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Now, When you put it that way...

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Today, I have been through some very interesting thoughts about our grading policy. In college and the Final Major Project, we are able to gain one of three grades. 604 more words

Art And Design

The Anatomy of a Great Project Proposal.

Authoring project proposals (or project quotations) efficiently and effectively is a critical part of the sales process in every business. The key challenge in the creation of such proposals is capturing the commercial engagement process that took place between two parties (the author of the proposal and the receiver) on a single document that both parties can agree on. 96 more words


Project proposal i

 Disinteresting ambience in sound

Aims and objectives

To give attention to disinteresting sounds. To echo sounds which initially don’t seem interesting and manipulate them to the point of interest. 421 more words

Project proposal - Social action

Section 1: Rationale

I’ve chosen to go down the portrait route for this project because it’s a genre of photography that I want to get good at and level up my passion with portraits as I do with wildlife. 603 more words

Project Proposal


“A VISUAL ARTS INVESTIGATION INTO THE INDUSTRIAL IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENTAL ECOSYSTEM”                                                                                 Source: (Ishmaelk123.files.wordpress.com, 2017) Aims and objectives 4,056 more words

P r o j e c t P r o p o s a l

A r l e t t e

P r o j e c t  P r o p o s a l

“… The unconscious mind, by the very fact of its not clinging to the distinction between self and other, seer and seen, can do things that the conscious logical mind cannot do.” 497 more words