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The Great Eukaryotic Melee

Cat fight! Mrowwwr! Hisssssss!

Every now and then, you can capture a snapshot of the scientific process at its worst (and paradoxically, its best, too). The trick is to look at the Letters or Perspectives section of your favorite scientific journal. 1,741 more words


CO2 leaking from sub-seabed storage: Responses of two marine bacteria strains

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) in stable geological locations is one of the options to mitigate the negative effects of global warming produced by the increase in CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. 149 more words


Bacteria 101

Finally, it is the day to really launch the Bodily Bacteria! I thought that it is best to start with basics. Then, you can dive into the human body and learn how… 873 more words


Ex situ study of Enterococcus faecalis survival in the recreational waters of the southern coast of the Caspian Sea

Background and Objectives: The US Environmental Protection Agency has suggested faecal enterococci as the primary bacterial indicators. Of more importance is their direct correlation with swimmer-associated gastroenteritis in recreation water quality monitoring. 278 more words


Combined effects of ocean acidification and light or nitrogen availabilities on 13C fractionation in marine dinoflagellates

Along with increasing oceanic CO2 concentrations, enhanced stratification constrains phytoplankton to shallower upper mixed layers with altered light regimes and nutrient concentrations. Here, we investigate the effects of elevated pCO2 in combination with light or nitrogen-limitation on 13C fractionation (╬Áp) in four dinoflagellate species. 208 more words


Eutrophication and acidification: Do they induce changes in the dissolved organic matter dynamics in the coastal Mediterranean Sea?

Two mesocosms experiments were conducted in winter 2010 and summer 2011 to examine how increased pCO2 and/or nutrient concentrations potentially perturbate dissolved organic matter dynamics in natural microbial assemblages. 245 more words


Warming and acidification-mediated resilience to bacterial infection determine mortality of early Ostrea edulis life stages

The combined effects of temperature and seawater acidification were investigated across larval stages of the European flat oyster Ostrea edulis, from veliger sizes released by gravid individuals to spat. 252 more words