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Let us Begin at the End

Welcome to the Project FSP blog, a blog that has a singular purpose – to help me make the world more malleable for everyone.

If you’ve navigated here from one of my other projects, welcome. 578 more words


Wednesday Wonders

It’s almost 6 AM.

I’ve been awake about 2 hours. I slept pretty well, but then I was exhausted. Monday, my husband left with his crew to a fire. 742 more words

Natural dyes

Originally all our dyes were plant based and people had the skills and expertise to know how to make natural dyes which produced vibrant colours for clothing and furnishing. 74 more words


Newish project: The Golden Man

I say this project is NEWISH as opposed to NEW for a reason: it’s actually an older project that I started a year or two ago. 736 more words


30 Days of Animal Life (Day 30)

Whale shark sketch

Swimming with these gentle giants was one of my most memorable adventures to date. Back then, there was only one place to go to which was Donsol, Sorsogon (at least to us :p) Even then, not many people knew about it, it seemed. 110 more words


don't fence me in

That’s what the goats are singing, but we are – slowly but surely – thwarting their escape plans. I talked a little bit about this already; Sue purchased all the materials and we’ve already laid out the posts etc. 417 more words


When wasting time has turned to wasted time: a pet peeve.

Thanks partly to this ankle injury (still pulls and hurts a bit, but not nearly as bad as last Friday), I’ve been sitting on my rear, watching the rain and trying to finish some jigsaw puzzles. 465 more words