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Chaos reigns

Hi, everyone!

Well, it seems like everyone in the family is either ill to varying degrees, or stressed out because the others are ill to varying degrees. 277 more words

Just Blogging

Bamboo Projects - Coming Soon!

My new house has a LOT of Bamboo on the side of the yard.  It looks like the previous tenants / owners didn’t trim it at all because some of these stalks are extremely tall.   228 more words


The Next Project

It’s been a few years since we finished up the deck project, and this past summer, we decided it was time time to tackle another project we’ve been planning since we moved in: retaining walls and an access path around the east side of the house. 199 more words


Custom Sketch Book

When Father’s day came around I was struggling to figure out what to give my dad.  He is an artist that has always attempted to push my (and my brother’s) artistic abilities by doing things like answering “What do you want for Father’s Day?” with “Make me something”.   217 more words


Sewing a Bra - Take 2

I did it!  I made a wearable bra!  

It might look just like the bra I made before, but this one fits!  I used the same fabric for the main part, but a different fabric for the lining. 174 more words


Purpose of Education #immooc

I’ve really been thinking about this. Our school systems in the United States formed with local boards of education so that the community’s education goals direct what happens in their school. 597 more words


Wood Working Project List - Update 1

Now that things have calmed down a little I decided to start my projects back up.  With access to Familab I won’t be doing only wood working projects but I decided to start with my updated wood working list first. 241 more words