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The Wisdom of Crowds: Sharing Best Practices in Collaborative and Group Work among Middle & Upper School teachers

Moderators: Joel Backon, Choate Rosemary Hall & Bill Sullivan, Suffield Academy

“Groups are only smart when there is a balance between the information that everyone in the group shares and the information that each of the members of the group holds privately. 328 more words

Across The Curriculum

School 21 - Educating The Whole Child

Some fascinating video insights in to a London school that’s doing some great work using project based learning, strong focus on communication skills, oracy, student voice and the development of students with the ability to go out and make a difference in the world.


The Path, a poem

As part of middle school’s preparation for Sarah Kay’s event here today, seventh graders have been writing poetry. In class, they read poetry like Langston Hughes’ “Mother to Son” and various Sarah Kay poems. 240 more words

Faculty View

'Learning Labs' Prepare Washington Kids For The Workforce

This article can also be found at Crosscut.

High school teacher Renee Poitras doesn’t have her students do pointless busy work. Instead,  Poitras, a biology teacher at Kent-Meridian High School, integrates real-world lessons into her classes, which are currently focusing on ecology. 771 more words


Historical Thinking is Design Thinking

I have been working on our westward expansion unit for APUSH. This is the era wherein we get to talk about cowboys and the open (and soon-to-be-closed) range, Promontory Point (in my home state!), the Chinese Exclusion Act (a surprise to many a history student), the Mormons (again, my home state!), the establishment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the devastation wrought by (or the progress brought by, depending on your perspective) the Dawes Act. 688 more words


Great Question: Why Are We Designing Games In Art?

As he entered the classroom yesterday, one of my sixth grade art students asked, “Mrs. Gentili, why are we designing games in art?”

“That’s a great question, ” I replied, “Let’s talk about it with the class once everyone settles.” And we did. 766 more words


Who are we?

For Curious Kids this month we’re trying to find out Who Are We? And as part of this we’re looking at our senses.
This week we investigated our sense of hearing through listening games, trying to guess  who was speaking or what noise we could hear. 18 more words

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