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Week 5

This week i had another Grammar review and Bu Evi gave us a new material, the material is about tone and mood.

The grammar review is about past tense and present tense, and as usual bu Evi gave the review in the slide. 273 more words


Getting fit as a fiddle takes more than oxygen consuming activity. While heart stimulating exercise is an imperative segment to general wellness, you likewise need to fuse muscle building workouts a few times each week to accomplish a very much adjusted activity program. 451 more words


A Brief about Letters on Tuesdays

Dear Friends,

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting a serials of short essays every Tuesday on a wide variety of topics in the format of letters to my little sister, Wilton. 61 more words


Fresh Dating

One of the biggest drivers behind me starting this blog was to help drive one of the ideas that I’ve been thinking about starting for quite some time; which is to develop a resource that helps people in all aspects of their love life. 250 more words


Week 3

Hi guys welcome back to my blog. the first session in week 3 is started with the listening quiz. For me it was really hard because I think the accent is british and I only use to American English and its because they also speak really fast, I ended up with an average score because we listened it twice, I guess that helps. 116 more words

Week 2

The second week I already comeback to my school. The first session in week 2, I learned about commentary writing but before that we have a grammar quizzes, which I think its not really a quizzes because we still able to discuss it with our friend, so maybe it’s a grammar review.  146 more words

You don't find a happy life - you make it...

Day 337

I had plans for this beautiful day that involved being outside, and enjoying more of fall’s beautiful colors, but an irritating, nagging health issue forced me to revise my original plan. 107 more words