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Diverse City Evaluation

Task: For the Diverse City it was all about research into a certain group and make a show based on it(not a real show but pitch a show) so for it we had to make a survey and then research for a proposal and Powerpoint to present to the whole class… 352 more words


Diverse City Survey trial

Heres a survey I did as a trial for my diverse city project overall this was supposed to be about pet peeves as my choice but by time I ended up making it on Youtube as a whole, judging from my survey from my last one they didn’t take it seriously main cause there was no reasoning for it so if I were to do it again Id have more research and add more questions and answers relevant to the project


January 9: Movie Watching: The Mask of Zorro

On January 9, three classes, that of Mrs. Shushan Mikoyan’s , Mr.s Silva Harutyunyans’ and mine jointly watched the beautiful movie released in 1998 which though always remains contemperory. 110 more words


January 8

We started our squad life on January 8, in MSKH with 6 students! They were few students who had showed up, but we had great time. 115 more words


Diverse City Powerpoint

This is my powerpoint that I presented to the whole class copied down from my proposal and transitioned to be bit more understandable.


A dress with flamingos

Apparently, my five-year-old girl Lia has told her friends her full name, including our middle name Domingo (which is my maiden name). Her classmate/BFF Yu Fei said that Domingo rhymes with flamingo and since then, Lia has wanted a dress with flamingos on it. 287 more words


Making Jeans

I wear jeans all the time, for years I’ve bought the same pair and style from Topshop (branching out to Cheap Monday if I could get them in the sale)  in mid blue and black. 974 more words