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What’s in a Proposal?

Assignment 3 consists of writing a proposal for a project. First thing you will need is a research question or something that you are trying to achieve. 282 more words

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Research Topic - Database

This week we were asked to talk further about our research topic for our blog post. My research area is database, and I decided to focus mostly on SQL Server and Oracle. 397 more words


Project proposal


Here is the project proposal which was done by us both, it includes our plan for the game and how we will manage our time.

Joe Palmer-Blake

Our Project Proposal

Section 1:

The name of the game we are going to be making is called Evolution Of Defence.

The game we are making will follow our selected genre as it will have lots of evolution involved in its mechanics, the game we are making will have lots of enemies that are evolving as you are evolving, meaning the difficulty of the game progresses as you do, the game is a tower defence game, where you can fortify your home to help protect it, we hope to achieve that our end game, works and its suited to the genre, and the game is fun to play. 324 more words

Samuel Coupland

BCM post project proposal comments.

So marks are out for the recent project proposals for our major project for Emerging Issues in Media and Communication and I did not do to well. 473 more words


Project Proposal

Project Description

Portraiture is the art of capturing a subject and is what my project will be based on. I will be shooting on 120 colour film on a medium format camera. 782 more words

Game concept idea

Here is an example of what I want the game mechanics to be like. This is a demonstration of a basic evolution. The player can barely jump at this stage and this prevents him from getting to different places. 75 more words