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Black and White Beauty

Black and White fabric – love, love, love! Because of that love, I have had lots of scraps. I’ve used B & W in lots of quilts, as an accent, but wanted this one to be just B & W and began cutting lots and lots of 2 1/2″ squares. 142 more words


Yer a... Scarf.... Harry?

So I know at one point I dropped subtle hints about starting on some knerdy knits (see what I did??), I think I finally said I’d be working on scarves inspires by the Hogwarts Houses. 169 more words


The Sailboat Project – Part #7

It has been a long time since I have made a blog post much less one about this boat.  We haven’t been neglecting it and have been showing it a good amount of love and attention.   549 more words


Cm_SiteConfig 1.3 - Importing Queries and Collections

Updated:  Added missing graphic of menu

This may be the only blog post I do before I head down to Microsoft Ignite this coming weekend. I’m also trying desperately to keep up with younger colleagues on exam studying, damn it. 480 more words


Lots of Prepping

Finishes – I’ve had a couple but they are “secret” for now. I am also spending much time prepping – prepping for the Fall retreats… 175 more words


Project - End of summer

Having a few days off work meant time to meander around Norfolk… Nothing encapsulated the end of summer for me than this photograph I took of a corpse-like human form washed up on Aldburgh beach… 134 more words


Project - Notting Hill again

I am magnetically attracted to this event; my 4th Notting Hill. It is undoubtedly the colour, the noise, the bands of policeman looking faintly worried and yabbering into walkie-talkies, the downright determined and universally agreed intention to party, that suckers me in to tackle the crowds and the ridiculous one way walking zones around the outskirts of the carnival…..  53 more words