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No, I Don't Want to Hear Your Birth Horror Story

*This post is in no way suggesting that women who suffered from traumatic births have no right to share their story, that is not my intention at all.
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A desperate plea... 

Below is an email I sent this morning to a specialist I saw last year. It’s not professional. It’s not the right way to go about things. 1,250 more words


Finally getting to the end or so i hope!

Where i am today.. 

At the moment my known health issues and medication i take are:

  • overactive bladder – I take oxybutynin 5mg twice a day…
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The Wedding Present: One From Each with special indie-rock royalty guests!

To celebrate the latest leg of The Wedding Present‘s tour, we invited some legends from the wild world of indie-rock to join us playing a parlour game we invented called “One From Each” 2,971 more words

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Poor Rosie and the Real Life Farmer Lady

Rosie is our only layer out of three young hens. Clementine and Juniper are our Delawares who haven’t yet begun. Well over the last few days, there hasn’t been any egg at all and then this morning Rosie had some bloody mucus hanging out of her backside. 391 more words

Part 2

How I Healed my Prolapse (Part 1)

So I mentioned in previous posts that I was diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse. This is a really common disorder in women, who have or have not had babies, though it is more common after vaginal childbirth. 538 more words

Pelvic Floor

The World Goes on

As she stepped from daylight into darkness, the door closed behind her more slowly than before as she skipped a step. The step skipped by her. 977 more words