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Customer Support Tool That Works

I was, on the phone trying to talk a non IT person through setting up a remote connection, and we were basically going round in circles. 536 more words


Putting Legs on Your Idea

“What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Dreams, Goals, Aspirations – they keep our hearts pumping and get us out of bed in the morning. 257 more words

5 leadership skills you can learn from indie filmmakers.

Everyone loves watching movies, but have you ever considered how great filmmakers get their start? Like every other business, the film production world has its wild dreamers who defy the odds to prove themselves worthy among the masters of their craft. 980 more words

Project Management for Safety Professionals Part 3

Level 2 and 3 projects required a Change Management Plan to ensure changes were reviewed and approved. This was because Level 2 and 3 projects were found to cost considerable amounts of money and time if not managed correctly. 982 more words

Project Management

Project Management Processes

Michael T. DiMercurio is a proficient project manager in the construction and energy industry with nearly three decades of experience in the field. Currently serving as vice president of business development for the New Jersey-based firm Power Engineers, … 127 more words

Michael T DiMercurio

No Estimates, No Approval, No Dice

If you work on a well-oiled execution team that can estimate, plan, and deliver the right results at the right time, most of the time, then congratulations, you don’t need to read any further. 918 more words