365, Day 171: Dinner!

Photo #171: June 20

Today’s dinner!!! Salted egg with tomatoes + sardines! Shared these with my parents as my siblings went to their alma mater and had their own food trip. 

Project 365.289 - Folds

I left it a bit late today, and was wondering what I could take a picture of. I put my phone down on the landing bannister on top of a scrunched up towel and though actually, that has potential!


Project 365, Day 170: Puttanesca

Photo #170: June 19

When the boss (a.k.a. mama) says, “I wonder when can I taste your pasta?”, who am I to disregard that???  Anyway, my version of puttanesca was a hit! 13 more words

Project 365.288 - Industrial View

The view of Digbeth with a rolling cloudy sky. I was in town getting a new bus pass and happened on this view while walking back to the carpark.


Staying in Hilton Hotel New York City downtown

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New York

Project 365, Day 169: Mob Psycho 100

Photo #169: June 18

Finished watching the anime and TV adaptations of “Mob Psycho 100”! Planning to read the web manga when I have time. Excited for the anime’s second season! Cute, funny, and touching! :)

Project 365.187 - Father's Day Meal

It is Father’s day! Dad wanted Fish Tacos so that’s what we had. This is Marcus Wareing’s recipe for them.