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Creative Project: Design Concept & Process

Went to find some examples of young girls and found a interesting one of Clockwork Angel with some flying swords that are symbolic of wings. Second one has a Victorian goth feel of the outfit. 273 more words

No excuses: 1955 Autobleu 4CV Coupé by Ghia

This is probably the first time you see a car like this one for sale, and probably years will pass before you will see another one on the market. 153 more words

For Sale

The Wishlist project

The wishlist feature is a bootstrap project for our next engineer. The project time frame is two to three afternoons.

In HabitLab, users have the option to save programs to a wishlist. 364 more words


Computer Vision (CSE P576) - My Project 2: Panoramic Mosaic Stitching

Project Files | My Solution

Panorama test sequence

My result of the test sequence is almost identical to the provided solution image. The overall process is as follows: 272 more words

Computer Vision

Computer Vision (CSE P576) - My Project 1: Feature Detection and Matching

The project has three parts:  feature detection, description, and matching.

Skeleton  | Test Images | MySolution

Feature Detection

I will identify points of interest in the image using the Harris corner detection method. 1,303 more words

Computer Vision

Mother's Day Project

Maci wanted to surprise her mother by telling her she wouldn’t make it for Mother’s Day, but in actuality she was taking pictures with me, built a chalkboard frame, and pinned her pictures on it and showed up at home with it for her mother!


Good Project Managers Sweat the Details

Have you ever looked at your office space and thought, “I think the kitchen/kitchenette area would look better and serve our staff more conveniently if it was shifted over a few feet”? 438 more words

Corporate Relocation Tips