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Project 7 Research: Look 3

For my final look for project seven I watched five Relational Editing Techniques by Vsevolod Pudovkin. He talks about Pudovkin started getting into film because film was a medium that could manipulated like no other. 71 more words

Project 7

Project 7 Research: Look 2

For the second look of project seven I watched Hitchcock explain cutting and how it is done. Cutting is the act of taking parts of film and using close ups and different angled shots to have something happen without directly showing it and also to evoke a more emotional response by having contrast of close ups versus a full shot. 45 more words

Project 7

Project 7 Research: Look 1

For my first look of project seven I watched the Kuleshov Effect on YouTube. This piece involved a famous actor who was displayed in intervals of time between images of things that would inspire different emotions. 81 more words

Project 7

Multi-block linoprint

In this project I am asked to produce a linocut in a variety of colours. The design will be made up of 3 different colours and 3 separate blocks of lino. 442 more words

Project 7


Video installation is a contemporary art form that combines video technology with installation art, making use of all aspects of the surrounding environment to affect the audience. 679 more words

Project 7

Project 7 Research Continued


This is my sceond part for my research. In this I have detailed 2 of my examples which are 3 Dreams of Black and Carp and the Seagull. 30 more words

Project 7

Project 7: Survey


Here is my Survey for my Interactive story, From my results I found out that people preferred comedy story rather than horror, So therefore this impacted on my production because I wanted to create a horror interactive story but would have to refer to my target audience which they liked comedy more. 56 more words

Project 7