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Final Proposal

For my final project I want to do something absurd and fun,  perhaps cutting clips and using a mixture of found video  and homemade how to videos.

Art 511 Digital Video

final project status update: Shading

My original project plan was to construct a scale model of a light-sensing umbrella that could change position to protect a particular location from the sun, no matter what the time of day. 718 more words

Research Presentation 2: Project Proposal

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My Intentions Regarding Technical Aspects:

Background: find reference images and try to create my own backgrounds

Text: ADV with NVL elements

Audio: find music/ sound effects online, not using voice acting… 28 more words

Interactive Authoring

Project Proposal 2.0

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Old version: MA Project Proposal 1.0

This project proposal is based on my previous one that was wrote in October last year, which proposes my new idea of project(s) in the works. 1,222 more words

Unit 1

NEW SYSTEM PROPOSAL #1 - University of Self Education - A need for Legitamicy

I started this as a rant and somewhere along the way it turned into a new project proposal form. I apologize for the appairent jump from useless non serious discussion to a much more serious topic of value and importance. 1,542 more words

Crystal Meth

3 Nov. 2015

Working Title.

How do thoughts and intentions shape our reality?


Aims & Objectives.

Create a thought provoking re-signifying of the body (flesh, blood, and bones) as a living symbol, a reminder of our strength and the frailty of existence, its transformation and deterioration. 1,048 more words

Project Proposal

Solar Powered Chiller

For the final project I’m planning to build a Solar powered chiller to complement our main theme of “Heat for good”. Chilling canned drinks or other beverages is a common need of many people specially when they are going out for an outing in a hot environment. 229 more words