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homeschool: the project season

When you look at us right now, though we’ve just moved into a new home with a homeschool room, you’ll see unschooling. We’ve flipped the May switch. 568 more words


Dyslexia: Making Learning Relevant

Recently, we spoke to Dean Bragonier, founder of Noticeability, a non profit enabling students with dyslexia to cultivate their strengths and providing tools to the adults that serve them. 855 more words

Landmark School

Choice and Urban Education, Part I.

As mentioned in my profile, I am an urban educator. As I reflect on my students lives both in school and outside of school, I realize many (if not most) decisions are made for my students with little input from them.  567 more words

Digital Pedagogy

Act of Service 20 of 50: Shaping Young Minds, New Spaces

Typically when a fourth grader gripes about wanting a new school, the complaint is met with a dismissive response of: “Yes, wouldn’t that be nice.” But, when that same sentiment was expressed at Mills Lawn Elementary School in Yellow Springs, Ohio, the teacher transformed the grumble into an opportunity to learn—in a very impactful way. 389 more words


Loving the homestretch: meaningful work and active engagement

Oh, these crazy days of May! As sure as the weather gets warmer, our students get antsy, lose their focus and challenge our well established rules and expectations. 347 more words

My Story

Making Driving Questions

That tension, between my teaching goals and their learner drive, creates a rich opportunity for impactful and engaging exploration.

Common Issues with PBL

Making a single question that encompasses an entire unit’s learning is like trying to catch a river in a cup…

383 more words
EdTech 542

Go Ahead, Figure It Out

“I am learning how to deal with frustration, time management, and learning to work without pressure.”

“I am learning to be really creative, and to problem solve.” 628 more words