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**Ostomy O-Week** PART 4.5 - More on Stomas

There is just so much to talk about when it comes to stomas! This part of Ostomy O-Week talks about stomas – naming them, size, prolapses and if you can feel your stoma. 546 more words


What they don't tell you about your pelvic floor

Since publishing a post about pelvic floor dysfunction a month ago I’ve had conversations with a surprising number of women who have suffered with varying degrees of it. 3,582 more words

Pelvic Floor

Sadness, grief, depression: The dark side of prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is common. Very, very common. The more babies you have and the older you get will increase your chances of experience POP. 658 more words



I’ve said many times that if I knew before I got pregnant that I’d have to do pelvic floor exercises for the rest of my life, I might have reconsidered. 2,614 more words


Things you can (usually) expect in pelvic floor physical therapy

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re vaguely – or incredibly -interested in what happens in a pelvic floor physical therapy session. I know I sure was when I scheduled my first session way back in July 2013. 1,598 more words