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Why SMART Objectives are NOT really Smart in EU Projects and in successful grant applications

Consultancy companies, training organisations, project managers,  proposal writers and many actors in the area of EU funding have been endorsing in their approaches for years now and unfortunately for the upcoming years SMART objectives. 726 more words

Project Planning

Project Progress- some of the chosen photos

It is currently a week before the project submission, I have chosen the photos that will be used in my project and i am currently working on In design to create a magazine layout for my project. 104 more words

Project Planning

Managing Scope Creep Tip #1: Listen…. and Speak Up!

Have you ever been a team member working on a project and you start getting hints that the client is asking for something that wasn’t on the list or is above and beyond what you agreed to do?   564 more words

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Project Planning: Gantt Chart, Milestones List, or Calendar?

When planning a project there are lots of options for organizing the tasks. When I think about a project plan I automatically think of the traditional gantt chart with the tasks, sub-tasks, resources, and timeline all incorporated within. 205 more words

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Images that wont be making the cut

The first time I went to photograph the fighters, I took a selection of photographs from many different genres here are a selection of the rejected images,an explanation of how I took them and why they wont be used in my project. 227 more words

Project Planning

Project Progress

Since my last post, I have made a fair bit of progress with the project.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a training session at a mixed martial arts gym in a local town and was able to get quite a lot of my project done. 212 more words

Project Planning

A basic overview: how to create a project plan

Firstly, understand your scope and objectives and what success looks like. Secondly, work backwards to define what deliverables and activities are required to get you there. 288 more words

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