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Project 365 - Week 34

19 August – Day 232

Discovered these bad boys this week. I am in love. I love cookies in general, but these might have just made the top 5. 159 more words


Project B2


How to talk to strangers about sex

The first BingeRomance Project made during my time at Edinburgh College of Art, after a couple of weeks exploring, in an admittedly cowardly way, the relationship towards touching others (in any way) that I have. 148 more words


Comin Along...

The pictures for our Dog Days poster were swapped out tonight. They turned out so nice. Our resident photographer even managed “selfies” with his dslr. The lighting and the shots turned out so good. 44 more words

Project: FFF 3D Printer “Eta” Part 6

Hello Sunday!

This project is the largest I have ever undertaken, and its goal is multifold. Besides the obvious benefits of having a 3D printer, it has taught me a lot of valuable information as a designer. 321 more words


DIY Upcycled Drawers for Baby

My husband was going to get rid of this little chest of drawers. I could see they had the potential to be.. better. So I claimed them. 628 more words


One Man's Lie? How about One Man's HOPE?

As of this point with the title, I’m pretty sure we all know what game I’m talking about without even looking at the image. Yes, another No Man’s Sky article. 2,077 more words

Becoming A #gamedev

What Happened to JULY?

Alright alright, it’s time to get back to business and ‘fess up. I have been a slacker. Mostly regarding this blog, and school too but we can talk about that later. 952 more words