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After The Horse Had Bolted

“O Buoy!”  Ally Clark


……..ideas on how what to do with the exhibition space

1) create a large print on cloth of one of the ‘thoughts’ stills and put it across the window.   333 more words

Project Proposal

Saatchi Gallery - East Meets West

“Approaching From A Different Angle”  Ally Clark


after we visited the v&a i went off on my own to see the east meets west exhibition at the saatchi gallery.   656 more words

Project Proposal

Learning From Learning

“Little Yellow Trousers Meets Four Turkeys”  Ally Clark


i have to say that i have REALLY challenged myself with the work for the final piece since my tutorial with Dave Charlesworth during the low residency, and the subsequent advice from Jonathan. 836 more words

Project Proposal


i managed to complete ‘butterflies‘ today.

i have decided that it must go in the final film.  it will come after ‘cellf’ and as i mentioned in my previous post, its an important part of the whole story because i’m hoping it sends a positive message about change and building a new future with mental illness. 371 more words

Project Proposal

Saturday Night Status

“Orange Is Not The Only Thought”  Ally Clark


almost all the component sequences have now been created.

i spent yesterday and today creating a butterfly animation which will be the sequence which completes the film.  361 more words

Project Proposal

Letterpress Workshop

“Jager”  Ally Clark


Note Added 17/06/2015 – revisiting this blog originally created in march, but saved as a draft.

we started with a session on the history of the letterpress, got a demonstration on how to roll out ink and then messed around with different coloured ink, just making patterns and working with textures and different colours. 479 more words


Art and Sound Project proposal


Our game is a tower defence style game where you defend your base from constantly spawning enemies who want to stop you. My role in creating this game is to make the art, like the sprites and backgrounds. 234 more words

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