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Can You Exercise With Birth Injuries?


Exercise is very important to me. Not only to keep my weight in check so I can eat as much Galaxy as I want but for my mental health. 517 more words


Your Birth Wasn't Great, Right?

My First Birth Was Awful

All to often we hear about positive birthing stories. No pain, no rips or tears and a heart warming first introduction to your baby. 268 more words

Bowel Incontinence

Lists of Lists

These are the documents I produced in anticipation of surgery.

  1. Cats–instructions for the neighbor who volunteered to feed and water my cats. I was deeply grateful that I was able to text this wonderful neighbor from the hospital and ask her if she could continue to take care of the girls for an additional couple of weeks after the emergency surgery.
  2. 526 more words

The Story of a Beloved Chicken

And first off, let me reassure those of you who know her….no, Ellie hasn’t died. In fact, she is in perfect health. But she is a miracle hen in more ways than one, and it’s time to tell her whole story. 938 more words


Getting Organized

Having come through the other side of two major surgeries, I am pleased that I spent the time to get organized before the surgery. I would say this is particularly important if you live alone. 383 more words


Hysteria 2

It is almost a pity that a woman has a womb,” Susan Griffin quotes a 19th Century physician in Women and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her. 552 more words



Corymborkis flava, “Hysteria” orchid

Harkening back to Eve Ensler, I have continued to think that what occurs at a meta level is likely to occur in our own bodies. 420 more words