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Elevated CO2 induces a bloom of microphytobenthos within a shell gravel mesocosm

The geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) is expected to be an important component of future global carbon emission mitigation, but there is a need to understand the impacts of a CO2 leak on the marine environment and to develop monitoring protocols for leakage detection. 173 more words


Response of the ammonia oxidation activity of microorganisms in surface sediment to a controlled sub-seabed release of CO2

The impact of a sub-seabed CO2 leak from geological sequestration on the microbial process of ammonia oxidation was investigated in the field. Sediment samples were taken before, during and after a controlled sub-seabed CO2 leak at four zones differing in proximity to the CO2 source (epicentre, and 25 m, 75 m, and 450 m distant). 218 more words


Prokaryotes-...They're not that Simple

Prokaryotes are single-celled organisms. They are the simplest organisms that consist of cytoplasm surrounded by a plasma membrane that is encased within a rigid cell wall. 219 more words


Overview and Comparison of Protein Expression Systems

Protein production systems are largely used in biotechnology and in our class Biotechnology 51 (Introduction to Biomanufacturing) we studied and compared the different types of protein expression systems. 1,015 more words

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Multiple environmental changes induce interactive effects on bacterial degradation activity in the Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean faces multiple environmental changes induced by climate change on both global and regional scale. In addition to global changes in seawater temperature and pH, Arctic waters receive organic matter enrichment due to increasing pelagic primary production, enhanced sea ice melting and increasing terrestrial carbon loads. 225 more words


Response of rare, common and abundant bacterioplankton to anthropogenic perturbations in a Mediterranean coastal site

Bacterioplankton communities are made up of a small set of abundant taxa and a large number of low-abundant organisms (i.e., ‘rare biosphere’). Despite the critical role played by bacteria in marine ecosystems, it remains unknown how this large diversity of organisms are affected by human-induced perturbations, or what controls the responsiveness of rare compared to abundant bacteria. 186 more words


Cellular inorganic carbon fluxes in Trichodesmium: a combined approach using measurements and modelling

To predict effects of climate change on phytoplankton, it is crucial to understand how their mechanisms for carbon acquisition respond to environmental conditions. Aiming to shed light on the responses of extra- and intracellular inorganic C (Ci) fluxes, the cyanobacterium… 217 more words