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Project Proposal #2

So in the last few weeks I’ve had a few changes happen around me and unfortunately (for the sake of this project) I have had to change my project i wish to produce for this Unit. 435 more words


Final Major Project: Proposal (Final)

An edited version of my proposal improving on the sentence structure after receiving feedback.


Project Clarification

Upon receiving back the grade for my project proposal I was disappointed although appreciative of the feedback. It seems there were parts of my proposal that were a bit unclear and I’m writing this post in a bid to clarify certain points. 616 more words

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

What I propose:
5-7 minute short film focusing on the inherent human desire to create, dream and seek both purpose and meaning in our lives. The film will explore the ongoing artistic struggle to claim a sense of creative identity while living in an industrialised world that too often minimizes the importance of creative expression. 518 more words

Project Proposal

Collection Project Proposal

I propose a two part collection project about the McBride Scholars Program’s history and cultural relevance. First, I propose a creation plan for a more comprehensive digital archival repository of all things related to McBride history and experience. 1,585 more words

Project Writeup

The Project:

As a whole, the blogging exploration was very enlightening. It started off a bit rough with the idea of writing movie reviews on Netflix horror movies, but ended up in a good place. 1,010 more words

Project Proposal

Project proposal

Project Proposal:


This is my final major project I plan to complete by the 2nd week in June. They were 4 options to choose from which were making a card game, making a 2d game, making 3D models and producing concept art I decided to choose to produce concept art for my final major project because I wanted to brush up on my art skills because I feel like I am lacking there and I thought it would be a good challenge for me to produce some professional looking concept art. 1,172 more words

Project Proposal