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Agile methodology for project confidence - in 60 seconds

If you are in IT you have probably heard of the Agile methodology, but don’t understand it or how it can be of benefit to you.  383 more words

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To choose or not to choose?

To better understand Project Management we were asked to pick a live brief and work on it. The live brief was a brief from the D&AD New Blood Awards. 438 more words

Creative Industries And The Creative Economy

And I will try, to fix you.

When I first got to know about the Personal Development Plan I was coincidently wanting to make a few changes in my lifestyle. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been living alone, for the very first time I might add, I’ve made quite a few unhealthy decisions: Eating out because my cooking abilities aren’t that advanced; Not a lot of exercise as the new workload of the course was hard to handle; and all this led to being lethargic and at times lazy; Also not being able to finish my work on time was another issue. 364 more words

Creative Industries And The Creative Economy

Round and round we go.

My mom was a senior project manager at a software company. As a child, I had always wondered what her job must be like, what project management really is. 511 more words

Creative Industries And The Creative Economy

No matter whether you are a new or an experienced project manager, managing a project has its own challenges. You can never implement a streamlined process as every project differs from the other in its scope, demand and of course, complexity. 484 more words

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As a quiet person, I often get asked – “Do you like working in a team with other people?”

The answer is YES. I enjoy working in a team, maybe even a bit more than I do individually. 398 more words

Creative Industries And The Creative Economy

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Next Project Succeeds

Trying to get an idea off the ground can be tough. It’s not always easy for you to know what you’re doing wrong, or what processes you need to put in place in order for things to work out. 497 more words