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Jordan Maxwell on ET Connection to Secret Space Program, Religions, Hollywood Betrayal with Kerry Cassidy | Project Camelot [video]

Published March 17, 2018. Jordan Maxwell, while not an insider, does a great deal of personal research and probes deeply into areas few even know to look so he always offers unique perspectives on the occult side of our reality.



Michael Tompkins On ET's and The Secret Space Program

Retired Aerospace engineer Michael Tompkins is an insider on Extra Terrestrials, Nazi’s Project Paperclip, and the birth of the Secret Space Program. Interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. 2,551 more words


Building Teams for Imminent Disclosure: Reptilian Push ~ August 11, 2017

Now this is a very interesting article for me to read and is very reminiscent of Cobra’s comment that at the end of the human experiment, information wars would evolve. 1,267 more words

Robert David Steele Interviews Kerry Cassidy, Re: Secret Space Program, July 20, 2017

An interesting interview.  I decided to not include questions.  I thought it best to let the interview be presented as-is.

Lots of good info related to the secret space program. 167 more words



After looking at forums I’m surprised most people judge the work of Ashayana Deane’s extensive work on her books Voyagers 1 and 2 without even reading her books . 101 more words


**MUST SEE** Human Mutilations Reptilians PROOF 2017

Truth behind Human Mutilations: with guest Alex Collier, Bill Cooper, Richard Hall, James Bartley, Barry Hall, Kerry Cassidy, William Tompkins. Explore the dark side of Human Mutilations 1990’s -2017. 13 more words

Reptilian Symbolism