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Overcoming Challenges in Global Programs

Every project or program has its own set of challenges to surmount be it technical or related to time, cost or quality targets. The effort gets further challenging when program is implemented at global level where customer, stakeholders & teams are geographically distributed and or come from different culture and language background. 570 more words

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Measuring Project Success

How do you define a successful project? Primarily a project needs to deliver on few basic parameters such as

  1. Product of Project – This may be a new service, a product or a repeatable process that sponsoring organization intends to use for strategic, operational or business advantage.
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Benefit from Stakeholder Analysis on Projects!

Managing a successful project needs a high level of stakeholder management on an   ongoing basis. So who are stakeholders? Stakeholder analysis is the process of identifying the individuals or groups that are likely to affect or be affected by the project outcome and sorting stakeholders according to their impact on the project and the impact the project will have on them. 178 more words

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The Curse of the Documentation

Good evening.  Oh, I didn’t mean to frighten you. But now that I have your attention it is time we had that conversation.  Yes, you.  Don’t bother trying to look the other way.  1,902 more words

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Why Projects Succeed: The Movie

Why Projects Succeed is a blog series in which Slalom Business Architect Roger Kastner sheds light on key factors behind the art and science of successful project management and invites readers to discuss how they apply across different environments.

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Podcast on barriers to successful IT/CRM

Michael Krigsman over at IT Project Failures hosted the first in what he hopes will be a regular series of “Town Hall” podcasts (here… 122 more words

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