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New project proposal: 'The 1000 New Faces of Open Science'

A lot of academics and policy-makers agree that science should be more transparent and reproducible. Thanks to platforms like the Open Science Framework, repositories like… 315 more words

Project Proposal 

For this project, I propose to look at the theme of Abandonment. This can be abandoned buildings or objects.

I became interested in this particular idea at the beginning of this project. 400 more words


Project Proposal: The Foods

Over the past weeks, I’ve been thinking about the final work for this subject ‘Digital Asia’ but have been difficult for me since I am Asian and I have been well experiencing most of the Asian cultures from K and J pop, Asian foods, anime, gaming, films, and more. 874 more words


Data Visualization - Artifact Sketch

  1. I will be looking at the increase of the average cost of a public undergraduate education in the US over the past decade or so (cost, and student loan stats) and the most popular disciplines of study and how that’s changed over the same frame of time.
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Data Sketch - Connor McKee

Well, I’m still using the same aggregate for my dataset:


However, instead of focusing on all 256 of the cities explored here, I’m going to look at a much smaller number, closer to 10 or 15 cities, and examine a range of the cost index. 101 more words


Engagement with scientific data artifact proposal-Vincy

The links of my dataset and other resources page:

  1. https://gis.ncdc.noaa.gov/maps/ncei/summaries/monthly
  2. http://www.brazilbrazil.com/urban.html
  3. http://earthshots.usgs.gov/earthshots/node/64#ad-image-0

The problem I may want to focus is about the relationship between the trend of temperature of Phoenix and the population of Phoenix in these 30 years. 143 more words