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Carlyle: STEAM Tower Building

Ms. Patricia provided the Carlyle B.A.S.E. Daycare students with the opportunity to build towers during their after school daycare program.  The students were from Grades 4-6 and had just under a month to build the towers, beginning in the middle of January. 216 more words

Extracurricular Activities

Making Play-Dough with a Kindergartner | DIY Homemade Play-Dough

A long time ago we made two ingredient play-dough using hair conditioner and corn starch. It was super awesome and we still use it! But we only made one color for some reason. 496 more words


Line Follower Sensor Research and Implementation 1

Project: LineFollower1 (CHARLIE MaSHEEN)

Information on the sensor design for a Line Following Robot Project.

Physical Sensors

IR Transistors, are used as the line sensors. These sensors return non-linear values based on the surface’s reflectance. 514 more words

Line Following

Purpose project #3 The pros of the Prose Edda

The Prose Edda.

At this point in the project, the hardest part would be the understanding of the Prose Edda as many of the Norse names and places are still in the book and the understanding of the names is important for the understanding here is a passage from the prose edda on page 37. 259 more words