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Ready to Make a Change to Agile? Make it STICKY!

“Change means uncertainty; uncertainly breeds opportunity.”      Japanese saying

 “Uncertainty is the breeding ground of all great possibility!”        Jennifer Chrisman

Are you ready to adopt Agile project management to improve project delivery and complement and enhance “traditional” project management rigor? 394 more words

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Project-Managing Your Writing

Wouldn’t you like to write better contract proposals, business plans, executive summaries, recommendation reports and internal business communications, such as e-mail?

The element of persuasion is what sets business writing apart from other forms of writing. 380 more words

Project Management

Three Small Changes That Bring Big Project Results

Could three small changes bring big project results and alter your life?

I have been an overachiever my entire IT career. I consistently put in the extra hours, early and late, when others kicked back. 548 more words

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Communication Plan (7 Pages)

This is a template for a communication plan which provides a framework for communicating and updating an internal team on company deliverables. The template contains both standard clauses and opportunities for the use of optional terms and conditions making it fully customizable to fit the needs of the contracting parties. 25 more words

Effective Leadership Starter Kit

Addressing the Communication and Collaboration Challenges of Remote Teams

Communicate, communicate, and communicate! On any project, you must ensure that mechanisms for effective communications are firmly in place and well understood. The more geographically distributed your team members and stakeholders are, the more you and your project are at risk of mis-communicating or simply not communicating at all.  894 more words

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Four Things Successful Project Leaders Can do to Stand Out From the Crowd

Is your project operating in survival mode? It’s time to have a look at ways to steady the ship: find more effective ways to lead, stay focused on what matters most to your project team members, and keep your eye on how your product, service, or result can be delivered on target, on time, and on budget. 536 more words

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Five Ways to Boost Project Productivity

“Successful project leaders know what others need from them. Successful project managers know what they need from others.”

Today’s project members are much more aware of whether or not they are a good fit on their project teams and they want their project leaders to be more mindful of their needs. 639 more words

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