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Tool Taste: ThingLink

I took a photo of an interesting window display in town and made it “interactive” with Thinglink. I titled it: “Lululemon’s Bookshelf”:

I’d be interested in a similar, but less commercial, infographic/interactive image tool. 47 more words


Thursday Links

I’ve been starting to experiment with different tools that might interest the Ballast Online editors and staff.

Tool Taste: Adobe Spark (so far: 1, … 205 more words


Tool Taste: Canva

Today I tried out Canva. I signed in with my Google account, and I made some digital designs.

So far, it seems best for getting layout ideas, interesting combinations of text and color, and a “head start” on visualizing an idea. 62 more words


Tool Taste: "Made with Code" Emoji Day

Today I tried out Google’s “Made with Code” Project (Google’s main page today says: “It’s World Emoji Day! Teen girls, code an emoji that’s unique like you.”). 398 more words


Motor neurone signalling and the effects of RNA in MND

Dr Pietro Fratta completed his first MRC-MND Association Clinical Research Training Fellowship in 2014. Last year he was awarded a new £1.16 million Clinician Scientist Fellowship to continue his research at University College London, studying the earliest physical changes that affect motor neurons in MND (our reference 946-795). 389 more words

MND Research

Identifying the genetic causes of MND in specific populations

Dr Russell McLaughlin from Trinity College Dublin is one of our Junior Non-Clinical Fellows.

Our Non-Clinical Fellowships were awarded for the first time last year. They aim to retain and develop early and mid-career MND researchers conducting biomedical research. 337 more words

MND Research

Using a new imaging technique to shed light on changes to nerve cells in MND

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology is advancing rapidly as a tool for diagnosing and monitoring disease. In MND, MRI scans are used to understand changes that happen to the brain because of this disease. 402 more words

MND Research