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The Highs and Lows of November

When it comes to rubbish months of the year November has to be bottom of the calendar charts.

It’s invariably soggy as hell, with a bit of gale-force wind thrown in for good measure. 427 more words

The Visit (2015)

This was definitely a “WHAT THE F&*K?” movie, I mean definitely. So, before you see it, prepare yourselves to see some not-so-pretty shit, I’m talking gross here. 325 more words


Big Brother is Always Watching

And tattling, and crying, and pointing, and commenting, and…Sister is here!  Darby Alisabeth was born August 10 at 6:38am weighing 7 lbs 1 oz.  Everything went smoothly once she was ready to make her grand entrance.   793 more words

Calling Boo on The 4-Month Sleep Regression

I don’t know if it was clear before, but I have no idea what I’m doing in the parenting department, but with all the expert opinions online, it’s becoming clear that nobody else does either. 246 more words

Tinfoil Opportunities -part 43

     Feeling a bit saner knowing that Cassie was on her way over Bryan decided his first post nightmare job was to strip his bed. Even though the torturing, raping, and eventually exploding him from within demons that had visited him as he slept were figments of his subconscious, the vomit that spewed from his mouth was very real, pungent, and plentiful. 1,293 more words


OMG Leg Workout! (Monday December 29th)

Today I was forced to train legs on a full stomach (definitely NOT something I would recommend). The reason, well I had been out all day with the people I live with and when I got back I had to “attend” to the horses and then I was famished so I ate like a horse. 406 more words