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But not going anywhere for the moment. The rear axle is disassembled completely now, pulled out and off to a machine shop to get the brakes taken apart, a process which either requires a hydraulic press or a fair amount of dry ice….the latter, while sounding rather interesting, was vetoed as a bit too dubious. 41 more words

At long last...

Whoa, what happened here? Did the project not get finished? Did you drop off the face of the earth? Come on, don’t leave us hanging — we need closure! 477 more words


Sledgehammer Model Build

Sledgehammer has been my favorite ride at Canada’s Wonderland ever since it debuted in 2003. It’s a fun ride, but, for me, it’s an extremely interesting piece of machinery and engineering that I enjoy just watching and listening to. 484 more words


Easily distracted!

Hi everyone,

Did I mention we have new kittens? Well, they’re very distracting. Astro, bless him, did try to write a bit for me, but his contribution was gibberish – even compared to my usual output. 59 more words

Just Blogging

Aaliyah ∞

Feeling my inner Aaliyah. Today 15 years ago †. In loving memory of Aaliyah Haughton. Live ∞. Rock The Boat. If at first you don’t succeed, you dust yourself of and try again.

Things We Like

Just a puppet!

Ed Graham | Nick | Angus Duprey

Occasionally we like to share a little bit about Nick’s latest photo shoots and a recent project with former drummer of The Darkness, Ed Graham, was particularly unusual. 91 more words



Hi, everyone!

I’ve been working on a blurb and thinking about cover design things, lately, and now I’m sort of putting off working on chapter 2 of my redraft of the second Bowler Hat book by updating this blog. 159 more words

My Journey