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Project Based Learning in music - part 3

One thing I get asked a lot on courses I run is about how I structure my NCEA music classes.  If a typical NCEA subject consists of 22-24 credits some teachers are a little incredulous when they hear I offer 53 credits at level 2 and 64 credits at level 3. 750 more words

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Project-based learning

Project-based learning (PBL) is a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges. With this type of active learning, students are inspired to gain a deeper knowledge of the topics they are studying. 46 more words

Active Learning

Thing 28: Emerging Tech

As I was scanning the various articles, I noticed a pattern of student-centered learning processes: authentic learning, project based learning, and deeper thinking; all of these processes require changing how we teach students and our expectations for their learning outcomes. 552 more words

High Tech Elementary

The new 400 student High Tech Elementary School in Denver, Colorado opened its doors in 2014. Despite a shiny multi-million dollar facility, the school environment fails to support teachers and students. 156 more words

Learning Spaces

Columbine Elementary

Columbine Elementary is similar to the majority of schools in Denver, Colorado. While it’s 1950s building still provides a basic shelter for schooling, the environment reinforces a single and outdated model of education. 186 more words

Learning Spaces

What the Navy SEALS can teach you about Lesson Planning


       Most people don’t know how to plan well. For the most part it is not their fault. They run out of time due to various factors and cognitive biases. 891 more words