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Saw this gorgeous M45 at the local car meet last week rocking a pretty baller setup in the Work Gnosis/Project Mu footwork.

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Project Mu Type NS400 Pads ordered along with Brembo OEM Rebuild kits !

Today I ordered a set of front pads for the Brembos and got them at a really good price. $105 shipped to my door for quality street pads ! 42 more words



AP Racing’s Radi-CAL racing calipers have taken the racing world by storm, dominating the highest level racing series on every continent. Whether it’s open wheel, stock car or endurance racing, Radi-CAL dominates. 1,748 more words


Exclusive Content: Unpublished Photos From Toto De Leon’s Super Street Feature…

What’s up everyone. I’m knee deep in a shitload of emails and FB messages and what not regarding the YEAR//FIVE event this weekend but I wanted to get some new content up for you guys to look over until then. 730 more words

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Fitted 5 Door Boxer

I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I absolutely LOVE the fitment on this Subie wagon! Or maybe I’m just sold on the Rotiform, Project Mu combo. 37 more words


Exclusive Content: Unpublished Photos of Reggie Mah’s ITR from the ’13 SS Honda Issue…

This was probably one of my personal favorite shoots so far of 2013. The shots, I think, came out really crisp and the backdrop did a lot for the overall layout of the feature in Super Street’s annual Honda Issue. 1,169 more words

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