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“Somewhere Else”


 i have to say that since i finished my MA i have really struggled to keep the momentum going.  i can almost predict that after a high, there will come a low and for that reason, i often find myself managing the high as much as trying to stop the low spiralling.   211 more words

Project Proposal

image for today

“Open Hair Barber”


today has been a bit of a washout, but i am beginning to discover the advantages of twitter, and i am getting some really interesting follows.  97 more words

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working space

with my website now a workshop and gallery combined, i’ve added a new page to d’ya think.  it’s a short film i put together before, but i’ve added a short introduction to it in written form, and together they form the start of the journey from the portal ‘a long respite of burgundy facing an uncertain yellow’, which is the third thought down on the home page….but here’s a direct link to it……


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d'ya think?

carrying on with my website revamp, i have added a link to my ‘sister’ site, http://www.dyathink.com    d’ya think? is a brand name i created and used initially on a t-shirt with a photo of a man dressing his kids up as clowns, preparing them to go begging amongst the traffic jams in mexico city.  156 more words

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Web and Blog

nice to see my blog posts on my web page actually.  it really does add more to the picture.  i’ve also discovered that when logged in to wordpress, i can view all my private posts through my blog page on my website.  187 more words

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

“Lives with no meaning go straight past you, like trains that don’t stop at your station.”

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

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And so the story continues......

i believe this is my first public post on my old uni blog since i finished my MA.  since july i have been busy revamping my website and implementing something resembling a marketing strategy.  128 more words

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