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Work development for the summer show

The idea of my work erupted around the days before the BREXIT referendum and made even more sense after the leaving the EU result shocked the world. 134 more words


Unit 7 Referral Work

For my Final shoot I am planning on doing an advertisement for Harlow, there will be a lot of landscape photographs mostly as I need to advertise the main parts of the town as best as I can. 239 more words

Independent Shoot

Response to the brief supplied by Scott Graham

I like to stare at the pictures. Painted pictures. Portraits.

I am extremely grateful for my MA course, which made me stare again. By stare I mean to look deeply, to take my time for just looking until I start to realize what story is covered under the picture. 266 more words


Project Proposal #2

So in the last few weeks I’ve had a few changes happen around me and unfortunately (for the sake of this project) I have had to change my project i wish to produce for this Unit. 435 more words


Final Major Project: Proposal (Final)

An edited version of my proposal improving on the sentence structure after receiving feedback.


Project Proposal- Project Brief

Centre Name:
Student Name:
Chloé Betts
Student Number: 11187463
Title: Magique by Regine Phelangé
Date: Friday
29th April 2016

For my Final Major  Project, I will be producing 8 images, focusing on portraiture. 1,610 more words

Final Major Project/ Unit 8

Project Clarification

Upon receiving back the grade for my project proposal I was disappointed although appreciative of the feedback. It seems there were parts of my proposal that were a bit unclear and I’m writing this post in a bid to clarify certain points. 616 more words

Project Proposal