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Update from my A-Term course ME/RBE 4322

In the Modeling and Analysis of Mechatronic Systems Course, students are required to work in teams of two/three students on a project. They can choose either their MQP or any other Mechatronic system of interest and apply the techniques taught in course to predict dynamic response. 85 more words


Redrawing Stories from the Past

*** Deutsche Version weiter unten ***

While shortly there won’t be anymore eyewittnesses who can tell about the felonies committed under and by nationalsocialism, the… 288 more words

Social Issues

Earth Song

Age: Older Teens & Adults

“EARTH SONG” is great if the topic of your lesson is the Environment. First, students look at a picture and based on it, they guess what words they will find in the lyrics. 71 more words


P3c - An Event that Will Motivate You Today!

It’s time to prove yourself and will get a chance to work with a leading IT Company in Indore and can also win exciting Prizes. 30 more words

K'nex RC Car project - ISP D- 2015

Maria Cantos and Farhat Kohistani, seniors in ME, were in an Independent Study Program (ISP) on Machine Elements during D-2015 and they worked on a K’nex RC car project (inspired by Prof. 79 more words


Kinematics (D-2015) Project Presentation

In the Kinematics course in D-2015, the first mini-project required students to form groups and prototype their mechanism of choice. In this process, they were required to highlight their efforts-both success elements as well as failures. 89 more words


Statics (B-2014) Project Presentation

When I taught Intro to Statics Systems in B-2014, the students were required to do a project where they picked an everyday use product and performed static analysis on them. 132 more words