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Project proposal

Project Proposal:


This is my final major project I plan to complete by the 2nd week in June. They were 4 options to choose from which were making a card game, making a 2d game, making 3D models and producing concept art I decided to choose to produce concept art for my final major project because I wanted to brush up on my art skills because I feel like I am lacking there and I thought it would be a good challenge for me to produce some professional looking concept art. 343 more words

Project Proposal

4/19/2016 and 4/20/2016

Tuesday 4/19/2016

Breakfast: Belvita

Lunch: Veggie wrap, mini scone and chips with salsa

Dinner: Meagan and I made our own mini pizzas with green pepper, olives and pepperoni on pita bread. 424 more words

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

For my project, I am going to take a series of either 10 or 20 photographs in Perth on the theme of “creativity”. The word “Creativity” has ten letters in it, so each photo or pair of photos I take will have something to do with each letter, such as a place in Perth starting with that letter. 713 more words

Creative Project


Breakfast: Veggie wrap and a London Fog with almond milk

Lunch: nothing

Dinner: Jimmy John’s #12 as a lettuce wrap and no mayo

Snack: Fruit, scone, mini doughnut, and hot chocolate… 368 more words

Project Proposal

Proposal Reflection 4

This week had its highs and lows. Overall, I think I had an average week when it came to my health. I definitely should have gotten more sleep though. 473 more words

Project Proposal


Breakfast: Omelette with ham, green peppers and mushrooms. Cantaloupe and Honey Dew. Half of a Blueberry waffle.

Lunch: Sunrise wrap from The Cabin (includes veggies, eggs and bacon) with more fruit (apples, honey dew and cantaloupe) 144 more words

Project Proposal

4/15/2016 and 4/16/2016

Friday: 4/15/2016

Breakfast: Nothing

Lunch: Veggie wrap with chips and salsa

Dinner: I don’t remember

Snack: Iced White Night with almond milk

Water: 10 cups… 234 more words

Project Proposal