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Fundamentals of Deep Learning

Education is at a major turning point. This is a time when the educators have started to question their teaching and learning practices. Questions like ‘Am I able to teach my students the length and depth of the content and the learning taking place is deep learning?’ These deliberations often cross the minds of thoughtful educators. 323 more words


Project-Based Learning

As I was reading about the “Transformation at Newsome Park” in Meeting Standards Through Integrated Curriculum, I was struck with an idea that would connect project-based learning to Common Core standards and incorporate a meaningful component of community.   432 more words

* Extra! Extra! Read all about it- with Newsela!

Do you wish your students could access interesting news but at their reading level?  Are you looking for authentic sources of nonfiction reading material?  Planning an inquiry-based project and need reading materials across a range of ability levels? 276 more words

Technology Cools

Lifelong learning and growth

One of the courses I am doing for my Master of Educational Leadership this semester is ‘Learning Technologies in Practice’.  I have been a keen educational technology practitioner for a number of years now, however, I don’t think we can ever stop learning in this area so I thought it was a good opportunity to continue developing and also share with colleagues as well.   392 more words


Redefining the Role of Teacher: 5 PBL Best Practices

Deep learning is messy and complicated. My most fulfilling teaching days are filled with overlapping student voices, surprise, and opportunity. As I circulate around the room, I speak with young people who are grappling with challenges, generating and then revising ideas, and finding their way through the multiple stages of project creation. 862 more words


STEM NEWS - What's Happening PreK-12 in STEM Education - episode #1

Eben Franks, chair of the SPS Science Advisory Board, and Gil Newton, director of the STEM Academy, describe some of the amazing activities that have been happening in the STEM Academy, thanks to partnerships that have been created with scientists and organizations all over the Cape and southeastern Massachusetts. 89 more words

STEM Academy