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Day 217 of 365

I got an opportunity to use my dlsr camera to get some good photos today. However I used it mostly for capturing videos because I am learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and perhaps Magix Pro. 66 more words


Jane Goodall - Apr 8

Today, I got to go hear Dr. Jane Goodall talk about her experiences in Tanzania during her presentation in Calgary . It was amazing! There were A LOT of people there. 33 more words

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Frederick Douglass: The Progress of Love

April 26

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” ~ Frederick Douglass

In my struggles, one thing I must do… is to let go of a few things.

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Project 365

Cos'è questo - Apr 7

This picture is actually quite easy to tell what it is, I was trying to get the shadow just at the top part of this photo, but it didn’t work so well. 11 more words

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Gorilla Tape - Apr 6

I didn’t expect to see gorilla’s in a hardware store :)

Future Famous Fotos

2015 Project 365, Day 116: Trick's Resto + Another Avengers Screening!

Photo #116: April 26

Guess what? I watched “Avengers: Age of Ultron” for the third time, thanks to Pockets Fulla Pillz! ’twas amazing to watch it on IMAX 3D! 16 more words