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Project Leadership (10/05/2013)



University Housing held this daylong leadership program called “Project Leadership” on October 5th in SDRP. I felt lucky that I participated in this program because it brought me some thoughts more than I expected. 640 more words


Why projects fail – in business and in life – and how to counteract it

Project failure seems a much talked and written about topic, particularly relating to IT projects, and as a Web/IT Project Manager I definitely had my fair share of projects coming off track and going a bit awry. 892 more words

Project Leadership

After the Implosion: Leading your team out of the ashes

As a project leader, you have, undoubtedly, run in to issues with a project that will raise eyebrows in a negative way. You might have even experienced an implosion like I mentioned a couple of posts ago. 552 more words

Project Management

Profile of a Project Management Consultant: Ken Hanley

Ken Hanley is an experienced project management consultant. He has worked on projects in many countries and in many business sectors, both public and private. The following video interview with Ken, conducted in two parts on separate days, provides Ken’s views on a variety of project management topics. 78 more words

University Of Waterloo

The Salvation Army Journey of Hope Family Village

Major Ethan Frizzell is the joint Area Commander of the Salvation Army in Sarasota, Florida. Along with his wife Sue, he is responsible for the provision of extensive social services and faith based work in Sarasota. 465 more words

University Of Waterloo

The Tridel Atria Condominium Project

Tridel is a major condominium builder in Toronto who have built over 80,000 condos in the past 80 years. The University of Waterloo have worked with Tridel in projects looking at the future impact of information technology on condominiums. 377 more words

University Of Waterloo

There are no IT projects, only business projects

“There are no IT projects, only business projects.” –Kim Stevenson, CIO, Intel

“Why is business stakeholder engagement such an issue for IT projects?” When I saw this question pop up in my twitter feed the other day, Kim Stevenson’s quote above came to my mind and I asked further “Are we to engage business stakeholders in IT projects, or IT stakeholders in business projects?” 602 more words

Project Leadership