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PS: on How to use the Oral Exam Assignment

When you get your Speaking Test card (Modelo ___ , Candidata/o ___ ) the idea is that for a week you listen and read on the topic, to gather knowledge, useful language, and expand, thus, your knowledge… 208 more words


Dragon Ball Super

Παρακολουθήστε τα γεγονότα μετά το τέλος της σειράς Dragon Ball Z και της ήττας του Majin Buu, με όλους τους αγαπημένους ήρωες να παίρνουν μέρος σε μια νέα περιπέτεια!


#CodingTime - Image denoising using CUDA

Hi all,

today i’m going to talk to you about an academic project i’ve developed: it’s an algorithm for image denoising in parallel, on systems provided with a Nvidia GPU. 206 more words


And only when you asked me, did I know ...

And only this afternoon did my middle

one bold, through his screenwriting

whys, the

nihilistic genius, the

one who spies the fall

and rise of every single connected act – oh, … 197 more words



Having the shell come together has been an interesting time. To this point, the students have been having a hard time conceptualizing what they were working on. 397 more words


Wednesday’s Wafers III

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Wednesday’s Wafers: weekly series where I share some of my own writing and list editing projects completed during the last week. 1,393 more words


Exploring unsupervised learning and dimensionality reduction algorithms

This post is aimed at exploring the ideas of unsupervised learning (clustering) and dimensionality reduction. The exploration is being done by experimenting with the following algorithms on two publicly available datasets — 3,390 more words