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Final Project Proposals

A video exploration of the relationship between the UK’s coffee culture and the independent businesses supplying it.

Using video, I will explore the relationship between the UK’s growing coffee culture and the thriving independent businesses interested in educating consumers about the product. 279 more words

Intensive Production

Developing Infocomms Project

In the lecture we were introduced to project portfolio for next year of studying, which will be the final year of my degree. The tutors were expalining to us on how the portfolio and units of next year works. 100 more words

First Project Proposal

My project includes a series of still life images that depict the props of movies in a romanticised, human way. I want to explore how simple props and atmospheres can give a character a deeper personality and intent. 333 more words

Herman Leonard

Project: The One Escalation

From: K.

To: God, Greater Force, Destiny, Universe, Fate, Serendipity

Memo: Schedule Meeting

Subject:The One


Please see below for project discussion and also attached is a letter you may give him once contacted. 705 more words


The Formation of Ideas.

I always find that creating a project proposal is the most challenging part of the photographic process. This task has always been a cumbersome one. Making you ask questions about what you are trying to achieve and what your intentions are. 304 more words


More Important Than Cling Film.....

before the cling film idea came to mind, i was thinking along these lines:

1) i am conscious of the need to create something with meaning, but identifying a meaning and then creating something which represents it can be quite restrictive. 237 more words

Project Proposal