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Calling Boo on The 4-Month Sleep Regression

I don’t know if it was clear before, but I have no idea what I’m doing in the parenting department, but with all the expert opinions online, it’s becoming clear that nobody else does either. 246 more words

Tinfoil Opportunities -part 43

     Feeling a bit saner knowing that Cassie was on her way over Bryan decided his first post nightmare job was to strip his bed. Even though the torturing, raping, and eventually exploding him from within demons that had visited him as he slept were figments of his subconscious, the vomit that spewed from his mouth was very real, pungent, and plentiful. 1,293 more words


OMG Leg Workout! (Monday December 29th)

Today I was forced to train legs on a full stomach (definitely NOT something I would recommend). The reason, well I had been out all day with the people I live with and when I got back I had to “attend” to the horses and then I was famished so I ate like a horse. 406 more words

Vomit Bot Built to Understand Projectile Vomit

“Vomiting Larry” the vomiting robot is doing its part in the fight against disease by vomiting up a mixture of water and florescent particles for researchers to study how far the Norovirus might fly in a true upheaval of one’s lunch. 288 more words


2 April 2014 - Letter to consultant responsible for Toby's hernia operation referral/management...

Please excuse me for taking the liberty to contact you directly, using your email address again – which you kindly gave to my husband and I after our first consultation with you back in early November last year. 391 more words


26 March 2014 - Toby's head! - Letter to GP...

I have an appointment to see you with Toby next Monday morning.

Just a heads up – it’s to check out Toby’s flathead, which strikes me as being pretty severe? 92 more words