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Rachael's story: finally healing after traumatic birth, severe tearing, vaginal prolapse plus 3 failed repair surgeries.

“My body is still different after having three kids but it’s no longer “injured” or “broken”. It’s strong, functional and most of all comfortable!” 

When we first met Rachael, she was resigning herself to living with constant pain from her first child’s traumatic arrival, after three failed surgeries to repair the damage, and dismissive attitudes from health carers.

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Birth Trauma

My First Post!

Hi guys,

I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for a good while now, the main reason being that during my journey I’ve found next to no up to date, accurate and unbiased information on two of my biggest issues which are; … 226 more words

Anal Irrigation

Pregnancy After Prolapse - Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

If you’ve read anything else on this blog you’ll know I am a massive advocate for pelvic floor/pelvic health/women’s health physiotherapy (or physical therapy as it’s called in the US). 942 more words

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic organ prolapse - why you should pay attention to that pelvic pressure

I was told over and over again that my body would snap back into shape like a rubber band after giving birth. Well, that turned out to be far from the truth for me. 563 more words


How to exercise after childbirth

There is something special and beautiful about the pregnant body. It is a wonder and a miracle and during each of my six pregnancies, I often found myself feeling like I was “ 559 more words


Pregnancy After Prolapse Series - Am I Ready?

This series of blog posts will follow my journey after healing my prolapse from my first birth, into my second pregnancy and beyond!

After I was diagnosed with my prolapse at 8 months postpartum with Nugget, I was devastated (you can read about that… 535 more words

Pelvic Floor

Waiting List Lifers.. 

When my surgeon agreed to do my ileostomy he asked me if I would do him a favour. He is running a study of people on waiting list for surgery and hoped I’d partake. 921 more words