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I in Team

by Jeanine Izzo

One of my least favorite expressions is “There is no I in team!”  I didn’t always feel this way.  In fact, early in my team leader days, the phrase helped me take the emphasis off of me and my own learning curve and transfer it to my team members.  584 more words


Adapting our Leadership Style to Situations and Variables

Leadership is a key element that often distinguishes ordinary organizations from great organizations, and many studies suggest that good leadership often correlates with better employees’ performance and loyalty towards an organization.  1,431 more words

Project Management

As featured on Houzz - A Beginner’s Guide to Installing Wall Panelling

Oh dear, it’s happened again. Another week, and no blog post. Sorry! If any of you made it down to designjunction last week then you will have seen the reason why I’ve slightly dropped the ball in the blogging department, but hopefully you’ll agree it was worth it. 422 more words

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A project manager learning from a Queen of the desert

Behind are the times when I thought that managing a project is a purely technical job. Problem tree, Objectives setting, logframe, work plan, work breakdown structures, reports, scorecards, Ganht chart, technical requirements etc sound indeed technical and schools make you believe that. 257 more words

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Cost of Capital Worksheet

MBA 520 Module Eight Cost of Capital Worksheet

The assignment in this module builds on the idea of forecasting and valuation theory from Chapters 6 and 7 in Module Six by valuing a company through calculations using real data. 364 more words

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Perspectives on Gender Identity

Perspectives on Gender Identity

This assignment challenges you to examine theoretical perspectives about gender identity and compare them to your own gender identity development. You will use your personal experiences to answer questions about identity and explore any related conflicts or affirmations as to whether you agree or disagree with the accuracy of the theory you picked. 169 more words

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Topic: Choose a company of your interest or the company you work for and develop the Working Capital Policy Report. In any case you should have access to required company’s information. 101 more words

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