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Journalism at threat

As discussed before, these are troubled times for journalism. The profession is at risk of losing its’ place at the heart of  democratic society. Damming reports such as  338 more words


Skewed and Scared

The public, largely, is quite uneducated with regards to health, health practices, preventative care, and the meaning of a healthy lifestyle. One of the reasons for this lack of education is a lack of access to resources and adequate healthcare. 408 more words

American Media Fail to Cover Poverty

The American Media’s failure to cover poverty as a topic is morally wrong and a failure of business ethics. First, they have an obligation to cover important subjects as part of their duty as a functioning press. 989 more words

Business Ethics

Bring back real journalism and journalists, the world needs them.

Either you hate and ignore the mainstream media or you only believe mainstream information. So what’s the deal normal people? Where are you critical thinkers? Those of you with common sense and intelligence who realize either of those approach’s are harmful. 692 more words

News Media

The Pursuit of Journalistic Truth and Justice

As expressly stated in the “About” section, The Firmest Pillar Blog is dedicated to the principles of truth and justice.  These themes are then applied to current events. 1,100 more words

Free the Press: Illegal Immigrants, Great Britain, and Jana Winter

(originally from Washington Times Communities)
Last week, the Associated Press deserved the criticism it received when it adapted the official AP Stylebook to exclude the phrase “illegal immigrant.” Arguing the world “illegal” can only describe an action, the AP instead… 531 more words

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