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Of Savages And Sausages

Journal Writing, with it’s double imprint of the implied and the obvious, continues to enthuse us inexhaustibly out of the ordinary to a world that is well combed and unwelcome; and by those who never cease to find the aesthetic preponderance, the critic, the poet, the virtuoso, the satirical, the perfectionist, the copyist, the artist and the artisan; the immortal and the immoral, the absolute and the obsolete; the confessions of a ferocious mind through unrefined documentation, a preservation of archival truths, a restoration of ideas mistakably announced, aroused, pronounced as pleasures, falsified, emulsified, applied, multiplied, demystified by the generics and specifics; faithful malice or malicious faith, fickle-fecal faith, religious sausages, sacrosanct savages, more savages, more sausages against the familiar danger of dogmatic temperament, and stupidity, yes stupidity, repeatable and irrefutable, a predilection perhaps, an obsession with The Self, The Body, The Gods like Prokofiev, Corot, and Huidobro who lived in a world transcribed in a world where words are not enough for the blind to see. 19 more words

Gerardt Gedardt