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85/365 - Vacation

Oops. Posting every day is hard. The 365 project lives on (my computer) and will possibly be posted in its entirety somewhere when I’m done, but for now, I think I’ll just post a pic every once in a while.


2015 Project 365, Day 86: Star Apples

Photo #86: March 27

When I was in elementary, one of our neighbors used to give us a bunch of star apples every summer. I haven’t eaten such fruits for more than 10 years, so seeing these along Katipunan (QC) brought back so many memories! 22 more words

Day 85

The head is retiring, so cue a ‘skit’. I laughed, I cried, I cringed! Brilliant!

Project 365

my addiction

085 | 365.

besides my amazing coffee addiction – and TOMS shoes, and anything salty and sweet at the same time… and sunsets/clouds/sky (they all roll into one).. 88 more words

Project 365

Tea and sugar

085 // 365

Burnt my thumb trying to execute my first shot, and I’ve now got a bit of a blister forming  : (