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Final Project Proposal

Jazmine Jones

I am interested in creating something that the user would interact with (a game controller or something even more unexpected like a cube that had nothing on any of the faces) to create music. 225 more words

Critical Responses

Project Proposal

I will work alone to produce a Web 2.0 Story describing the development of military communication through history, most likely starting with ancient warfare (maybe Roman), to then something like Royal Navy flag codes, to World War 1 runners, WW2 radio and (maybe) finally “ 148 more words

Project Proposal

Project Proposal: Mostra Coffee

The global coffee craze has seen thousands of corporate driven coffee chains pop up all over the world. These assembly line-styled coffee houses thrive on consumer addiction to caffeine and sugary drinks. 414 more words

VSAR 314

Tutorial 7.10.16

This tutorial was with my course leader Jonathan Kearney.

We discussed my study proposal, the two parts ie the physical/technical and also the narrative based side which I am currently working on. 178 more words


MA Project Proposal 1.0

1) Working Title: Tangible and intangible facts and fictions.

2) Aims and Objectives:

Subject = our relationship to the intangible, synthetic or simulated world and its relationship to suspension of disbelief and the reality we construct around us. 494 more words


Project Proposal: A Look into the History of D@mn Swearing in F#cking Films

It was a good seven years ago, but I’ll never forget the day my three-year-old sister walked up to our mum and called her a ‘reckless little sl*t’. 315 more words


An Introduction

A new facet of voyeurism; inviting guests in your home requires quite some preparation. Don’t we all want to hide a few things before our parents come? 477 more words

Environmental Portrait