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Steel and Walnut Bed

This bed is made of 2″ square steel tubing and walnut. It also has two walnut nightstands (that I didn’t make) to go along with it.


Karplus Strong Synth

Karplus Strong Synth

Made in Max MSP

This track is made from the combination of a sample saying “I love being a robot” and the midi information of Clair de Lune. 1,315 more words


How to Design Your Own Embossed Knitted Dishcloth

Just as I promised, this will be a crafty post! I recently struggled with creating a design and knitting up a dishcloth. Through a lot of trial and error I thought I should let everyone know else how to do it because it was difficult for me finding a clear guide. 788 more words

Knitting And Stitching

Origami with Aragami XVI: 1 Month Later...

Good evening everyone!

I hope that everyone is enjoying this Friday night, here I am with a second blog in less than 12 hours; think of it in the same vein as a double header of the Joe Rogan Experience! 621 more words


Vision Board

I’ve never had success with vision boards,but others have had their wishes come true using these boards. I do have my own vision boards…over at Pinterest. 


Montage: COMM 130

An inspirational montage made by the blending of two or more images, and the use of typography.


  1. I cropped the background image to 8.5×11.
  2. 200 more words