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Consultants and other business advisors are frequently brought in by senior management to establish and lead a change program within the business. This brings to mind the old joke: How many consultants does it take to change a light bulb? 2,443 more words

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Project Sponsor Job Qualification

I note some interest in Project Sponsor job qualifications. Firstly a project sponsor must know his organization very well. He or she must really understand what it is trying to achieve through the project. 92 more words

Sherlock Holmes and the case of the failed projects

I just ran across this great blog post describing the reasons for project failure through the eyes of Sherlock Holmes by Kailash Awati. It’s a bit lengthy for a blog post, but very entertaining, insightful, and well worth a read. 159 more words

Project Sponsorship

PM Network Magazine (September 2014)

This month’s edition of PM Network Magazine includes a feature on Sponsorship. Check out this insightful articles with quotes from many thought leaders, including our very own Vicki James. 19 more words

Project Sponsorship

Sponsorship August 2014

Project Sponsorship

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Project Sponsorship Programme this month. Our projects support children and their families, living in very difficult circumstances in many of the poorest nations of the world. 747 more words


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Listen to Peter Taylor talk about Strategies for Project Sponsorship. Please share with your friends!

Project Sponsorship

Critical Infrastructure and Project Sponsorship

The inspiration for today’s post comes from CIR magazine, that’s Continuity Insurance & Risk. There is an article called Critical Element which is about ageing infrastructure.  152 more words