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2018 Project 365, Day 114: Canned Goods

Photo #114: April 24

I like the last week of the month because it’s usually the time when I can do some house chores. Today, I was able to clean and organize one of our cupboards! 12 more words

Project 365.231 - Usually Unseen

Not something I think I have ever seen before, but at the same time something so familiar! This is what the inside of a traffic light wait button looks like.


2018 Project 365, Day 113: Milo Nuggets

Photo #113: April 23

Beat energy gap with some Milo nuggets! Perfect for my last more-than-10-hour work day this month. For the last week of April, I’ll be a little relaxed with just 10 or fewer hours per day since I already completed 500 lessons yesterday, plus I have some errands to finish before May comes. 7 more words

Project 365.230 - Staircases

I really like repeated patterns in architecture, I have found. The order is pleasing. I wish I could have framed this shot a bit better though.


Project 365, Days 121-130

Day 121: A beautiful day

Day 122: Dancing in writing class

Day 123: Nala is 6 months old

Day 124: Blizzard is waiting for his girl to come home… 224 more words

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