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24. Project Proposal

I have completed my project proposal for UAL. The proposal consists of a review where write about what I learned in the first six units of the course, a project concept which allows me to clearly explain the concepts and the aims of my project and go into detail about every part of the procedure, an evaluation where I write about how I will evaluate myself during pre-production, production and post-production and a bibliography to support my research.

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Project Proposal - Draft #1 Feedback

Feedback on the first draft of my rationale was reflective and focussed mostly on parts that required more detail or did not make sense. Highlighted text in the physical document have been highlighted here to indicate where feedback had been applied; 763 more words


FMP - Draft Project Proposal

As I continue to develop my skills in film across the board, I would say that currently my strengths are cinematography and editing. That being said, with this project I would like to really push myself as far as editing goes in order to create a strong portfolio piece. 333 more words


Project Proposal - Draft #1

Section 1 – Rationale

Over the two years I have spent on this course, I have produced numerous films, each of which added to my filmmaking skillset. 831 more words


Hotshot (Part 1)

I am currently working on my first digital artwork for my project proposal. My first artwork will be a custom character that I created from the DC Universe Online Game on Playstation 4 and I figured the name “HotShot” would  be a suitable name for this character that I made so I have decided to name him HotShot. 56 more words

Project Proposal

[Project Proposal] Binge with Friends

Binge with Friends is a mobile app and website made for long distance relationships. This app allows people to watch their favorite TV shows with their friends, family, or significant other in real time. 287 more words

Session 2

Final Project Proposal

Lisette Borja

Landon Austill

Gabby Nacion

Hannah Wheeler

Final Project Proposal

Problem: Most of the energy we produce currently still comes from the nonrenewable resource of burning fossil fuels. 217 more words

Project Proposal