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Howling like a boss, howling like a Bhutan's dog

For Buddhists who believe in the next life, they always have a trivia question to ask each other.

“What do you want to be in the next life?” 507 more words


Looking Out

As I sit here looking out this window at the Buildings that align the landscape. I can’t help but to wonder what fates I am faced with.   350 more words


Creeper Land - The Community Comes Together

An idea was brought forward in early March; is anyone interested in a community build?! If everyone can help, even with just collecting resources, imagine what we can create as a group. 186 more words

Big Projects

It's like a comedy out here!

We cannot yet put in the septic because C still has to take a class to get the permit. However, we went ahead and picked it up so it would be on premesis when the permit is obtained. 209 more words

Project Updates

The loft has been started 

As the tires are almost finished for the first level we have purchased the wood for the walls and the loft. There is still much to be done before the loft can be errected, however walls can go up! 228 more words

Project Updates

Infant/Maternal Mortality Outline

For this project I took data that displays the mortality rates among infants, neonatal, young children, and mothers. I am to compare these with causes of death in Texas regions in 2013. 145 more words

Project Updates

Maternal Mortality Outline

The focus of my project is the increased maternal morbidity rate in Texas and how it relates to the postpartum care mothers receive. I hope to discover correlations between specific demographics or Texas counties and high mortality rates. 125 more words

Project Updates