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Project 366: Day 366 525,600 Minutes (plus 1,440)

I have mixed feelings about this project coming to an end. On one hand, this challenge helped me document an entire year, forcing me to really look at my surroundings and enjoy the many moments that Рwithout this project Рmay have passed by without notice, and I am grateful I can relive these camera captured memories for days and years to come. 233 more words


Project 366: Day 365 Sunrise...Sunset

“Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly fly the years; one season following another, laden with happiness, and tears.” – “Sunrise, Sunset” Fiddler on the Roof. 61 more words


Project 366: Day 364 Thank You

I am so proud of my boys. They clean up after each meal, enjoy working in the kitchen. and take the time to write thank-you notes. 95 more words


Project 366: Day 363 Heads are gonna roll

The Legos and I are battling. We have a large basket full of various pieces and parts. I dumped the basket and went through each and every piece. 81 more words


Project 366: Day 362 Little Lily

Today I spent the day at the office, also know as the home of my boss, also known as the home of Little Lily. Like many, she’s still a bit tired from the holidays.


Project 366: Day 361 Nap Time

Naps are essential after every holiday celebration. I hope you are able to find time for your much needed and much deserved nap.


Project 366: Day 360 A Family Gathering

Thankfully, our family doesn’t just gather for holidays. Still, the family coming together on Christmas is pretty special. This picture does not include a sister and her kids, as well as five other nieces and nephews (and their kids).

Project 366: A Photo A Day