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July 30th/Day 91: Different Yet The Same

Back to work!

Laptop upgraded to Windows 10 today. I like it. It’s like a return to Windows 7’s user interface with Windows 8’s app-based operating system. 114 more words

Project 365

July 29th/Day 90: Upside-Down Stick-Fighting

Just when I thought kungfu couldn’t get any weirder.

Stepping on stacked yoga blocks to practice balance and footwork.

Sword on stacked yoga blocks

Horizontal pull-ups suspended from belts tied around people’s waists. 140 more words

Project 365

July 28th/Day 89: TIFF Mania Begins!

Another day of Mad Men? Yes please! Nothing better to do in this sweltering heat. Drowning in my own sweat with the fans on blast. 88 more words

Project 365


Blue moon, the second full moon in the month.

Project #365

My July | Project 365

wowza. July is already over?!

i find that i’m enjoying this project more and more lately –

honesty time: i need to get out of my comfort zone. 268 more words

Project 365

Day 315 of 365

Yet another wedding invitation.

Indeed this week alone, I attended the third wedding ceremony and reception. Truely speaking I am grateful for all these invitations but I have to also check out my health because eating too much spicy foods is hazardous to the average human being. 96 more words

Project 365

Day 214

A rare picture including me. At Bamburgh Castle.

Project 365