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Project Proposal: Sensing Net

Project Proposal

Motivation (similar to the pitch, describe what problem, research question, or opportunity your project addresses): Air pollution, specifically Methane and Carbon Dioxide destroying the environment. 541 more words

Bioluminescent Pathfinding


In the age of antroposcene humans leave irreversible footprint on the Earth. However, if we have the power to destroy life, we should have the power to trigger life back to existence. 478 more words

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Project by Jackson, Anthony, Chris

Green Billboard Proposal

People like to know specific information on the type of environment that they live in. Billboards have always been an effective way of passing information to a community, therefore they can be used to sense local conditions and display the information on the board. 477 more words

DIY Seed Kits

Project by Erin, Inez, Ziyi, and Cody

Our motivation is the struggle of growing certain types of plants in the desert. The ground is dry, and pH levels are hard to balance. 474 more words

Solar Powered Navigation for lost Hikers

Project Proposal


The objective of my project is to enable Mesh communications to advance the project delivered Semester 2 2016.

My Group Project was that of a solar powered wireless signpost that can be used to empower lost hikers to find their way to safety. 377 more words

Project Proposal

Project pitch and proposal

In this assignment you will finalize your project idea. This is a 2-part assignment: you will post your project proposal to the blog, and you will pitch your idea in class. 340 more words