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1st project: #WhisperToLEO

Hi! I’m the admin for VIXX LEO cup sleeve event in Singapore, @whispertoleo. ⭐ Since its my first project, I’ve opened up a blog to share a little about what I have did for the event, and updates about some other events I will be going to.


this is me: pre filming

I had difficulty filming exactly to schedule due to friends not being able to shoot on the days i would like. As well as this i need to get a SD adaptor to USB, so i can move the footage I’ve recorded on the camera, to my laptop so i can start editing my footage before the deadline arrives. 66 more words

Year 1

Juan Sanchez The Penguin

Juan Sanchez The Penguin is a 2D platformer with shooting mechanics made with 3D assets which follows a penguin’s odyssey from the south pole to his hometown of Tijuana, Mexico. 198 more words


Berry House

Berry House is an open source project aimed to create a based skeleton for any developer that has the desire to work with sensors and Raspberry Pis to monitor plants status. 129 more words


Hashtag based tweet analysis

This project is made for the Advanced Database class at ITESM Campus Guadalajara. It provides a web interface in which a hashtag can be introduced to a form, and the application will make a request to the Twitter API to fetch tweets with that hashtag, save it to a Neo4j local database, and display the info in a network graph. 132 more words



I decided to use National Novel Writer’s Month as a reason to bust out a new novel in a new series. The working title is… 392 more words


The Drive for Constant Improvement i


For the last few years I’ve had a real drive to get better. Not at anything in particular, but just to be better at being me than I have been. 787 more words