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A basic overview: how to create a project plan

Firstly, understand your scope and objectives and what success looks like. Secondly, work backwards to define what deliverables and activities are required to get you there. 288 more words

Project Management

You want a successful proposal? - Do it like Danish and make it simple

Do it like Danish

Recently I have just been in Denmark for attending the steering group meeting for European funded project AMORES (www.amores-project.eu) that promotes European literacy through ICT based methodology. 707 more words

Project Planning

Getting the most out of your resources

Resource planning is an essential aspect of project management.

No one has limitless resources, so making the most of what you’ve got, when you’ve got it, is key to success and keeping costs to a minimum. 341 more words


Stop Disseminating and start communicating

Stop Disseminating

At last we need to stop just promoting info about our project without being aware that we are listened.

  • How many newsletters and campaign emails are sent by european projects that are never read or even worse there is no any sign of action from the recipient?
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Project Planning

Webforum (UK) attends COMIT Community day as new member


What is COMIT (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT)?
COMIT is a UK organisation with the objective of bringing together technology and Construction companies in order to bring some of the benefits from technology solutions to a wider audience within construction. 506 more words

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Does your role in a project affect your view of the overall plan?

Working on large and complex projects can often make you as a team member feeling frustrated. Even more so, if obstacles are constantly being put in your way to stop you actually focussing on delivery. 672 more words

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Kitchen Confidential: 5 Hidden Conveniences for Your Kitchen

(Small appliances tucked elegantly out of sight? Yes, please!)

Sometimes, the thing you love most about your kitchen is completely invisible to the casual guest in your home. 843 more words

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