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yes, creative types can be bitchy of note.

until my recent trip to the states, the word “aesthetic” had little to zero relevance to my day-to-day. so little, in fact, that when i heard it used aplenty while on holiday, i had to look it up. 297 more words


Plus-size, the new normal?

You’ve all heard it before. It’s a scary term.

Plus size.

Whether you are plus size or not, that term seems to scare people away. “Normal size” people don’t want to be offensive and plus size people seem to think the term just means fat (it doesn’t). 440 more words


The building blocks of fashion, fabric.

Fashion is a business. So far in this series of discussing fashion we’ve built what we call in the fashion industry, a brief. A brief is a type of assignment using a designer’s brand. 766 more words


Cornelius Slams Erin: Calls Her 'Fake' During 'Project Runway' Reunion

The season 15 reunion brings up a lot of drama as the designers confront each other over what they said behind each other’s backs — and it wasn’t pretty! 378 more words


Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 11

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll bring you a review on Project Runway Season 15 Episode 11 “Bold Innovation”, which aired on December 1st.

On this episode, Tim Gunn was with Brian Bolain, Lexus USA General Manager of Product and Consumer Marketing presenting the challenge – they need to be bold and inovative because this is an unconventional – avantgarde challenge! 684 more words


Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 10

Hi everyone!

This is the “Have you seen it” for Project Runway Season 15 Episode 10! This episode aired on November 17th and it is called “Project Rewind: Non-model Challenges”. 1,033 more words