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David Coulson

Title: President
Company:  Loras Enterprises Ltd.
Location: Calgary, AB Canada
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Project Management

Rethinking Agile Procurement and Contracts

I was recently interviewed for an article on agile procurement and contracts by Cath Thompson for the Procurement Leaders Global Intelligence Network.

The current thinking and policies for procurement in organisations does not match the agile values and principles.   214 more words

Lean And Agile

Planning Poker Game

One Agile hidden principle is to shift hard, annoying, and unpleasant work to amusing game. Thus, whether is it for teaching, practicing or using Agile, playing games (also called Serious Games) is widely used to simplify these activities and make them more attractive and fanny. 846 more words

Project Management

Having a One-on-One with several spectators

I spend most of my workday in meetings. Many of these meetings are comprised of dozens of people listening and maybe even a few participating. Oftentimes what happens is that a specific subject arises where one person has a strong opinion and starts having a back-and-forth with another person. 145 more words

Project Management

Scaling Agile the Spotify way

The first book that I recommend anyone read about Agile is “Scrum and XP from the Trenches” by Henrik Kniberg.

Kniberg has a relaxed, informal and straight-forward way of explaining how to do Scrum, which leaves you in no doubt that the author has actually been a Scrum Master himself. 561 more words

Project Management

All the final preparation work has been done. The bank has advised the builders we are ready to go and we have been handed on to the next department in the process. 112 more words

Project Management