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The Perfect Post Partum Storm and why the 6 Week Post Partum Check up is a Joke.

I have been wanting to begin writing this blog for a long time.  A part of me is really private. The other part of me is really a big believer of helping others by sharing life stories. 1,774 more words

The words I dare not speak. 

*** I don’t know how this post is going to go. But I would say reader discretion is advised. ***

As many of you know I’m struggling with the symptoms of a prolapse. 914 more words

Working on my long-term health

In my last post I talked about regretting my decision to start up exercise again so quickly.

In the last few weeks I’ve had a lot of problems and it now turns out that I’ve had a uterine prolapse. 200 more words


Going back to the Gym

This was going to be interesting …….

Firstly, I hate all forms of exercise unless it involves lifting up a mug in one hand and a biscuit in the other. 670 more words


Trying to enjoy baby .....

Enjoy your baby – that’s what all the books tell you. Whilst feeding your baby, cherish the moments, enjoy every second as they grow up so quickly.   1,056 more words


Help me Google !!......

Prolapse, prolapse, prolapse – I had never even heard of this, no-one had ever told me this could happen because of childbirth and I didn’t know where to turn.   1,070 more words


Home Sweet Home or Is it ?

Warning: This blog has graphic content

Finally I could exhale, I was home, everything is more comforting when you’re in your own home.

The first couple of days were to be honest a complete blur, I was having increasing problems trying to wee and just thinking about a number 2., got me sweating again.   799 more words