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Curb Your Cravings With Cookie Dough!... 

Yes, it’s possible!

You can give in to your cravings with the delicious taste of cookie dough! Cookie dough gum that is!

What’s even better than THAT? 189 more words


Grid as Matrix/Color

Adobe Illustrator/Gouache 2015

For this project I wanted to explore my grid through the use of circles. I started off by creating a full page grid of 1.75 inch circles. 215 more words

Intro To Visual Communication

Project 7

We are so in love with all the different flavors of gum and mints from Project 7! Not only do they taste great, but their mission is incredible and they are truly trying to make this world a better place! 51 more words

Project 7: Mashup

This is the project I did for my mashup project. I did an AMV or animating music video. I took animes and the song Animal I Have Become. 108 more words

Project 7

Project 7 Research: Look 3

For my final look for project seven I watched five Relational Editing Techniques by Vsevolod Pudovkin. He talks about Pudovkin started getting into film because film was a medium that could manipulated like no other. 71 more words

Project 7

Project 7 Research: Look 2

For the second look of project seven I watched Hitchcock explain cutting and how it is done. Cutting is the act of taking parts of film and using close ups and different angled shots to have something happen without directly showing it and also to evoke a more emotional response by having contrast of close ups versus a full shot. 45 more words

Project 7