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Mashup Summary

For the mashup project, I took inspiration from the scene in Apocalypse Now (and whatever that took inspiration from), where the cows are slaughtered. I made this comparison, between soldiers and livestock more obvious, because I am not a film student and don’t understand subtlety. 133 more words


Project #7: Meet a Trump Supporter at an Air Riffle Competition in Alabama

When I exercise, I am a sweaty beast.  Everything sweats – my arms, my legs, my scalp… I often leave the gym completely drenched, topped off with a lovely head of sweat soaked hair.  1,193 more words

Project #7

Research Your Credibility

How Your Audience Perceives You

Research your audience before you get up to speak.  I think most audiences can be classified as friendly, uninformed, or antagonistic.   593 more words

Public Speaking

Vsevolod Pudovkin

A Soviet film student, maker, and star, he focused on editing while at the Moscow film school. He used editing to not just make the scene, but also to guide thoughts and psychology of the viewers. 159 more words


The History of Cutting - Soviet Montage

After the Soviet government took control over Russia, they decided to use film as one way to talk with the many, many citizens. Lenin’s wife lead a committee that created a film school, the first film school in fact. 166 more words


Einsteins Elements of Montage

In Einsteins 5 Elements of Montage, the man breaks down some common structures of montage. He begins with Metric Montage, the use of timing a montage to a common metric, such as 3/4 or 4/4, and Einstein recommends keeping the montage simple, and that you should be able to use a ruler to measure the meter. 157 more words