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JUL 19 : 199/365

How blest to sit in the fragrant shade,
In the hush of a summer noon,
To watch the bees at their happy task,
And listen their drowsy tune…

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2018 Project 365, Day 199: Matcha Powder

Photo #199: July 18

Ate too much meat yesterday, so I drank a lot of this today! This brand has much finer matcha powder than the previous one I drank, so it’s easier to mix/dissolve! 9 more words

Project 365.318 - Pier

In Sandown today, and came out of a shop to this view of the pier through buildings!


JUL 17 : 198/365

Sometimes my favorite moment of the day is this one right here…


2018 Project 365, Day 198: Fantastic Baka!

Photo #198: July 17

Samgyupsal night at Fantastic Baka with this bunch! I finally met the “white mamba,” Anggo! Super full because of all the food and laughter!!!

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New York

JUL 16 : 197/365

Almost every person, from childhood, has been touched by the untamed beauty of wildflowers.

-Lady Bird Johnson

Don’t you just love it when you plant something and it actually grows? 

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