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Painting 11

Another layering of images. A landscape from a photograph (mine), which became less figurative with the painting of it, and a tiger, which popped into my field of vision, online I think, during the time I was painting it. 155 more words


Project work on Greek and Roman antiquity

In this project I have put my students into nine groups of four. Each group is working on a separate problem:

  • The Athenian democracy
  • A comparison between Athens and Sparta…
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Narnia is inside my bookcase...

Some of you might already know by now that I am really into my ‘enchanted forest’ look. It just got more extreme! Last week I decided to refurbish some old Ikea bookcases that just looked – well.. 337 more words


This Travel Jacket Is The Most-Funded Clothing Item In The History Of Crowdfunding

This jacket is going to need a lot more pockets to stuff all of the $$$ it’s raising. With less than a day to go, Baubax’s versatile travel jacket.. 14 more words


The useless machine project

A little about myself

I’m Hamilton Acquilles, those are my second and third names, the first is Spiro, though rarely used in my daily life they are the always readily available usernames for registration on the internet. 161 more words



Good morning!
I am currently working on my thesis, in which I will make a tree house project.
Looking for reference the other day I learned about this great Japanese architect named Terunobu Fujimori which designing tea rooms on stilts with a fairy-tale settings. 14 more words


Changes underway



There’s been lots of changes in the works at the studio, I’ve just launched my new website and in line with that I’ve moved the location and direction of my… 107 more words