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Kids Should be Making Minecraft YouTube Videos

Finally a video game that when your parent says, “go do your homework,” you can reply with, “I am!” If only people felt this way about Madden, my wife would think of me as a lot more productive: 67 more words


New App(s): Trello and Slack

edSurge has a breakdown of these two organizational/classroom messaging programs: 104 more words


South America Unit Study: Summer Adventure Box

I have already outlined my plans for my youngest two for this summer, and you will know that I am having a lot of help from my mum, Sarah and Lorna (Aren’t I blessed?).   560 more words


Facilitating Student Learning in PBL

For the last few years, I have worked hard to minimize direct instruction and maximize student collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creation.  I’m not quite to the point of direct instruction equaling the students’ grade level in minutes, but I have definitely cut down on the time I stand in front of the class and talk.   423 more words

The temple in ruins: A crisis in American education


In this article Jordan Shapiro asserts that “We’re not thinking the right way about learning.”

Having worked as a professional chef, he draws on an analogy from the culinary arts: “Learning to think about food prepares a cook to be comfortable with uncertainty and to adjust the recipe on-the-fly.” 221 more words

Strategic Issues

Project Based Learning: South American Animals

Whilst the older children dig deep into Shakespeare and all he has to offer, the little ones will be focused on South America.  It will be a primarily literature based study, with the exception of the project based learning the littles will do.   614 more words


Designing Integrated Curriculum

Integrating curriculum into a project-based learning approach offers several benefits and challenges. Integrating math, reading, science, writing allows a student to combine skills in ways they typically do not. 205 more words